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The Best Coal Barbecue Grills in 2022

Best coal barbeque grill

Sometimes you may be craving to break free of the treadmill of working and pick up an old outdoor activity to enjoy. Or better yet, try a new one.

When the tail end of summer at its peak, the perfect outdoor activity is practically staring you in the face, grilling some barbecue with the whole squad. Since most workplaces have not been operational yet, it is the opportune time to grill that slow-cooked meat to perfection.

Of course, you have the will and means, but the most crucial component is still missing; the barbecue grill. Multitudes of types and shapes and sizes are up on the market, so the question arises, which of them is the best coal barbecue grill?

Let’s find out!

The Top 5 Best Coal Barbecue Grills in 2022

ProductMaterialSize/Length WarrantyPrice
Prestige PPBB-02 Coal Barbeque GrillAlloy steel17.72 x 16.54 x 5.511 year Check Price
Pilot Rock Heavy Duty Park Style Charcoal GrillAlloy steel14.5 x 21.75 x 14.751 month Check Price
ISUMER Charcoal Grill Barbecue Portable BBQStainless steel15.9 x 11 x 8.8N/A Check Price
Char-Griller Patio Pro Charcoal GrillAlloy steel31 x 21 x 441 year Check Price
Royal Gourmet CD1824A Charcoal GrillStainless steel50 x 22 x 48.81 year Check Price

Coal Barbecue Grill #1:

  • The first contender in this search for the best coal barbecue grill is also one of the lightest of all, coming in at only seven pounds. This ties into one of its unique selling points; its portability has a compact size and foldable legs. Don’t have a massive patio/backyard? No worries, just pop on over to your friend’s place and carry the PPBB-02 like a small suitcase.
  • What’s even better, how quick it is to assemble. A few pivots pull and push, and you’re ready to grill the best meat you could dream of. Don’t be overwhelmed with its small size, the PPBB-02 contains a warming rack to help food retain heat without interrupting as you grill more food. Its one of a kind air damper that allows a cozy fire when closed and an immense fire when opened.
  • The PPBB-02 can serve as a secondary grill on top of it, used primarily to grill significantly heat-sensitive foods, like vegetables or fish. Prestige’s grill can not only roast, simmer, sauté, and cook large juicy steaks, but a wide range of other food items as well. The one-year warranty is a cherry on top of this ideal and portable grill.
  • This heavy-duty beast has a large cooking area of 224 square inches, along with a total of four different cooking heights that you can adjust with its convenient side handles and a locking pin to avoid it all collapsing. It can even swivel a full 360 degrees to grill from any side possible.
  • The Park Style Charcoal Grill is constructed with commercial-grade steel plates and bars to ensure it lasts a lifetime. The two-section base post only adds to its robust body. You may be thinking of how difficult it would be to clean a large and heavy charcoal grill. Pilot Rock thought the same and solved this issue conveniently. This allows the grate to tip up to get all that pesky grease and grime out, avoiding a potentially sticky situation.
  • Plus, this steel grill is backed up with a month of the complete warranty.
  • ISUMER’s barbecue grill comes with four legs and a plastic base that is adjustable for the user’s preferred height. These legs are detachable, which makes it incredibly light and easy to carry. Its thick stainless-steel build is resistant to all forms of abrasions, rust, twisting, and accidental damage, making it firm and durable.
  • At an approximately 16 inches length, the product can be utilized in the coziest of spaces. In any case, it is prescribed to have an opening in a common structure overhang/loft or patio zone. The little size likewise permits to transport conveniently, which implies you take this superb flame broil with you. Specifically, when you are exploring outdoors, heading towards your companion’s place, or cooking a little barbecue. It can even be utilized when tabletop grilling.
  • Due to its stupendously easy assembly, set up, dismantle, and clean, ISUMER’s portable grill is arguably the most convenient of its fellow competitors.

Coal Barbecue Grill #4:

  • When looking for the best coal barbecue grill, why skip Char-Griller? Their Patio Pro Charcoal Grill has all the specifications one would look for in an all-rounder charcoal grill. Its 250 square inches cooking area has ample space to cook multiple steaks simultaneously. The innovative wheel design allows easy mobility over flat surfaces. That, coupled with it weighing an average fifty pounds, makes the Patio Pro easy to assemble.
  • However, even with its lightweight, this Char-Griller is strong and sturdy in all the right places. It consists of heavy-duty steel body, a durable side shelf, and its cooking grates that are made of cast iron. All finished with a thick powder coating to ensure longevity. Airflow can be controlled by adjustable air dampers, and the side shelf mentioned above can be used for meal prep as you grill.
  • Having over decades of experience, Char-Griller has an idea of the struggles of the average griller. They added a bottom storage rack for keeping extra tools. An air vent is also installed on its side, so you don’t have to inhale smoke, amongst other poisonous gases. Finally, an ash dump pan has also been added to remove that pesky dust as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Patio Pro also has a complete one-year warranty.

Coal Barbecue Grill #5:

  • Our last contender for the best coal barbecue grill has, by far, the largest cooking area, with a whopping 598 square inches, with 393 square inches for the cooking grates, and 205 square inches for the warming rack.
  • Royal Gourmet’s product has adjustable air dampers on both sides to adjust airflow without ruining the grill’s equilibrium. A smokestack is installed in the grill too, which is adjustable to improve airflow.
  • The easy-to-lift charcoal pan further helps with the management of heat and air. And to top it off, the charcoal pan is also perforated to increase airflow even more and ensure efficient grilling.
  • Not to mention the dual-side storage tables for meal prep or just to place a bottle of soda or beer. Speaking of beer, the charcoal grill comes with an in-built bottle opener right on the surface. It even has a temperature gauge fixed on the lid, to avoid burning your meat.
  • For your ease, the grill can be adjusted to six different heights. Adding charcoal is also convenient, as you can simply open the door with the spring handle and pour in as much charcoal as required. The door is also designed to remain cool even if the rest of the grill is burning. This allows easy access to the charcoals for stoking, removing, and adding. A drawer is also present to stockpile the ash, makes cleaning effortlessly.

Why is a charcoal grill better than a gas grill?

People may be attracted to gas grills because of their easy ignition and quick cooking time, but the art of grilling lies in the cook time and type of fuel used. The meat’s slow cooking in a charcoal grill keeps it moist and tender. Minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients also remain in the meat this way, making the final product a lot tastier and nutritious.

How long does a charcoal grill take to preheat?

For direct/indirect grilling, it takes around 20 to 25 minutes to preheat, and approximately 15 minutes for smoking. Environmental conditions may affect these timings.

How much charcoal should I use?

It is recommended to fill the coal compartment to half of its capacity for the perfect and even grilling.

Can I reuse charcoal if I’ve already used it once?

Yes! If it has not disintegrated into ash, smother the fire and cool the coal to room temperature. You can reuse the charcoal for future grilling.


From the top 5 contenders we had lined up, we declare the best coal barbecue grill this year to be the Royal Gourmet CD1824A Charcoal Grill. It has the largest cooking area, the only grill to have a temperature gauge, a double-sided shelf, an ash dump drawer, and much more.

To top it off, the grill also comes with a full one-year warranty. While it may not be the heaviest of our line-up, it is definitely the most versatile.

Happy grilling!

And what will be the best coal barbecue grill in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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