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Best Mini Electric Griddle in 2022

Best mini electric griddle

Looking for a compact electric griddle? Griddles typically have a large surface that will let you to cook more portions at once than the stovetop will. Electric griddles often have removable plates that are usually stick-proof and easy to clean, but some will simply be wipe-and-go due to their nonstick coating.

A “mini” griddle is typically the size that will fit on your countertop and is easy to store, while a larger griddle is usually much more cumbersome – the size of a stove, in many cases – and requires more skill (and money!) to own and operate. A mini griddle is appropriate for small families and others who love to cook on one surface but still want the exceptional quality that a griddle can offer.

Which electric griddles are the best in 2022?

  • This great little griddle is perfect for cooking up a Sunday morning breakfast or other family meal. It has a double-tray set up which will let you cook things like bacon below without tainting the surface, where you could cook pancakes and omelets, if you so desire. The manufacturer says it can cook up to 20 times faster, and the heat is evenly distributed due to its ceramic tray. All trays are removable and made from nonstick coating for easy cleaning.
  • Looking for something perfect for storing away in your cabinet? Even the handles are removable from this griddle, which is great for frying up eggs or hamburgers. Like many other models, this one features a nonstick surface that makes cooking a breeze and offers simple cleanup, as well as a drip tray that you can pop into the dishwasher. The handles make it easy to move out of the way when you’re pressed for counter space.
  • This griddle is built for heavy use, which makes it a great choice for more than just weekly use. There’s a large surface – 11 by 20 inches and you can cook several eggs, sausage or hot dogs on it alongside your favorite side items. This thing can fry at up to 400 degrees, but the temperature control is the standard “Low-high” knob. Check the instruction manual for more details on different cook times.

Mini Electric Griddle #4:

  • This is a small griddle built for cooking portions for up to two people, with a lot of room for small items such as bacon or larger foods such as steaks. There’s a drip tray for easy clean up and it can heat up to 400 degrees. This is a no-frills griddle, but great for weekend breakfast or to take on holiday with your significant other.
  • Are you looking for a simple, 1-serving griddle? This is the mini griddle for you. You can cook a small omelet, a one-serving hunk of meat, and a variety of other dishes with this griddle. It doubles as a contact grill so you can also cook thin sandwiches with it. Wipes clean with a wet rag and soapy water, and is incredibly portable – weighing just a pound or so. It’s slim enough it won’t take up any space on your shelf, making it a win-win no matter how often you use it.

Things to Cook on an Electric Griddle

When you’re cooking on an electric griddle, it’s important to remember that all of the foods won’t cook at the same rate. In general, you can cook a few pancakes and bacon at the same time, but most mini griddles won’t have the space to cook more than that. There is also the issue that meal always takes longer to cook than, say, a fried egg. Pancakes cook slowly, but at a lower temperature than fried potatoes.

Know your cooking times and temperatures when you’re cooking on a griddle. Your user manual will explain what “high” and “low” actually amount to in terms of temperature, and that should help you know how much time to take to cook a hot dog, rather than a hamburger.

To Season, or Not to Season?

Do you need to season a mini griddle? The answer is usually “not really” – unless it’s made of iron instead of non-stick surfaces. What’s really cool about using a griddle is that you can use rubs on your foods or season it directly and it will usually retain the flavor.

Cooking Oil Considerations

What about cooking oil? Many people like to use cooking oil religiously, on everything they cook with. However, you’re actually adding to the drip tray on most griddles when you add in extra oil, and you may cause drip tray overflow or even clogging. Are you cooking up bacon or other fatty foods? You may want to simply let nature take its course; they will be cooking in their own grease as they heat.

Be sparing if you must use an olive oil or coconut oil spray (canola is very bad for the environment, please skip it!) and always clean your griddle after use. Usually, cleaning the griddle will mean simply wiping clean with a wet, soap sponge or rag and then wiping it dry with a dry cloth.

Drip tray contents should NOT go down the sink, no matter what you’ve been told. They can clog drains deep under houses and cause huge problems with your plumbing. Here’s an old-school way to collect grease: use a jar to collect grease after every use, and throw it away when full. Gross, but totally effective. It’s also much safer for the environment.

Once you’ve emptied your drip tray, it’s time to put it in the dishwasher. Store your griddle in the cabinet or on your countertop for its next use.


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