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Best Large Round Electric Griddle: 6 Choices in 2022

Best large round electric griddle

Are you looking for a round griddle? They’re not a common sight, but there are many models of indoor electric griddles on the market to explore. Many of them are meant to be on tabletops, where you can keep food warm as your share a meal with your family or friends. There are many larger round models on the market were developed to with cooking a variety of specific dishes, such as injera, lefse bread, and even tortillas.

Besides these specialized foods, many of these round electric griddles have other capabilities as well. Some of them are built to get to high temperatures, which makes them capable of frying and searing in addition to baking.

If you’re looking for a large, electric griddle, here are 6 great choices to consider in 2022.

Large Round Electric Griddle #1:

  • Create for the traditional Norwegian lefse bread, which takes all day to make; this griddle is capable of so much more. The grill goes all the way up to 500° Fahrenheit, which means it can sear a lot of meat, or be used to cook pizza or create pancakes, omelets, tortillas and quesadillas with ease. Extra grease and waste follow a raised rim path to the waste tray, and you can easily move this griddle around with its heat-resistant legs and hardwood handles. And because nothing sticks to the surface, clean up is easy. 16 inches in diameter, this large, round griddle is great to place in the center of a table and keep food heated while you enjoy various parts of your dinner platter.

Large Round Electric Griddle #2:

  • This griddle, built for raclette, has extra elements to it – think of it as a two-level griddle. On the bottom level, you can boil, stew or heat up melted sauces or cheeses, while on the top level; you can heat vegetables and meat. Raclette is a platter that’s meant to be shared by friends, but you don’t need a special occasion for it. This particular model is meant to have enough servings for 6. You may want to use it to heat other foods – go ahead and experiment. It comes with a variety of recipes to help you get started and the top level gets hot enough to griddle your meat and veggies.

Large Round Electric Griddle #3:

  • This electric crepe pan is also griddle, but you’re going to love trying out the recipe guide as well as using it for your own meals. Ideal for making French crepes – the ultra-thin version of the omelet. The crepe maker function is very easy to use, and it offers a 12-inch diameter surface. This makes it ideal for traditional French crepes. There are 5 temperature settings for cooking other meals as well – check the manual to learn more about its capabilities. It also comes with a batter spreader for making crepes.

Large Round Electric Griddle #4:

  • This griddle is offers a 16 in diameter cooking area, with a satin finish and wood handles. This is another round grill meant to make Norwegian lefse, but this one comes with a whole kit: included in this kit is a maple wood rolling pin with grooves, a potato ricer, a pastry board with cloth cover and, finally, a lefse turning stick. Check the manual for specific heat settings.

Large Round Electric Griddle #5:

  • This is a great griddle/grill with a good amount of cooking space and a lid, making it perfect for cooking breads such as injera, lefse, pitas, tortillas and other flatbreads. It’s also a great griddle to bake pizza or create a spread of grilled meats and/or veggies. The grill can cook at a warm temperature or all the way up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for even searing meat or doing a Korean-style barbecue. There is a lot of possibility in this grill, but whatever you’re cooking, invite a friend or two. There’s enough space for many servings.

Large Round Electric Griddle #6:

  • Nutrichef has a reputation for helping people find inventive ways to enjoy healthier food, and this crepe maker is a winner with that department. Make traditional French crepes, tortillas, pancakes and so much more on this griddle. This griddle is large, but can fit on your countertop. It comes with a batter spreader and wood spatula for working with the delicate crepes.

Most of the models above were meant for indoor use only, and are not built to withstand the elements. Only use them in a covered space and make sure that you monitor them throughout the cooking cycle.

Other Round Electric Griddle Tips

If you’re cooking meat or veggies, season them before you throw them on the grill. A great bet is always olive oil and spices such as thyme, rosemary, black pepper or sea salt.

Want your griddle to heat up faster? Turn it all the way to its highest setting for a few minutes, then down to the temperature you want it to go. Spray with vegetable oil spray before adding any vegetables, poultry or meat to the surface. A light coating will suffice.

Learning to use a round electric griddle is similar to learning to use any other cooking appliance – it requires, for the most part, trial and error. Make sure that you read your user manual, which will usually have recipes and may be able to help you find shortcuts for making your own favorite foods.

What to Cook on a Round Grill?

There are a lot of possibilities with these round grills, especially when it comes to entertaining. Don’t be afraid to use them to create kebabs, pizza or even something more traditional, such as injera.

You can also bake various traditional international foods from scratch on this grill. Three examples of this include tortillas, lefse, and, of course, pitas. Find some recipes, and go wild!

And what will be the best large round electric griddle in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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