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Guide for the Best Electric Cold Smokers in 2022

Best electric cold smoker

If you want to learn how to cold smoke, start learning the procedure with precision and care. Because if it is not done properly, there are small risks involved that can ruin the process and the outcome.

If you are ready to get out of your normal grilling comfort zone, then getting a cold smoker that you can trust is the next best thing to do. Choose a smoker that is durable, convenient and easy to set up. Check out the five choices of the best electric cold smokers below.

The Top 5 Electric Cold Smokers in 2022

Electric Cold Smoker #1:

  • Today, eating cold smoked food is a luxury for most. Some of us even travel far and pay hundreds in a luxurious restaurant just to taste this primitive style of cooking. But because of the modern advancement made by smoker manufacturers today, smoking can be done at your home easily and quickly. Even a start-up cook can do it.
  • You can now create mouth-watering food next to your drinks anytime in your kitchen backyard. You just need to get one of the best electric cold smokers available nowadays. The MITBAK portable indoor/outdoor smoker is one of the best choices. It has a sturdy design, emits juicy smoke, easy to use and portable.
  • You can rely on this smoker if you are having a party because it gives the proper amount of smoke in minimal time. You can also impress your guests by using a smoke gun to create magnificent design for their drinks. This smoke injector will add a subtle layer of cool, natural, smoke to your food and drinks without compromising the texture and taste. Even in grilled meat, this smoker will enhance the taste and appearance if you add some smoky touch on it.

Electric Cold Smoker #2:

  • The Chefhut smoker gun is safe to use because it is made of premium quality high-grade materials like alloyed aluminum and silicon. It is compact and sturdy that make it ideal for outdoor gatherings and camping. What best about this smoker is it enhances the flavors without the hassle of soaking wood chips. You will get that cold natural smoky flavors in your food and drinks in minutes rather than doing it in the old fashion way which will take you hours or days.
  • Whatever the occasion is, may it be held indoors or outdoors, you can use the reliable Chefhut portable smoker anytime. It is powered by 4xAA batteries and also lightweight so it can be carried outside or anywhere you want to use it. Plus, it creates no hassle or mess before or after use because it is easy to assemble and disassemble and easy to clean by separating its parts and washing its head.
  • This also can be a perfect gift for your grilling or smoking enthusiast friend or someone who loves to cook and experiment in creating varieties of food.
  • Double purpose in one equipment. That is the Smoke Daddy Magnum P.I.G cold smoke generator. One of the best electric cold smokers in this year. It performs well in cold and hot temperatures so you have no limit or worries that will cause malfunction. Whether you want smoked cheese, or brisket, you don’t have to worry because this equipment will do the job for you. You can attach it to your grill, or other smokers to add high-quality smoke and achieve that smoky goodness in your prepared food or drink.Other great feature of this smoker is that; it is made of heavy gauge SCH 40 6061 machined aluminum and also has stainless steel cleaning brush to last for a long period of time. Therefore, you are guaranteed to make use of this product for many years.


  • Why you should choose this product?
    • Reliable for big cookouts
    • Offers 3-4 hours smoking time by a single fill
    • Provides enough air supply for large amount of wood chunks because of its high output adjustable pump
    • Great for cold and hot smoking
    • Will work on any existing grill and smoker
    • Reliable for unattended overnight smoking
    • Easy to install

    Reminder: Do not use pellets when using this smoker because it will emit poor quality smoke. Woodchips or wood chunks is recommended for the best result.

Electric Cold Smoker #4:

  • For great outdoor gatherings, The Original Cold Smoker Kit is one of the best electric cold smokers you can trust today. You can cold smoke any food you want without a hassle. It is equipped with a premium grade smoker box, heating element, and sample packets of wood chips and fillets.
  • With this device, you can smoke anything. Cheese, salmon, bacon and veggies. The smoke produced by this device will infuse with any food and will give your food smoky flavor. Do not worry about this method overcooking your food. Using this smoker kit will make your prepared food taste looks like it was prepared by a master chef. And certainly, it will impress your family members and friends. You can also give this to your cold smoking enthusiast friend as a gift for their special day.
  • So, whether you are a novice cook or an avid fan of smoked foods, this Original cold smoker kit is a great choice.
  • When it comes to quality, function and convenience, smoke chief has them all. With this device, your barbecue grill can be used as a smoker in seconds just by simply connecting it to your grill. It can also be connected to other smokers or any outdoor cooking devices. It can produce cold smoke for about 3 hours just from 1 cup of pellets.You can use it to smoke a range of foods such as cheese, veggies or different kinds of meats. Your friends and family members will adore you for being such a master chef to create perfectly smoked food.


  • This electric smoker comes with;
    • Hanger mount for easy application
    • Cleaning tool is easy
    • Measuring cup to the BBQ pellets
    • Manual and recipe book
    • 110AC to 12VDC power adapter
    • Smoke chief hanger
    • Plunger

    The Smoke chief package includes everything that you need for cold smoking. This is recommended for outdoor use only. So, if you are a smoking addict and fan of impressing guests, you should own this device. Smoke like a master and make your own delectable dish with the help of the Smoke Chief Cold smoke generator.

Things You Need to Know About Cold Smoking

  • Cold smoking can be dangerous because it carries some risk for your health. Harmful bacteria can grow in food that is not well cooked.
  • Curing the meat before smoking may kill off the bacteria.
  • Cold smoking preserves food until 4 months without refrigerating.

Foods that carry a lower health risk

  • nuts
  • vegetables
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • olive oil
  • garlic
  • bacon
  • cheese


Cold smoking can be done by anyone. But there are certain procedures and techniques to follow to ensure safety. If you are new to this process, you need to do it with precision and care just to be safe. Or choose food with low health risks listed above. The best cold electric smokers mentioned above will help you get started in learning how to smoke foods. Each product is chosen carefully to meet the demands of smoking enthusiasts and those who want to try it. With an electric cold smoker, you do not need to hire a pro or a bartender just to do it for you during special occasions. Your guests will be amazed if you perform it yourself. It is fun and at the same time, gives an edge to your food. You can learn to do it and help you make your own signature dish.

And what will be the best electric cold smoker in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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