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Weber Performer Deluxe vs Premium

Weber performer deluxe vs premium

Barbecue parties are the most common gatherings at your background. It is engaging, fun, and delicious. The best thing about barbecue and grilling is you can do it at home as well. If you are the one to love grilling and barbecue, you need to have the perfect grill.

The internet raves about Weber Performer Deluxe and the Premium. These two grills have their similarities and differences. Let us take a deeper look at these Weber grills. Both are charcoal grills for all those people who like the old-school smoky grilling.

Comparison: Weber Performer Deluxe vs Weber Premium

ModelWeber Performer Deluxe Charcoal GrillWeber Performer Premium Charcoal Grill
Total cooking area363 sq. inch363 sq. inch
Power SourceCharcoalCharcoal
Product Dimensions30 x 48 x 43.5 inches30 x 48 x 43.5 inches
Weight91 pounds91 pounds
Price Check Price Check Price

Weber Industry’s History

If any of you have even a remote interest in grilling, you know about Weber. If you do not, you might have heard the name at least. No matter which part of the world you are from, Weber is a company that is known everywhere. However, reaching this global challenge was quite a journey.

Weber was a company for metal works in 1952. A worker there, George Stephen, came up with an idea one day. He wanted to make grilling a better and easier experience, so he came up with the idea of the kettle grill. The original grill did not have legs or handles, but the model advanced. Soon the whole neighborhood wanted one for themselves. Stephen being a smart man pitched the idea to Weber. The idea caught on like wildfire. Stephen bought the department at Weber and continued with this product. The company came up with new ideas to make grilling easier and enjoyable.

When they launched their first global consignment, it was a huge success. The rest is history with Weber’s success. Today, the company is all about making barbecuing more advanced and better. They have cooking accessories, grills, and everything you can think of. Moreover, Weber products are both for commercial and residential use.


The Weber Performer Deluxe Vs Premium is the hot debate on the internet. They both look alike, however, when you read the products’ reviews, you will find they have major differences too.

If we talk about commercial use, the Weber Performer Deluxe is your choice. The grill has an electric ignition and timer. All these qualities make room in a kitchen where grills need to be faster for customer service.

The Weber Performer Premium is perfect for household uses. It helps you increase the cooking surface area and make it stand out. The features are simple and help make everyday life easier. For example, the weatherproof storage bin. It is perfect to store your grill in the garage without worrying about ruining the coal.

Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill

The Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal is one of a kind charcoal grill. It’s like a traditional kettle grill but the add-ons make it advanced. This grill is perfect for people who like to entertain many people simultaneously. This grill is also perfect for small home businesses.

The body comes in three different colors. The colors may not have importance for some. However, a few people find it important to match the grill with their kitchen ambiance. This grill finds its place on any patio for Sunday morning grills or in your backyard for evening parties.

It has four legs with four wheels. Two of them are bigger and the other two are smaller. These wheels help in moving the trolley around easily. The different sizes help keep the grill stable when in use.

Its ignition is electric to give a kick-start to the charcoal fire. The ignition needs a propane gas backup to give it the fire. However, once it starts, the burner is the charcoal. You can control the charcoal heat through the vent holes on the top. There are four simple holes with covers on them. Uncover all of them for the highest flame. If you want to put out the flames, just cover all the ventilation holes to cut down the oxygen.

The cooking space on this is about 22 inches diameter. You can put the charcoal on the grates as well for direct cooking. The body of the bowl has a porcelain coating for durability. This coating is on an aluminum steel material. Overall, the body is easy to clean and maintain. Below the bowl, there is an ash catcher that collects the extra ash. You can simply twist and remove the ash-catcher and clean the bowl without any hassle.

To make this grill more modern, it comes with plenty of add-ons. One of them is the side table for working. You can keep all the essentials like plates and bowls on it. Another great feature is the charcoal storage. You do not have to worry about carrying bags of charcoal, as it has a built-in charcoal bin. You will also find a temperature gauge on the lid of this grill.

Finally, an LCD timer is removable. You can set this timer to remind you to check on the food.

Notable features:

  • Easy to clean the body
  • 22-inch diameter direct heat resistant grates
  • No-touch ash catcher
  • Side table to work
  • Charcoal carrying bin
  • Electric ignition
  • Wheel for portability
  • Vent holes

The Most Important Weber Grill Accessories

Weber 15401001 Performer Premium Charcoal Grill

The Weber performer premium charcoal is another amazing grill by Weber. This Grill has plenty of different and similar features as the previous grill. If you have a house that needs a grill, this is a perfect pick for you. It has a standard size with many different add-ons to make it stand out and functional.

The body of this grill is simple and aesthetically pleasing. The pitch-black and matte silver come together to create the perfect grill for any ambiance. You will find it an ideal fit for any place.

To help move it around there are four wheels. The two in the front are larger than the ones in the back. This helps easier movement no matter what the terrain. At 91 pounds, it does not stand too heavy for grills.

When we come to the cooking space, we see a traditional touch. The cooking space is about 22 inches diameter in size. However, it has many secret features hidden. There is a circular insert in these grates to increase the surface area. You can add many different inserts available separately. These grates also have hinges to lift while you cook to add or remove the charcoals. Even though charcoal is a great fuel for grilling, it leaves behind messes sometimes. For that, this grill has several features. The first is the ash-catcher. It collects the ashes of the charcoal. You can empty it with a twist and release option. The grill trolley also has a large charcoal bin. You no longer have to find storage spaces for bags of charcoal. You can take it with the grill. This space is also weatherproof to keep safe for a long time.

Controlling heat with charcoal is tricky. To help with that, there are four vent holes on the lid of this grill. The more you close, the less intense the fire. Closing all of them shuts down the whole thing.

To help you regulate the temperature, there is a temperature gauge on the lid of this grill as well. For additional help, this grill comes with an LCD cooking timer. This timer is easily detachable from the body.

The stainless steel with the porcelain coating allows this grill to last longer. The coating also protects the grill from rust or peel of the color. The grill is extremely user-friendly and manageable.

For the cherry on top, you have a side plate to work on. Additionally, you have hooks to hang your utensils and you also have a storage shelf at the bottom.

Notable features:

  • Multi-functional grates
  • Side table and hooks
  • Porcelain coating on the bowl
  • Weatherproof charcoal grill
  • Vents to manage heat
  • LCD cooking timer
  • Temperature gauge
  • User-friendly and manageable


The Weber performer Vs Premium is one of the hottest debates on the market. After testing both, it is evident why both grills like to stand their ground. However, with our thorough research and expert opinions, we believe we have a winner.

For us, the winner is the Weber Performer Premium. The reason is this device is simple and a perfect blend of traditional and modern features. It gives you so much area in just 22 inches of cooking diameter. The inventiveness in the design makes you want to purchase it immediately.

Both of them are great grills with an ultimate smoky flavor. Nevertheless, features in the deluxe are not nearly as good as the ones in the premium. The charcoal bin is a mutual feature. However, the deluxe grill is not weatherproof.

Do you agree with our winner? Which one do you think stands out? What features do you think are the most important in a grill? Share your comments and do let us know your ultimate choice.

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