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Hamilton Beach 25371 Indoor Grill – Your Indoor BBQ Partner

Hamilton Beach 25371 Electric Indoor Grill

In the recent times, people have started to enjoy smoked or grilled food more and more. Therefore, the popularity of indoor and outdoor grills has become unprecedented. Nevertheless, if you are looking to enjoy some good food indoor, then you should opt for a smokeless indoor grill.

Due to the smoke that is produced by the gas or charcoal grill, people are not interested in buying one for their indoor cooking endeavors. These smokeless grills enable you to have fun cooking indoor with your family and of course, enjoy some clean and healthy food as well.

There are plenty of options available on the market when it comes to smokeless indoor grills. However, Hamilton Beach 25371 Indoor Grill is the best one that you can buy in this size because it prepares scrumptious and low-fat dishes very quickly.

Specifications of Hamilton Beach 25371 Indoor Grill

The Hamilton Beach 25371 Indoor Grill comes with non-stick plates and also features a 90-inch cooking surface. It is available in silver color, and you can buy a Standard version as well as a smokeless model too. This appliance can grill up to six servings per cook also.

For those of you who are counting their calories, you can do fat-less grilling on this indoor grill. Its construction allows the fat to drip away from your food during the cook and you can always enjoy a healthy and nutritious food cooked with Hamilton Beach 25371 Indoor Grill.

The non-stick grill plates are very easy to clean, and you can wipe them off when you are done with cooking. The grill only takes approximately ten minutes or less to prepare your meal. The size of the cooking area is best suited for families and even small parties. The dimensions of this indoor grill are 6.4-inch x 12.7-inch x 13.8-inch, and it weighs around five pounds.

Why should you buy this indoor grill?

You can use your Hamilton Beach 25371 Indoor Grill to prepare burgers, lean meats, boneless chicken, vegetables, and fish. If you are into eating healthy meals, then this grill is an ideal option for you as well. The grease will drip and stay away from your food during the cook, thanks to its design which is excellent for low-fat cooking.

The slide-out drip tray is very easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. The indoor grill also features large-sized handles that secure your grip during your cook. It also features a floating hinge that adjusts itself according to the thickness of the food you have placed on the grill.



  • Hamilton Beach 25371 can prepare up to six servings per cook.
  • This indoor grill can cook most of the meals within ten minutes time.
  • It features a 90-inch of cooking surface that is nonstick.
  • The indoor grill also features ‘Power-On’ light and ‘Ready’ indicator.
  • It is an ideal option for low-fat grilling.
  • The drip tray is conveniently removable and dishwasher safe.


  • It doesn’t feature a temperature control.
  • The grill plates are not removable.


BBQ and grilling are frequently linked with family gatherings and get-togethers with your friends. The taste of these foods is unique as well. Indoor cooking is on the rampage in the recent times, because everyone wants to enjoy some good quality family time at home and there is no better way than having a nice family grill.

The Hamilton Beach 25371 Indoor Grill is good enough to cook four servings of whatever you are cooking. The grill cooks meat very quickly because the piece is getting the heat from above and below at the same time. You can also read the user manual that comes with your purchase. It will enable you to get those cooking times right for different foods. All-in-all if you love grilling and smoked food then you should buy this indoor grill today.

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