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Weber Performer vs. Summit Charcoal

Weber performer vs summit charcoal

As the industry developed, Weber has been introducing high-quality grills and smokers for its customers. Focusing on different aspects associated with cooking a BBQ and enjoying the fun time with your family, Weber has presented a different series of grills and smokers. The best two from the long list are the Performer and the Summit series.

Both these girls have been very popular among users. Despite having some similarities, they are different from one another. Today we’re going to compare these two and see how they resemble and what differentiates them from one another.

So let’s begin with the brief company history.

Weber history

Weber entered the market in 1952 with the immensely popular breakthrough of the original kettle grill. It not only introduced the kettle grill but started to focus on delivering high-quality products as well. It facilitated the loyal customers with an emphasis on innovation and durability.

When the company introduced grills, people used to cook in the pits. This method was extremely messy and people had to be dexterous in that. But as soon as the kettle grills by Weber entered the market, people pounced to get one for their home and now, many decades and many innovative products later, Weber has become a renowned household name.

Weber specialty

One of the features that has kept the company alive for so many years is its durable products. Weber makes one of the most long-lasting grills and smokers on the market. These grills and smokers come with the best warranties. Many households have used them for decades.

These grills have become an integral part of the family since many enjoy cooking food with their loved ones on a clear day using their trusty Weber grill. Apart from that, the company continues to provide support to its previous products including parts and services. It has been the most significant point why Weber grills continue to perform for so many years. With proper care and maintenance, these grills can surely last for a lifetime.

Comparison: Weber Performer vs. Summit Charcoal

ModelWeber Performer Deluxe Charcoal GrillWeber Summit Charcoal Grill
Total cooking area363 sq. inch452 sq. inch
Power SourceCharcoalCharcoal
Product Dimensions30 x 48 x 43.5 inches45.5 x 39.5 x 35.8 inches
Weight91 pounds114 pounds
Price Check Price Check Price

Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill

The Weber Performer charcoal grill comes with a 22-inch cooking surface and is an excellent choice for cooking with your family and friends. One of the best features of this grill is the Touch-N-Go system for gas ignition that is very convenient to use. No need to spend hours on starting your charcoal grill, which is one of the worst things about such grills.

The ignition system works with propane gas (tank must get separately). Although it is a heavy grill and you might not want to think about moving it a lot. Still, it comes with two large and two small wheels and casters to make sure you move it with maximum convenience.

The porcelain-enameled cooking bowl is 22-inch in diameter, so you get a spacious cooking area. It measures to be 363 square inches. It can be cleaned effortlessly. Weber has installed an aluminum ashtray for swift cleaning whenever you need it.

Another excellent feature of this grill is an LCD cook timer that is removable. There is an inbuilt thermometer in its lid. The Performer truly gets rid of all the discrepancies that conventional charcoal grills have. Now you can conveniently turn on your charcoal grill and control the temperature as per your requirement.

If you are not hiring any expert assembling services, you can do it with the help of Weber’s BILT app through 3D interactive instructions for products requiring assembly, installation, set-up, repair, or maintenance.

Notable features:

  • Great tasting food.
  • Gas ignition system.
  • Easily maintained.
  • Controllable temperature.
  • The 22-inch kettle bowl.
  • 363 square inches of cooking surface.
  • Strong wheels and casters to move.
  • Grill temperature display.

The Most Important Weber Grill Accessories

Weber 18301001 Summit Charcoal Grill

The Summit charcoal grill is different from the Performer charcoal grill that we have just reviewed above. This behemoth of a kettle grill makes you think that the original one is on steroids. It provides you with a cooking area of 452 square inches so the kettle bowl is a huge one.

You can conveniently grill and smoke your food using this mammoth. The grill gets its insulation using air and the technique works very well. This grill comes with a gas ignition system and you don’t have to spend a lot of time lighting up your coals. The grill is dual-walled and air-insulated so you can grill and smoke all day if you are looking to cook at low but consistent temperatures.

It has a porcelain-enameled lid and bowl that can retain heat and withstand elements, so it is more suitable for outdoors. The adjustable grate system allows you to bake, sear, or smoke anything you like. Another excellent feature this grill boasts is its One-Touch, low maintenance cleaning system that will get rid of all the ash without making any mess.

Want to grill ribs or bake a pizza, your Summit grill will get it done for you and add that classic charred flavor to your food. Using a traditional charcoal grill is a huge trouble, but if you have Summit in your house, it will be super easy to maintain and fun to grill.

Notable features:

  • 452 square inches cooking area.
  • Smoke, sear or bake all kinds of foods.
  • Mess-free cleaning.
  • Powerful wheels and a caster to move the grill.
  • A porcelain-enameled coated bowl.
  • Gas ignition.

Which one is recommended for whom?

The Performer is better suited for people who don’t want to compromise on cooking with facility and convenience. You will get plenty of space for prep work with a decent cooking surface as well. There is some storage space at the bottom to place your utensils.

If you love the flavors of charred food but don’t want to get into the trouble of handling traditional charcoal grills, the Performer is a perfect choice for you. You can easily grill, smoke, and add that classic and distinctive BBQ flavor to your meal.

On the other hand, the Summit charcoal grill by Weber is a true giant of a kettle grill. It essentially works like a kamado grill and uses air for insulation. It provides you with plenty of cooking area to cook easily and you can satisfy a lot of tummies in one go. Apart from that, you can also use this versatile behemoth for grilling, smoking, searing, and baking food. If you bring the Summit home, this grill will become indispensable for your outdoor family food fest.

In simple words, for cooking at a grander scale with more versatility, and feeding small crowds, you need to go for the Summit grills. For more conventional use the Performer is better. If you hold regular BBQ parties, you must choose the Summit grill but if you do cookouts occasionally, a Performer would be the finest choice.


Weber has been one of the leading brands in the world of grilling. It has consistently introduced grills and smokers that are unmatchable in terms of reliability and resilience. The Performer and the Summit are two of the best by Weber and cater to different kinds of users.

The Performer is suitable for the people who love to enjoy outdoor cooking with family and friends, occasionally. The ignition system is pretty easy to use and of course, you get that lovely charred flavor of traditional BBQ.

The Summit is a grander charcoal grill with a massive cooking surface to work. You can even host small BBQ parties with this multipurpose grill. It can be used for grilling, searing, smoking, and baking food. But make sure you have plenty of space available because it’s huge.

They both come with long warranties to provide you with the peace of mind.

So which one are you going for: Is it the Performer or the Summit? Leave your comments and suggestions below!

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