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Waring Commercial WGR240X 240-Volt Electric Countertop Griddle, 24inch

Waring Commercial WGR240X 240-volt Electric Countertop Griddle, 24-inch

Waring electric griddle is another amazing product that a restaurant owner should own. Constructed with a stainless-steel material, it is quite difficult for this griddle to fall apart because stainless steel according to research is one of the most durable materials that ensure longevity. This griddle has an even heat distribution that singles it out for making better eggs, pancakes, hamburgers, chicken, vegetables, meat and so on. It can virtually grill/cook any kind of food you have in mind.

Due to its 24inch griddle plate, it makes it suitable for chefs when it comes to events/gatherings that involve getting many orders at a time. It also features a 21-inch removable grease tray that helps accumulating greasy mess on the countertop. Another interesting thing about this griddle is its extra tall steel splash guards that has tapered front end for protection against grease and spills, so you don’t have to worry about getting some of your eggs or pancakes off the griddle mistakenly. This product has what it takes to blow off the mind of a chef/cook.

Specifications of Waring Commercial WGR240X 240-Volt Electric Countertop Griddle, 24inch

Waring commercial electric countertop griddle has some great specs that you may need to know if you want to buy this product. Asides from its mouth-watering features, the specs are;

Product nameWaring Commercial WGR240X 240-Volt Electric Countertop Griddle, 24inch
ManufacturerWaring Commercial Inc. (kitchen)
Reference numberWGR240X
Product dimensions22.2×28×9.8 inches
Product typeElectrical
Surface size24 inches
Product typeCommercial Electric Griddle

Why every Cook/Chef should buy Waring Commercial WGR240 240-volt Electric Countertop Griddle, 24inch

No one would want to buy a product without knowing what it can do. Every chef who has/runs a business or any kitchen owner who probably has a large family to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, should consider this product because of its economic value. Waring countertop griddle is suitable for commercial purposes because of its large surface and ability to cook any kind of food. It is strong because of the stainless-steel material and durable with a long-life span.

This countertop has an adjustable thermostat to 570 degrees Fahrenheit. It also comes with heat resistant handles for easy hold. It is also a must-have, because of its non-stick surface, your food won’t stick on it. Its extra tall splashguard has a tapered front end. Now, it is not every griddle that has splashguard to avoid spilling and splashing and to protect foods from falling off.

Waring commercial electric countertop griddle also has an even heat distribution as a result of its 240-volt AC, 13.75 amperes, 3300 watts power rating which have all been approved by UL, NSF certification. This shows that the griddle spreads heat evenly. With this griddle, there is no cause for alarm because everything is completely safe.



  • It comes with one-year limited warranty
  • The grease tray is removable
  • The countertop is easy to clean
  • The griddle is made of stainless-steel
  • It has cool touch handles
  • It has strong stable legs


  • The griddle is heavy thus requires permanent space


Waring commercial electric countertop griddle is a product that every restaurant or food truck owner must have. It cooks faster and easier, shielding your food from dirt and preventing it from falling. It is a ‘24/7′ griddle, it works non-stop so even if you have unending customers you can count on Waring griddle. Everyone wants a durable and long-life span product which is difficult to obtain these days. However, with Waring griddle, it is sure that you are in the best long ride of your cooking experience.

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