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Best Weber Tailgate Grills in 2022

Best Weber tailgate grill

Tailgate grills are a great and convenient way to start up an outdoor grilling party. Their portable design makes them great for use by anyone. They are incredibly easy to set up and carry around. Further, they are great for use at small and large gatherings alike, like camping trips or small get-togethers with friends.

Tailgate grills are created by many manufacturers and are of varying features. They are usually fairly easy to set up and take down. Further, they are easy to clean.

All about Weber

Weber is a company all about giving you the best features at the most affordable price since 1893. The company provide features that are aimed at making your grilling experience more fun, easy and hassle-free. They provide a wide range of grills suited to individual needs. They offer grills that work on a wide range of fuels, including electric, charcoal and liquid propane.

Tailgate grill buying guide

When purchasing a tailgate grill, there are 4 things you should consider based on your usage.

The first thing you should decide on is, whether you want a gas grill or a charcoal grill. Gas grills are more convenient, but charcoal grills give that traditional, irresistible, smokey flavor. The next thing you should look for is, reliable construction and sturdy design so that you can set it up on uneven surfaces in the great outdoors with minimal wobbling.

The next thing you should consider is the quality of the burners, make sure that the burners are durable, and can burn in a variety of settings and that the knobs turn easily. And the last thing to be made note of is the portability of the grill. Chances are, if you’re buying a portable grill, you’re going to want to take it to gatherings with you.

Best Weber tailgate grills on the market in 2022

Weber Tailgate Grill #1:

  • The Weber 50060001 Q1000 grill is truly one of the best Weber Tailgate Grills. Why? Well, apart from being absolutely portable so that you can take it everywhere you go, it also has so many other features. It is not only stylish and sleek in appearance, it also has a large handle so that you can get a firmer and more secure grip.
  • The cast-aluminum construction makes this grill incredibly durable and lightweight. It thus provides the owner with a fun new way of making meals, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. It can function as both, a stay-at-home grill or something you carry around to all the cookouts.
  • The push button ignition and replaceable Liquid Propane cylinders (not included) make it incredibly easy to set up. It can cook a wide variety of foods and meats very easily and efficiently.
  • This miraculous offering of Weber is both incredibly convenient and functionally superior. It has a Tuck-and-Carry feature that allows you to cover the lid, lock it and take it wherever you go. The lid lock can further allow you weather protection and act as a windshield, allowing you to grill wherever and whenever you want.
  • The Weber 40020 grill has a porcelain-enameled bowl and a lid that has been created to resist rust, this makes it more durable than ever. The grill is charcoal fueled and lives up to its name by providing the Smokey taste that manufacturers strive to replicate.
  • Vents in the grill have been situated to achieve adequate airflow so that the charcoal burns hot and long. This makes it one of the best Weber tailgate grills. Weber also includes its cookbook with this grill, this contains the time-tested grill recipes for fast and delicious meals.
  • This Weber product, staying true to its name, provides the original experience of grilling. You can set it up in your backyard or just about anywhere. The improved cleaning system allows you to enjoy both grilling and eating your food without having to worry about all the sticky meat grease.
  • The Weber 14402001 grill features a removable high capacity ash catcher and a one-touch cleaning system that reduces about 20 minutes of cleaning. Furthermore, the lid has a built-in thermometer so that you don’t have to open it every few minutes to check if the meat is done. It is thus, by far, one of the best Weber tailgate grills.
  • It features a heavy porcelain lid that adds to the durability and reliability of the grill. The lid also has a heat shield that allows for safety during operation.

Weber Tailgate Grill #4:

  • The Weber 54060001 grill features cast-iron cooking grates with a built-in thermometer in the lid. This means that the meat can absorb maximum flavor and be ready faster without all the heat escaping every time you open the lid to check up on it. The folding side tables make it incredibly easy and simple to use.
  • The aluminum lid and body only adds to the durability and quality of the grill. The removable catch pan makes it very easy to clean and makes sure that collecting grease doesn’t bother you while you’re grilling. The electronic ignition and liquid propane usage make it very safe to use making it one of the best Weber tailgate grills.
  • The burner valve provides maximum control to the griller so that you can achieve that perfect slightly charred flavor on your own.

Weber Tailgate Grill #5:

  • The Weber 121020 grill, true to its name is fairly compact, being able to fit in small places easily. This means that you can carry it anywhere and set it up. Setting it up isn’t a hassle, as you would expect from a small grill to have knobs and bolts.
  • It is great for use for camping or tailgating parties and events. It further allows for the setup of the lid to protect a barrier against the wind in strong weather conditions. The grill features a steel lid that only adds to the durability of the grill and the grates make the grill incredibly easy to clean.
  • The handle of the grill is made of reinforced nylon so that you can easily and safely move it around even while hot. This makes it one of the best Weber tailgate grills. The pivoting legs of the grill lock in place, thus they conserve space and add to the safety of the grill.
  • The 44010001 Spirit II E-210 Grill from Weber is a remarkable piece of outdoor cooking equipment. With its grilling system that offers infinity ignition, powerful burners, effective grease management and flavorizer bars, it is truly one of the best Weber tailgate grills.
  • These features make it incredibly easy to use and provide power that helps you grill your meats faster and with more flavor. The food is grilled evenly and consistently and also provides you with an easy hassle-free clean-up. It is a true mark of the durability of the grill that it offers an eye-opening 10-year warranty.
  • The flavorizer bars have been situated to catch the meat drippings, make them sizzle and add Smokey flavor to your grilled meats. The open cart design makes it roomier and makes it easy to hold all the tools you may require while grilling.

Weber Tailgate Grill #7:

  • The Weber 55020001 Q2400 grill features porcelain enameled cooking grates that are remarkably durable. This grill has the ability to become the life of any party, with people hanging around the grill, talking and drinking cold beer. The grill also feature a removable catch pan, this makes it very easy to clean.
  • The variety of heat settings on the burner makes it so that you can make your food as charred as you want. It is perfect for all kinds of meats, be they fish, or chicken and vegetables, beef or mutton.
  • It is very portable and small so it can easily be carried around. And since it is an electric grill, it is not limited by the availability of charcoal or LP. Its 6-foot cord means that you can easily use it almost anywhere, making it one of the best Weber tailgate grills.


While all these grills are remarkable in their own way, the only thing that is important is the grill you should buy. The grill best suited to your needs is probably one of the seven top of the line Weber products that we have reviewed for you above if not so, we would recommend going through their website for more options.

Tailgate grills are all about convenience. Make sure to get the grill that is best suited to make your life easier.

And what will be the best Weber tailgate grill in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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