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PK360 vs Weber Kettle Grill

pk360 vs weber kettle Grill

PK Grills and Weber both are well-established names in the BBQ world. Weber being an old name is known for its highly durable and functional products. On the other hand, PK has also become successful in making its name with its amazing features.

Are you confused of selecting any of them? Here, in this post, we are going to discuss PK360 vs Weber Kettle’s comparison in detail. Which product can give what kind of benefits, and which one you should go for? This post will discuss it along with the reviews of both these great grills.

So, read on this post to know more about them.

Comparison: PK360 Grills vs Weber Kettle Grill

ModelPK Grills Charcoal BBQ Grill and Smoker ComboWeber Performer Premium Charcoal Grill
Total cooking area300 sq. inch363 sq. inch
Power SourceCharcoalCharcoal
Product Dimensions16 x 35 x 35.5 inches30 x 48 x 43.5 inches
Weight45 pounds91 pounds
Price Check Price Check Price

Industry History

In our PK360 vs Weber Kettle comparison, we will first discuss the history of both brands. It will help in identifying the achievements and missions of both brands. So, you know what your selected brand can offer you before choosing any of them.


Unlike a common belief, PK Grill brand isn’t new in the industry. Rather, its origin dates back to the 1950s. However, because of some unfortunate circumstances, the owners decided to cease it.

Yet, the outstanding core features of these grills had the potential to make some big names. Thus, it was brought back to the scene by Paul James in the year 1998. He added some efforts and introduced some new models of grills that provide amazing temperature control.

That’s how it started, and now we can see PK grills as one of the most reliable names in the BBQ world.


The history of the Weber industry isn’t any less interesting. It is just the result of the passion of a single person named George A. Stephen. He wanted to make something that is capable of preparing the perfect steaks. His obsession led towards the innovation of the first original kettle of Weber. It didn’t take long for the world to recognize his efforts. Soon, his story was up even on the American TV.

With all his efforts and passion, he laid the foundation of one of the biggest grill’s brand, Weber. Now, we can see their numerous incredible grills that give perfect BBQ results along with ease of use.


The next point we will discuss in our PK360 vs Weber Kettle comparison is the specialty of both brands. As we know, both brands work for the grilling industry, and that’s the similarity in both. However, what exceptional do they offer? We are going to highlight it here.


The specialty of PK grills exists in their construction material. They have utilized thick cast aluminum instead of steel. As we all know, aluminum is known for its conductive properties. It makes grills capable of achieving consistent heat.

Moreover, its grills contain four vents instead of two. It gives you greater control over controlling temperature. Also, the rust-proof behavior of aluminum gives an amazing lifetime. All these exclusive features allow precise temperature control along with performing direct and indirect cooking within a single grill.


The Weber is long known for bringing innovation in its grilling equipment. It has brought numerous pioneering features in different grills’ series. However, the major attributes we can see in their grills include durability, ease of use, and the flawless taste.

Besides introducing iconic grills, Weber has also introduced various other grilling accessories. Weber, being one of the oldest grilling brand names, provides a way to grill a perfect meal with its different products.

PK Grills Charcoal BBQ Grill and Smoker Combo

This product is great for you if you want to enjoy multiple cooking types using one single grill. Also, either you are a newbie or grilling master, it is going to perform the job well.

It contains all those primary features we consider the specialty of the PK grills. Purchasing this product would free you from the trouble of containing multiple grills to make a variety of food.

It has a distinguished capsule-shaped body. This black grill seems like a big capsule that can help you in preparing delicious meals. Unlike other common grills, it contains four vents on the top and bottom, keeping consistent heat through the grilling process. These four vents allow you to either cook directly or indirectly. You can open all of them to acquire direct cooking. The heat range would be higher in this case and you’ll prepare the meal faster.

On the other hand, for indirect cooking, you can open only one vent located on the lower side and the opposite vent of the upper side. It’d end up in a low and slow cooking process. So, that’s how you can gain the required results using a single product.

This grill is constructed using cast aluminum. It gives multiple benefits to this durable product. Aluminum being a good conductor conducts heat 4 times efficiently as compared to steel grills. Also, it is lighter in weight and more durable. This is the reason you can trust this PK grill for its longevity. The company also backs its product for 10 years against any rust, breaking, or burnout.

Though this grill seems large, it is easily portable. It comes with a stand that can help you in conveniently cooking food. However, these stands are detachable if you want to transport this grill anywhere.

Besides all its other remarkable features, it offers enough cooking area of 300 square inches. It is quite adequate to prepare delicious food for your entire family. You can also keep grill accessories on the side table to reach them easily when required.

All these features make this smoker plus grill one of the best products available on the market.

Notable features:

  • It allows versatile cooking types
  • Durable and rust-proof
  • The large cooking surface is enough to host big parties
  • Conveniently transportable

The Most Important PK360 Grills Accessories

Weber 15401001 Performer Premium Charcoal Grill

This Performer Grill by Weber is great if you want a nice appearance with outstanding functioning. This Weber grill is something you might dream of for your next outdoor gathering. It offers versatility when it comes to cooking. It has a removable circular grate in the center that you can remove and replace it with a griddle, poultry roaster, or any BBQ system inserts of your choice.

Moreover, the hinged grates make it easier to add charcoal. Furthermore, Weber has also added a built-in thermometer on this grill. You can use it to monitor the internal temperature of the grill to know the required adjustments.

It also equipped with a removable backlit LCD timer. You can utilize it to set timers for preheating or grilling sessions. This grill is though made up of steel, it has porcelain enameling. It enhances the durability of the grill by preventing rust or peel. It also helps in retaining heat better.

The total cooking area of this grill is 363 square inches. Now, it is something you can trust while partying with a big gang. Just like all its other products, Weber has taken care of user’s convenience in this grill quite well.

So, you can slide the lid and tuck it on the side instead of putting it on the ground. It also eases you up with its side table. You can use it to put seasoning, sauces, and other accessories while grilling. So, searching for a required tool wouldn’t be a problem now. However, you can also fold it down for convenient storage. The table of this grill also contains hooks that you can use to hang your BBQ tools. Besides cooking, Weber has made this grill easy to clean as well. It has a one-touch cleaning system along with a removable ash-catcher. It makes cleaning the grill quite an effortless task.

Another remarkable attribute of this grill is its charcoal storage box. It has weather protected CharBin storage. You can place your charcoal inside and be worry-free wherever you go.

Notable features:

  • Effortless cleaning
  • Better control of temperature
  • Storage space for tools and other accessories
  • With its CharBin, you can easily store charcoal on the grill
  • Retains heat well with its porcelain enameling

The Most Important Weber Grill Accessories

Which Product Is For Whom?

In our PK360 vs Weber Kettle comparison, we have discussed two well-reputed brands. Undoubtedly, both of them are doing quite well according to their missions. However, which one of them you should choose?

Starting from manufacturers’ reputation, both of them are good. You can completely trust their products for durability and adequate functioning.

However, Weber is more popular and older in the industry. Also, PK360 is undoubtedly great for delivering durable functioning and multiple cooking processes. Yet, it lacks a few convenient features we see in Weber Kettle. It wouldn’t be easier to clean PK360 as compared to Weber Kettle. Also, you’d feel cooking meals on Weber kettle is like a breeze. It has taken care of certain aspects to keep the user at greater ease.

Contrarily, PK360 is good for its vent adjustment options and sturdy construction. There is not much difference in the price range of both products. So, this is not something you’d need to consider while selecting one of them.


We have compared the two grills to make it easier for you to choose one of them. Both products are worth spending money on. However, Weber Kettle has a slight edge over PK360. It is because of the brand’s long known reputation. Moreover, the grill contains various features to make the cooking process effortless for the users.

You can choose PK360 for its multiple cooking facilities and Weber Kettle for its huge convenience.

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