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Char-Broil Kettleman vs. Weber Original Charcoal Grill

Char Broil Kettleman vs Weber original charcoal grill

Char-Broil and Weber are the famous brand names that everyone hears in the grilling world. Both companies have been providing trustworthy services for decades.

However, this fact makes things a bit confusing when you decide to buy a new charcoal grill. Whose product is offering more benefits? Or, which one would suit my requirements?

These questions make things perplexed. So, to clear all these confusions, we are going to compare Char-Broil Kettleman vs. Weber’s Original Charcoal Grill.

So, let’s get started to see which brand you should go for.

Comparison: Char-Broil Kettleman vs. Weber Original Charcoal Grill

ModelChar-Broil Kettleman Charcoal GrillWeber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill
Total cooking area360 sq. inch363 sq. inch
Power SourceCharcoalCharcoal
Product Dimensions29.9 x 27.4 x 14.8 inches22.5 x 22.5 x 27 inches
Weight36 pounds32.3 pounds
Price Check Price Check Price

Industry History

The first point for Char-Broil Kettleman vs. Weber’s original charcoal grill comparison is the brands’ history. As we can see, both brands have been providing their outstanding products for many years.

Now, let’s have a look at how and why both companies started this successful journey.

Char-Broil History:

The history of Char-Broil dates back to 1948 when it offered one of the first charcoal grills to America. It was the time when the concept of outdoor cooking wasn’t common as it is today. Char-Broil helped to uplift this concept by bringing innovation, ease, and affordability in its grills.

The company kept struggling, and the year 1984 credited their CB940 product with the World’s Best BBQ Grill award. They have brought certain innovations that are part of their grills to date. Oil-less Turkey Fryer and TRU-Infrared Cooking System are significant among them.

Char Broil is now considered a reliable company name. It struggled a lot to bring betterment in the outdoor cooking experience. It is because of this passion and hard work that their grills provide ease, affordability, and the perfect taste to every cookout.

Weber History:

Weber marked its entry in the grilling world by bringing a revolutionary kettle grill. It was the year 1952, and the charcoal smokers’ culture was just setting off.

The founder of Weber-Stephen Products Co., George Stephen, wanted to make the perfect steak for his allies. This struggle ended up when he invented the revolutionary kettle grill.

The mission of bringing perfection continued and brought numerous innovative grills in the market. Durability, taste, and convenience are majorly seen in Weber’s products.


We know Char-Broil and Weber are outstanding brands. But what makes them special? In this section of the Char-Broil Kettleman vs. Weber original charcoal grill comparison we are going to discuss this point.

Char-Broil :

As we have mentioned, this company has helped to normalize outdoor cooking. It has brought certain innovations in its grills that can make cookouts safe and effortless. Moreover, the high quality of products that are backed with some good warranty is another focal point of this renowned industry.


Weber was established by the introduction of a revolutionary product. So, we can say, this company has brought a big change in the way people used to grill.

It has introduced certain convenient features along with great ease of maintenance to make outdoor cooking a breeze. Besides, Weber is also known for delivering solid grills that offer years and years of flawless services. Weber’s long warranty depicts its products’ durability.

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Kettleman Charcoal Grill

This Char-Broil Kettleman grill is suitable for all those who want to ensure heating with no flares or additional fuel consumption.

This 22.5-inch Kettleman grill offers a cooking surface of 360 square inches in total. It is quite enough to prepare a meal immediately for a small group. Or, even if you have a large gathering, you can do well with it.

This grill comes equipped with a Char-Broil TRU-Infrared cooking system. The feature gives you greater control over your meal. It offers 5 benefits.

It includes juicier food, even heat distribution, less fuel consumption, no flare-ups, and no burning of meals. In short, this cooking system is a specialty of Char-Broil and helps users to make a flawless meal every time.

Moreover, its cooking grates give you better control over your food. It has porcelain-enameled rust-resistant cooking grates. It creates a barrier between fire and food and prevents flare-ups along with delivering even heat. So, now you see, how you make super juicy burgers…!

It also comes equipped with a large adjustable damper on its top. You can use it to conveniently control the temperature of your food. It also contains 360 degrees air inlet on its bottom that surrounds the grill. It enhances the flow of air to ensure more even heat distribution.

You can keep track of the temperature inside with the help of a lid-mounted temperature gauge. Another outstanding feature of this grill is its hinged lid. It is the most convenient feature ever.

You won’t need to bother putting the lid aside or hanging it with a grill. Rather, it is hinged for easy opening, giving you freedom from handling it. Also, moving it downward will close it without putting any effort. For transporting this grill, you can even lock it.

To enhance mobility, it contains two wheels. There is also a chrome-plated wire shelf at the bottom. It not only enhances the stability but gives you a space to put accessories on it as well.

Char-Broil has made this grill easy to clean with its slide-out ash tray. You can effortlessly remove, clean, and replace it.

Moreover, the company backs this product with its 10-year limited warranty. Though the name of the brand is enough to ensure its longevity, the warranty duration puts a stamp on it.

Notable features:

  • The advanced heating system ensures an even and safe cooking procedure.
  • The hinged lid gives huge convenience.
  • Fuel efficient.
  • Wheels ensure easy mobility.
  • Easy to assemble and maintain.

The Most Important Char-Broil Grill Accessories

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

This premium grill can be a great product for all Weber lovers. It offers good cooking space along with various convenient features that Weber has been providing its customers.

The Weber Original Charcoal Grill offers 363 square inches of cooking space. It is enough to prepare 13 burgers on it simultaneously. So now, hosting small or even big gatherings won’t be a problem.

It has plated steel cooking grates that are hinged as well. This unique feature helps in adding charcoal during cooking. You can also arrange the fuel to deliver either direct or indirect heat.

Also, you won’t need to lift the lid to manage the temperature. Rather, it has rust-resistant aluminum dampers. They offer precise and great control over the temperature of your meal.

Moreover, you can monitor the temperature during the cooking process using its built-in lid thermometer. Its bowl and lid are also porcelain enameled. This attribute not only helps in retaining heat but ensures rust- and peel-free services for a long time.

Its lid also contains a hook that helps in placing the lid with it instead of placing it on the ground. Moreover, there are also hooks to attach your grilling accessories to it. You can effortlessly move this grill using its high-quality wheels.

Weber has also made arrangements to prevent your hands from burning while grilling. They put heat shields over its handles. Thus, they won’t get hot while you are preparing some magical grilled meals.

In the end, when you’ll be done with grilling, cleaning this grill up won’t be difficult at all. It comes equipped with a one-touch cleaning system. Its high capacity ash catcher will collect all debris and ashes. You would just need to swipe it, and the cleaning task would be almost done.

You can even acquire some more valuable Weber’s features using its free BILT app. It will give you 3D interactive assembly instructions to make your task easier and less time-consuming.

Besides, like all other Weber’s grills, this product is also backed with 10 years warranty.

Notable features:

  • Effortless cleaning process.
  • Greater control over temperature.
  • Ease of fuel adjustment to manage direct/indirect heat.
  • Convenient mobility.
  • Simple installation process.
  • Durable and safe side handles.
  • Metal frame.

The Most Important Weber Grill Accessories

Which Product Is Recommended For Whom?

So, we have discussed various points of Char-Broil Kettleman vs. Weber’s original charcoal grill comparison. Now, the real question comes, which grill is suitable for whom?

There are certain similarities between both products. These grills are made from well-reputed brands and come with solid warranties. Our both compared products have something great and unique to offer their users. They are mobile and offer great ease of use.

However, they can never be equal in every aspect. After all, Char-Broil and Weber are two different brands with dissimilar levels of fame and status.

Char-Broil Kettleman offers great meal output with its consistent heating system that uses less fuel. This feature helps in providing a juicier meal while using less charcoal. Yet, it is not very simple to re-use coals after saving them. The company, however, has provided a process to re-use them, and that can be an uphill task.

Moreover, Kettleman’s single damper is not very effective in providing temperature control. Contrarily, the functional dampers and solid construction of the Weber grill offer precise and great temperature control. Also, the cleaning process of Kettleman cannot reach the convenience level of the Weber grill.

Yet, Kettleman offers exactly what it advertises. It includes convenience, even heating, no flare-ups, and juicier output.

So, all in all, Kettleman can be a good alternative for all those users who doesn’t want to go for Weber’s original. Also, customers who need the convenience of the hinged lid or low fuel consumption should go for Char-Broil.

Otherwise, the class and solid construction of the Weber grill is something unmatchable.


As we have numerous grills available on the market, the selection of anyone gets difficult sometimes. The situation becomes even more problematic when you have to choose one between two well-reputed brands.

We have tried to address a similar problem in our Char-Broil Kettleman vs. Weber original charcoal grill comparison. Undoubtedly, both grills offer amazing features that bring nothing but taste and convenience.

However, each product is good for various users’ groups. Those who are habitual of using Weber products won’t be satisfied with Char-Broil’s Kettleman. Yet, it would be worthy to go for Char-Broil if you want something different, low fuel consumption, and huge convenience.

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