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Grillmaster’s Choice: What’s the Best Electric Grill with Rotisserie in 2022?

Best electric grill with rotisserie

Are you ready to experience juicy, slow-roasted cooking in the comfort of your own home? Rotisserie grilling, also known as spit cooking in some parts of the country, is known for its ability to slow-cook large hunks of meat such roast turkey legs, lamb chops, ribs, and even whole chickens. Some people also use rotisserie to cook their beloved kabobs or vegetables. There’s a lot of versatility in slow-roasting your food, and a rotisserie can do just that! The best part is that an electric rotisserie grill rarely smokes yet gives you that fresh barbecue taste.

Indoor rotisserie grilling is still pretty much the same as regular rotisserie grilling, minus the smoke. The food (a large hunk of meat such as a leg of lamb or a thick ham) is placed in a hot chamber that has a motorized rotating skewer called a turn spit. The fittings in your grill will vary; after all, some grills are primarily grills while others function more as dedicated rotisseries. Forks, prongs or baskets are used to hold the food in place.

Portable counter-top rotisseries are available with a vertical or horizontal skewer for your indoor grilling needs. Vertical rotisseries are incredibly reliable as electric grills indoors. Sometimes they will even have a “pit handle” that allows you to rotate them on your own.

Cooking times vary, depending on the size of meat you grill, and if you’re grilling outdoors the elements can still slow you down. Wind, cold, humidity and other factors can make your grill slow down a bit in terms of cooking times, are estimated depending on the size of the meat you’re cooking – but only by a few minutes. It’s easy to overcook when you’re using a rotisserie, too, because of the difficulty testing the temperature of meat, it’s always a good idea to let your food rest for 5 to 10 minutes to let the juices set in. This will optimize your juiciness and also make meat easier to cut.

Overall, rotisserie cooking, especially with an electric grill, is a low-stress way to cook.

You don’t have to check on it if you don’t want to, as long as the cooking temperature has been reached and the timer is on. Of course, you and your family or friends will want to peek. If you can’t resist temptation, make sure your cooker has a wide window to peek through.

You may want to do some brush-basting from time to time. You can use the juices dripping in the pan to do this. Otherwise, sit bake and wait for them to finish.

5 Great Choices for Your Electric Rotisserie Grilling 2022

If you’re not sure which brand to get, I’ve narrowed them down. These grills are all worth a second look and are highly rated by their users. Some of them are meant for outdoor use while others are not.

Electric Grill with Rotisserie #1:

  • This electric grill with rotisserie is a large grill that can compete with almost any traditional barbecue grill. With 200 inches of grilling space, it can accommodate grilling for a crowd. This grill doesn’t look electric at all with its accompanying cart. There are four Heat-Zone options from Searing to Rotisserie and everywhere in between. With this one, you’ll get authentic-tasting BBQ flavor with that allows you to slow-burn hickory, apple, cherry, or mesquite wood chips. It cleans up easily, as well, with its drip tray that you can remove and pour the grease from safely.

Electric Grill with Rotisserie #2:

  • Grill vertically! Perfect for cooking your kabobs, fish, shwarma and other meats that need rotisserie-style cooking. This electric rotisserie grill also features built-in kabobs, making it ideal for lamb, chicken, turkey, beef, or veal with veggies. You can cook up to 6 kabobs at a time, or, instead, place a small chicken or rack of beef in there and cook it all day. Some people complain that this grill cooks slowly, but most BBQ is slow, so that may not be a problem for your recipes.

Electric Grill with Rotisserie #3:

  • This countertop rotisserie electric grill can be used indoors for rotisserie, shwarma and kabobs. The kabob rack has 7 skewers and you can use it at the same time you’re cooking up a chicken or turkey. The oven itself features stain-resistant components that clean easily as well as a grease drip tray for mess-free cooking. You can use it to cook for up to 60 minutes at a time and it can get up to 465 degrees for your hot temperature cooking. The biggest con is that you may want to cook for a longer period – this is not recommended with this particular model.

Electric Grill with Rotisserie #4:

  • This little vertical electric grill can cook your large meat selections for several hours, and is actually geared towards slower cooking. Because of this, sometimes it’s hard to cook things that you want done quickly. All of the parts are removable and detachable for easy clean, and it’s suitable for cooking kebabs, chicken, gyros and more. Biggest con? It doesn’t have a cover, so if you prefer that, go for another model.

Electric Grill with Rotisserie #5:

  • This is a hardcore little horizontal rotisserie electric grill, with enough room to cook up to a 15 lb. turkey, fifteen Italian sausages, two 5-lb chickens, up to 9 quarter lb. burgers, and much, much more. So you’ve got a lot of room with this cooker. It also has fully removable parts that you can just pop into the dishwasher. No fuss, no muss! You can change the rotation settings and even stop the rotation to pause and sear the food you’re cooking. This works very well when you’re cooking something like ham or kebobs. It really lets the juice out.

Ah, the Life! Rotisserie Cooking

As I wrote before, rotisserie cooking is a relatively stress-free way of cooking, all you have to do is secure the food on the rotating turn spit.

Most rotisseries have an adjustable rotating speed when you’re cooking, 6-4 rpm (revolutions per minute) should suite most foods, although sometimes larger meats such as a turkey may be cooked at a slower speed and lower temperature. Rotisserie is often the best and closest to barbecue cooking that you can get indoors, and many game days and holidays wouldn’t be complete without this cooking method.

Here are a few tips for better rotisserie cooking:

  • Always place your meat as centered and as possible on the spit for more even cooking.
  • Always truss or tie your meat (veggies like asparagus, too!) with butcher’s twine. This helps prevent things like burnt chicken wings and legs. Don’t use cotton twine, or it could burn!
  • If your rotisserie has a lid, keep it shut at all times.
  • If it doesn’t, and you think moisture is leaking, make sure to use tin foil instead.
  • Don’t put the food too close to the heat source. If something is popping out towards that area, tie it up.
  • Use the drip pan to make your gravy. Did you know that the drippings from the fat etc. actually taste amazing? Use with a rue to make gravy.
  • Add wine, or other flavored liquid, to the drip pan and baste your feast with it ever so often.
  • Make sure the spit is always balanced. If not, it could cause the spit to turn more slowly or your food to cook improperly.
  • Always let your meat cool while in the rotisserie. For most models, it’s best to shave the last 10 to 20 minutes off of the cooking time. Then let your meat cook inside the cooker. This will let it absorb that last bit of juices. You won’t regret this.
  • Basting with the juices from the collection cup can certainly make it taste meatier and more like BBQ.
  • Don’t leave your rotisserie unattended. Check on it from time to time and be in the same area in case of any problems.

Cooking your own meat, especially rotisserie, is really a lot of fun. Even better, it’s a rewarding endeavor that your whole family or party can enjoy. Whether your rotisserie is indoor or outdoors, it can offer a unique cooking experience that everyone will appreciate and love.

The best things to cook are traditional; hams, lamb, turkey and chicken always top the list. However, kabobs are a favorite for those of us who eat them traditionally or have had them on a restaurant.

There are some great cookbooks that can really test the capabilities of your new electric grill with rotisserie. I highly recommend The Complete Electric Smoker Cookbook to learn not only the basics, but also about wood pairings and other advanced features to make your meals mouth-water delicious. Explore and enjoy!

And what will be the best electric grill with rotisserie in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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