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What’s the Best Red Electric Grill in 2022 for Your Cooking Style?

Best red electric grill

Cooking and grilling are a blast, and electric grills are always great when you’ve got to cook indoors. But what about cooking with style? Red is really in this season, and finding a grill that adds warmth to your kitchen may be the ultimate goal. Don’t be shy designing a kitchen with a red grill in mind. While the grill’s color is only part of the package, there are a decent variety of grill brands, makes and models to explore.

Let’s go over some of the best electric grills that contain the color red, and discuss their features.

5 Red Electric Grills in 2022 for Amazing Indoor Dinners

  • This handsome electric grill comes in sports car red, making it a sleek addition to any kitchen or pool setup with red in the color theme. This particular grill can cook about 12 servings at a time, and is ideal for tailgating or entertaining a decent number of guests. Who can be a better choice than Foreman, anyway? This product line has been in business so long they’ve set the standard. Food cooks evenly, while a drip-tray collects fat. Everything cleans off with soap and water quite easily.
  • This round, ruby red Char-Broil electric grill is perfect for impressing your friends. This model has 320 square inches of grilling surface area, giving you room for 12-16 servings depending on what you’re cooking. (More, if it’s hot dogs!) The grill is made from rust-resistant steel and Teflon coating makes clean up a breeze. The Infrared cooking system allows you to cook your food evenly and helps you cook juicier meat than previous models. Because of its porcelain-coated cooking grates, it’s rust-resistant and easier-to-clean.

Red Electric Grill #3:

  • This compact indoor electric grill is fire truck red. With a glass top rather than a steel top, it feels more like a slow cooker than a grill. But make no mistake, this grill is more than good-looking and it’s definitely not a crock-pot. This grill is compact – 14 inches – and features a detachable cord for easy storage. There are 5 temperature control settings to choose from, and this is an ideal little grill for a couple of burgers or a grilled veggie dish.
  • This lock and go red electric grill is a special find. For one thing, it’s a round grill. For another, it’s got a deep grilling pit, especially for an electric grill. And finally, you can actually add wood chips for that authentic barbeque flavor. This is truly a favorite of BBQ lovers. It also comes in a deep cherry red that should match any décor with warm colors. It gives you 126 square inches of cooking space on the grill surface.
  • This cherry red electric grill is meant to be the all-in-one of George Foreman grills, featuring plates for paninis, waffles, and grilling. Like all Foreman grills, the plates are safe and easy to clean with soap and water and a sponge, although it’s not recommended you wash too harshly with Teflon coating. The Panini and waffle grilling plates are meant to cook thicker food more evenly. Digital control panels show you the cooking time – 15 minutes, 10 minutes, etc. as well as the grill temperature, varies from 325˚-450. You can also program in a 500˚-searing burst.

Summing it Up:

Choosing a grill that goes with your décor can be a slippery slope, but these are some great brands with stellar reputations for electric grilling. You can never go wrong with Foreman grills, but Char-Broil can be an excellent choice if you’re not sure which grill suits you best. If none of these grills appeal to you, consider a gas grill. Many of these come in different colors and style, and if you’re looking at aesthetics, there are certainly some upper priced model that are as beautiful as they are useful and efficient.

A Few Other Tips for Choosing

When you’re choosing an electric grill, make sure that you pay attention to what materials it’s made of and how easy it is to clean. Clean-up time with a traditional grill can be annoying –especially when you have to dump the charcoal in a special place. A grill with Teflon is one of the easiest to clean, and often they have components that can be popped in the dishwasher in a pinch, making them ideal for busy people and families.

Another thing to look at is the temperature controls. If you’re cooking meat, you need to be very careful that it’s cooked all the way through at the correct temperature. If you’re new to grilling, you may want a simple grill that simply cooks everything thoroughly at a high temperature. However, if you’re more of a chef, it may be time to take a look at specific cooking temperature for different types of food.

Lamb certainly cooks at a higher temperature than beef, but it still cooks for the same amount of time. Being able to specify these details will help you create a main dish that’s juicy and cooked correctly, rather than cooked at a generic temperature and generic cook time. In other words, it’s important to take the guesswork out of cooking once you’re used to working with grills.

An electric grill can perform a lot of the tasks that a charcoal grill can, but will less pollution and less cooking time, too. There are a lot of advantages to cooking electric, and if you’re in an apartment or condo situation, it may be the only barbecue option you’ve got. So choose a good grill and enjoy your kitchen.

And what will be the best red electric grill in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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