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What is an electric smoker?

What is an electric smoker

Do you know what is an electric smoker? Electric smokers are some of the most renowned inventions in the world. Not only are they great at providing a unique subtle flavor to the protein, but they are also reliable and portable to use. The electric smoker comes in various shapes, sizes and settings; it is almost impossible to pick out one that will fit all of your needs.

However, the thing about electric smokers is that just having an electric smoker does not mean you will churn out great dishes. There is a proper science related to elegantly smoking meat with an electric smoker.

How do I use wood chips in an electric smoker?

Wood chips are great for an electric smoker if you want to cook meals which do not take a lot of time to cook. They are suitable when used for steaks, fish or chicken as these proteins do not take a lot of time to cook.

The smokey flavor and aroma which is what most people aim for comes from a compound called phenol. In order to get the wood to emit this compound and other phenolic compounds, the wood needs to reach a temperature of at least 1100 degrees F.

However, keep in mind that wood produces more heat and less smoke. So in order to reduce the flames from the wood, you must turn down the oxygen level in the smoker. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use a wood chip metal container box which restricts the flow of oxygen. In order to provide a constraint to the oxygen flow, you can also create a foil pouch for the wood chips. You can use two medium-sized sheets of foil and wrap the chips up tightly.

Should I keep the wood chips wet or dry?

A lot of people are torn apart between the different kinds of smoking wood to use. Wood chips, wood chunks and wood logs are most commonly used for smoking purposes. For an electric smoker, we would recommend you to use the wood chips.

What is an electric smoker

However, when using wood chips, most people ask the question of whether to keep the wood chips dry or soaked. While there is a plethora of debate on this matter, there is a simple answer. The state of the chips depends on you entirely. It is a matter of personal choice whether you wish to keep the chips dry or soaked. They both have their own pros and cons.

If you decide to soak the wood chips in water, you can have the heat inside the smoker for a longer time as compared to the dry equivalent. This is because water boils or evaporates at a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. So this allows the wood chips to not burn for a long time as the heat first has to evaporate the water. After the water has evaporated completely from the chips, only then can the actual smoking process begin.

Keeping the chips dry has its own advantages. Soaked wooden chips cool down the smoker overall and this makes it even more difficult to get a steady temperature. Dry chips allow for better smoking action. It is important to remember here that the purpose is to smoke the meat and not steam it. Digital electric smokers have separate settings for dry and wet chips so you can set the smoker accordingly and it should work out fine either way.

What are indoor and outdoor electric smokers?

Electric smokers are versatile and reliable in their own way. There are essentially two kinds of electric smokers: the outdoor electric smoker and the indoor electric smoker. Outdoor electric smokers are the more common variant of electric smokers. Since most people own a house with a yard or a rooftop, they normally opt to smoke their dishes outside.

What is an electric smoker

This kind of electric smoker is generally large and it can incorporate a large quantity of food on the top. We would recommend using an outdoor electric smoker if you can, because of the lesser risks. Since you are outdoors, there are fewer chances of there being hazards. And even if there are, you can quickly escape from them.

Indoor electric smokers are rather small, but they are much more portable than the outdoor smokers. This kind of smoker takes a longer time to cook and smoke the meat; however, it gets the job done anyway. An indoor electric smoker takes up lesser space than the outdoor smokers; however, they do have their flaws. Indoor electric smokers are more prone to hazards and risks. Before using or purchasing one, you must keep in mind all the safety precautions that come with it.

How to use a digital electric smoker efficiently?

Electric smokers can be a great relief from the smokers who use gas or coal as a heating unit. However, in order to properly optimize the usage of these smokers, you need to keep in mind these few tips and tricks.

Don’t over-smoke:

Keep in mind that more smoke does not mean more quality of flavor. Often times, best-smoked food is the one produced with little smoke. Remember to not over-smoke your food.

Cooking chicken:

When cooking poultry proteins such as chicken, make sure that it is cooked properly. This means that you cannot use the low heat setting on it as it needs around 280 degrees Fahrenheit to cook evenly.

Control vents:

It is a good practice to leave the vents fully open so that creosote does not build up on your meat.

Use foil on the racks:

If you want clean-up to be a breeze, you can use aluminum foil on the racks. This way, when you are done, you can simply remove the foil from the racks without having to clean the racks themselves.

What is an electric smoker

Season your smoker:

Always season your electric smoker before you use it. This can help you in many ways. Largely, it can help you to remove a lot of the gunk later on and it will help to keep your smoker spick and span.

Wrap up

Electric smokers can make your life easier as you do not have to purchase coal or cylinders of gas. That can prove to be a cumbersome job. With all of the information provided on what is an electric smoker, we think this is enough information for you to start smoking meat on your own. Remember to follow the guidelines we have provided and you will be on your way to smoking with perfection.

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