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Innovative Cooking with The Blackstone Cookbook

Cooking With the Blackstone Outdoor Gas Griddle, A Quick-Start Cookbook

There are always 2 ways to do great cooking. The first one is through trial and error, and the second is following a great recipe. Take the shortcut using the Blackstone Outdoor Gas Griddle Cookbook. The recipes are all written specifically to let you use a Blackstone grill productively. With more than 100 recipes, you are always ready to feast on something exciting and delicious.

Check out the instructions on handling a Blackstone conveniently and cooking with care.

The Ultimate Blackstone Guide:

Any recipe book has some healthy recipes and instructions on ingredients. However, this cookbook is also a complete guide for your Blackstone Gas Griddle. Information is given on using the grill to its full potential. It is simply disappointing if you own a great cooking appliance, yet your cooking is limited. Learn the different techniques, tips, temperature settings, and much more. Know the finest details and turn them into major creativity in your cooking.

The most anticipating fact is that this book also has don’ts. Sometimes it’s more important to know what you must not do to keep your Blackstone good as new.

For First Time Blackstone Users:

A complete step-by-step guide is included with images for your first recipe. Initially, the approach is very different from regular use of the griddle. However, when starting a new some skills and tips are always beneficial to help keep the griddle maintained. Hence the guide. It also lets you understand what type of instructions you can expect later in the book. The tiny illustrations of the ingredients and the tools are a delight to the eyes.

Plan, Prepare, and Feast:

The book contains 101 recipes, from tender, juicy steaks to highly nutritious breakfasts. Healthy meat and seafood recipes and perfectly cooked vegetables cater to everyone in the family. And not just wholesome meals but sides and desserts too. A complete cookbook to make your mealtimes hassle-free. Plan and prepare incredible menus for parties or family get-togethers.

Cook For Years to Come:

Outdoor cooking is here to stay. Not just for today, but hustle with the finely elaborated and well-seasoned recipes forever. Add your spices or follow the instructions and enjoy cooking on your grill for years. The best part is that the recipes are compatible with any griddle. And you can pass on the book as a gift or some advice to your new teenage cooks.

About The Author:

Matt Jason, the writer of this book, has numerous cookbooks authored under his belt. A real expert in outdoor cooking with published books to certify professionalism. All his books are great keepsakes if you are a real griddle fan.

Check out this video about the cookbook

5 Easy Griddle Recipes to Make Your Neighbor Jealous


  • 101 recipes.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Step by step guide.
  • Professional tips and tricks.


  • Black printing – no colored images or text.


Sometimes we have great tools and appliances to work with but are still completely lost. A good cookbook such as this not only compiles recipes but lets you cook better. The Cooking With the Blackstone Outdoor Gas Griddle, A QuickStart Cookbook, guides you too. Working with a gas griddle for the first time or just looking to add more recipes to your checklist.

Maintaining the griddle is also a task, and this book explains everything well. If you are a Blackstone griddle owner, you do need this cookbook as well. Become a high-end chef and amaze your peers by cooking fabulous grill dishes.

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