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Secura GR-1503XL 1700W Electric Reversible 2 in 1 Grill Griddle with Glass Lid 2

Secura GR-1503XL 1700W Electric Reversible 2 in 1 Grill Griddle w Glass Lid

Have you ever heard of a 2-in-1 plate with two completely different faces? Secura Electric reversible grill griddle is the perfect appliance for any homemaker and chef. If you have an event to organize and you need to use the grill and griddle at the same time, this product is the right choice. With the grill part, you can grill burgers, fish, steaks and even bacon, and with the griddle, you can griddle eggs, pancakes and the likes without stress.

It has amazing non-stick coating surface which aids the easy removal of foods. Due to its iron cast surface, durability is one of the best features of this sophisticated grill griddle. It is portable and easy to carry. And with its stylish glass lid, you can worry less about particles entering your food. You can use it outdoors and give your guests the treat of their lives.

Specifications of Secura GR-1503XL 1700W Electric Reversible 2 in 1 Grill Griddle w/Glass Lid

The specs of this unique electric reversible grill griddle would leave you amazed. It has a high-tech specification and beautiful features that would give your food a nice look and taste.

Product nameSecura GR-1503XL 1700W Electric Reversible 2 in 1 Grill Griddle w/Glass Lid
Reference numberGR-1503XL
Product dimensions22.5×15.5×5.2inches
Product typeElectrical
Product useGrill/Griddle

Why Secura GR-1503XL 1700W Electric Reversible 2 in 1 Grill Griddle w/Glass Lid should be bought

This unique appliance should be considered by every kitchen owner because of its speed and ability to cook easily and fast. You should consider this grill/griddle because of its unique ability to cook on either side of the plate. Secura electric grill griddle design has been made easy to set up your grill or griddle and cook. With its reversible design, it allows you to cook on either part of the plate whenever you want.

A homemaker should also get this appliance because of its superior non-stick performance. Its ceramic non-stick coating is four times more durable than a normal non-stick coating pan. Even after subsequent use, it won’t crack, peel or wash off during and after use. It is also dishwasher safe. You can easily remove the non-stick plate and drip tray and slid into the dishwasher for cleaning. This automatically saves time for you.

It also has a removable glass lid that prevents splatter and dirt while cooking. It also has cool-touch handle and removable adjustable thermostat control accompanied by a heating indicator light. Its grease channels help in draining out excess oil and fat from your food onto the removable drip tray. It is extremely easy to use and also highly economical so if you are looking for a grill/griddle to use to cook food for the whole family both indoors.



  • The electric grill griddle is the best for every homeowner and people who may want to enjoy cooking indoors.
  • It is one of the best griddles because of its adjustable thermostat for safe controlled cooking.
  • The glass lid promotes heat retention. During the cooking process and allows you to view your food.
  • It also makes the perfect barbeque and any kind of cooking asides baking.


  • The griddle surface sometimes heats unevenly if it’s not properly set.


The Secura electric reversible grill griddle is definitely the best option for people who live in smaller places. It is also user-friendly with easy temperature dial with different cooking settings such as; warm, low, medium and high. This product has everything a homemaker would want because of its well-structured technology and its non-stick design which aids easy clean up after use. A reversible grill griddle is also a suitable appliance for birthday parties, Thanksgiving Day, sunny weekend and all the outdoor activities you can think of.

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2 thoughts on “Secura GR-1503XL 1700W Electric Reversible 2 in 1 Grill Griddle with Glass Lid

  • Pamela

    Could you please help me .. I’m trying to find out about the coating on MegaChef’s Indoor Grill / Griddle. My email to them came back (returned / undelivered). Secura’s is ceramic .. Teflon is supposed to not have PFOA anymore (since ~2015). Do you know if that is true / accurate? Both are sold on Amazon 😉 Do you think (1) is better than the other? I’d appreciate any info you can give me & .. thank you!
    Btw, I thoroughly read (2) of your “best” lists (on grills / griddles). TY & very helpful. I also enjoyed your “How to clean a Weber Q” — I’m not allowed to use it anymore :'( .. so looking into Indoor grills.
    Thanks again – in advance.