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What the Best Electric Grill for My Steak in 2022?

Best electric grill for steak

2022 Best Electric Grill for Steak

  • Sure to be a family favorite, this model of Char-Broil uses TRU-Infrared technology, built to use juicier food and prevent uneven cooking. It’s also a powerfully sturdy piece of machinery that can cook up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit for you – heating to that temperature in only about 12 minutes. The electric grill for steak itself has 245 square inches of cooking space. The cooking area itself is made up of a porcelain-grilling grate and also features a warming rack. They are pretty easy to clean and stick-free, but use a little oil to make it easier.

Electric Grill for Steak #2:

  • A favorite of tailgaters, this Foreman model is modeled to look and feel like a basic charcoal grill. It’s apartment-friendly and safe enough to even use indoors, making it highly portable. There is no separate stand for this one — It comes with a removable indoor/outdoor removable stand. If you like, you can keep it on your countertop and never even take it outside. This elecric grill for steak gets an A+ for portability, but it doesn’t have some of the more precise temperatures other models have.

Electric Grill for Steak #3:

  • This electric grill is built for versatility, which means in addition to steak you can use it to sear chicken, fish, and pork chops almost effortlessly. This electric grill for steak is an upgrade from the previous year, with a few improvements such as larger grip handles and control knobs, ergonomic side handles. All of the cooking is done on the porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates. You’ll be amazed at the authentic grilled taste of foods cooked on this electric grill. The Weber Q 1400 grill is fully featured, yet space-saving and portable – just the ticket for grillers living in condos or any residence where restrictions govern gas and charcoal grill usage. May be used with the 2014 Weber Q Portable Cart model #6557 and Q Cart model #6525. Weber Q 1400 is for outdoor use only.
  • One of the most solid indoor BBQ grills for authentic flavor, you can turn this one up quickly to sear your steak and then return it to normal cooking mode. The user always has temperature control and portability. I prefer my steaks with a bit of a sear on them, so it’s great that there are always a few options with this feature. (You can also sear other foodie favorites such as Ahi Tuna in this grill.)

Electric Grill for Steak #5:

  • This Weber electric grill is an outdoor grill that is suitable for small space living. (The stand is sold separately.) It’s small enough that it’s easy to transport – but it weighs about 42 pounds, so it’s not an easy take. Removable plates make it easy to clean. It heats up quickly and cooks at a consistent temperature, which means you can choose to turn it up and sear it a bit or you can cook it at one slow, consistent temperature, cooking well done and medium rare steak on an electric grill. Finally, this electric grill for steak is pretty hardy, with sturdy parts that are built to last. It’s one of the best electric grills 2019 has to offer.
  • This clamshell electric grill for steak has a lot of great features, and is especially great for 4 servings, whether it’s a large meal for 2 people or 4 steaks for a family of four. This is a classic George Foreman offering, and it comes in two sizes depending on your needs. You can make some pretty healthy steaks using the Foreman model; the fat melts right odd. You can also cook the thicker steak selections such as tenderloin in this grill. (It is specially designed to also cook thick burgers or sandwiches.) It’s also portable so you can take it on vacation.

Electric Grill for Steak #7:

  • This countertop indoor electric grill for steak is smokeless contact electric grill that works similar to a griddle. It’s built to be splash proof and help reduce the wafts of smoke sometimes caused by contact grilling. Infrared technology makes this grill heat accurately and cook thoroughly through your steaks, and it preheats in about 6 minutes. Cooking takes about 10 minutes, more or less, depending on the thickness of your meat.

Grilling Steaks on Clamshell Grills

There is actually a big difference on clamshell versus contact grills when it comes to cooking steaks. Both grills will give you a delicious final product, but there are some things that to keep in mind when you’re thinking about grilling on the clamshell grill.

  1. Unless it’s adjustable, don’t buy a thick cut of steak for your grill. We know it’s pretty tempting to cook a fat, round steak but the clamshell grill will struggle to heat it evenly. (Unless it’s built for Paninis and other thick meals.)
  2. The thinner the steak, the better. Go for about 3/4” when it comes to thickness.
  3. Tenderize! This means hitting the steak with a mallet to make it thinner, all over. It’s great if you’re stressed out, too. You can get a cooking hammer at almost any retail store that sells home goods. Not sure if your method is working? Learn 6 ways to tenderize a tough cut of meat.
  4. Marinate! Soak your steaks in mouth-water flavors of your choosing. A good marinade needs 12-24 hours to really set into the meat. This should happen after you’ve tenderized the meat – after all, you wouldn’t want to beat the flavor out of your steak! You can try one on the market or you can make your own. Make sure to check ingredients and avoid high sugar or high fructose corn syrup. A basic marinade that’s quick and easy can be found at Genius Kitchen.
  5. Be aware of grilling times. Each model will come with its own instruction manual, and some, such as the George Foreman Grill, even have cookbooks to help you create the perfect steak. Pay attention to the suggestions for the model you own.

Grilling Steaks on a Contact Grill/Griddle

If you’re wondering how to cook steaks on an electric skillet, you’ll find that contact grills are typically set up as a flat surface grill/griddle. You can cook more than one food item on these grills, and it’s pretty intuitive when it comes to cooking times. Check each user manual in case there are any variations. However, here are some tips on getting the best steaks from this great appliance:

  1. Always preheat the skillet to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Wait about 10 minutes for it to heat up. You want to make sure that the as skillet is hot enough to sear.
  3. Not sure that it’s really preheated? Toss a few droplets of water onto the skillet. If they steam up, the grill is ready. If they just sit there, it’s not.
  4. If you’re seasoning the steak, do it while the grill is preheating.
  5. Place the steak on the skillet when the skillet is hot.
  6. A 1-inch thick steak or less should cook it about seven minutes. Cook the first side of the steak until it sears to your liking.
  7. Flip the steak with tongs, and reduce the heat to about 325. Cook for about 4 more minutes. If you’re not sure if it’s ready, check the steak. It should be between 150 and 155 F on an internal meat thermometer.

Some people will cover the grill after they flip the steak, insisting that it helps it stay juicy. That’s up to your choosing. While some people swear by certain marinades with their steak, others prefer to simply aim for the most authentic indoor grilling experience. Learn more about cooking a perfect pan-grilled steak at Epicurious.

Make sure that when you buy your steak that you choose good quality. In New York, the only way to cook a mean steak is to get your cuts directly from a butcher. In more remote areas, your options may be more limited and you’ll have to choose something from the meat section. Do your best to learn about choosing a quality steak. Look for steaks that have some marbling, but not too much. Grilled steaks are often better when they’re softer, but if you like the thick cuts, make sure there’s little fat to it.

Cooking steak is both an art and a science. The good news is that with electric grilling, you can easily master both of those things. Practice makes perfect!

And what will be the best electric grill for steak in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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