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Blackstone Griddle vs. Outdoor Royal Gourmet 1

Blackstone griddle vs outdoor Royal Gourmet

Since their invention, griddles became successful in attaining the importance of many people. They can help you to cook a meal for a large number of people without devoting much time and energy. It is the reason, many people prefer them now.

Here, we are going to compare the top-most names in griddle industry, Blackstone Griddle and Outdoor Royal Gourmet. Both of them deliver quality products with remarkable features. What more benefit you can get by purchasing their griddles? You will come to know after reading the comparison of Blackstone Griddle vs. Outdoor Royal Gourmet.

Background Information

Before proceeding further in this article, it is essential to have a look at the background of both industries. It will help you in a better understanding of their products.

History of Blackstone Industry

All griddle’s fans must have heard the name Blackstone. They are the one who pioneered griddles. The fundamental purpose behind was to make outdoor fun to the next level. It is because the manufacturers loved to gather friends and families at one point. Who else can serve the purpose better than a good-quality griddle?

History of Outdoor Royal Gourmet Industry

Royal Gourmet is another big name in the barbeque world. The founder of this industry aimed to deliver quality and great taste to their customers. That’s why they use the name Royal Gourmet for this company. The industry is located in Atlanta, GA. They believe in using the latest technology with innovative features in their product.

Comparison: Blackstone Griddle vs. Outdoor Royal Gourmet

Here is a comparison of both products. Considering it will help you to know better about Blackstone Griddle vs. Outdoor Royal Gourmet products.

ModelBlackstone 36 in GriddleRoyal Gourmet Regal GB4000 Grill Griddle
Stainless Steel Burners44
Grill ConstructionBlack powder coated steel, frame along with the cooking surface of the cold rolled steel.Black powder coated steel and inox obverse, frame along with the cooking surface of the cold rolled steel.
Squares720 sq. inches660 sq. inches
Price Check Price Check Price

Product Reviews

In this section, we are going to review one top griddle product of both industries. It will assist you in knowing better about Blackstone Griddle vs. Outdoor Gourmet.

1. Blackstone Outdoor Gas Grill Griddle Station

This 36″ Griddle Station was the first grill ever introduced by any industry. It comes equipped with many remarkable features. The top of them is its ability to deliver restaurant-grade cooking opportunity.

It gives a large cooking area with different versatile features. To ensure its durability, it contains particular stainless steel in its construction. Its size is 36 inches on the total, and it weighs 120 lbs. Its other size dimensions are 62.5 inches x 22 inches.

It takes a propane gas tank as fuel. You can quickly move this griddle station as it is entirely portable.


This Gas Grill Griddle by Blackstone offers a significant place to cook your meal. The grill allows cooking at the flat surface of 720sq inches. It is enough to prepare a meal for the whole gathering.

The cooking appliance further comes with four different heat zones. They are adjustable too. You can regulate the temperature of various food items according to the requirements. Each control comes with 15000 BTUs independent burner that makes 60,000 BTUs in total for all. This attribute adds versatility to your cooking.

Its construction elements include black steel frame with powder coating to make this product last longer. Its burners contain stainless steel, and the cooktop possesses thick cold rolled steel material.

The griddle further comes equipped with four caster wheels and foldable legs. It enhances the portability of the griddle. The appliance takes 20lbs standard tank of propane gas as a fuel. Moreover, it provides additional storage places for fuel tank and other eatables. It contains one shelf at the bottom and two at the sides of the griddle.

This Blackstone griddle contains a secure start push-button ignition system. It takes batteries as a power source. This feature gives ease of operating this system.


  • Its separate four heat zones give a variety of temperature adjustments.
  • Its folding legs and wheels make it exceedingly portable.
  • With the steel as the primary manufacturing material, it provides durability.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Propane tank adds more to its portability.


  • Its drain setup might not give up to the mark performance.
  • It is cumbersome.

The Most Important Blackstone Gas Griddle Accessories

2. Royal Gourmet Regal GB4000 Propane Gas Grill Griddle

This Royal Gourmet Regal GB4000 Griddle is another competitive product for cooking large meals. With the considerable cooking surface, it allows preparing a meal for the whole group.

Like its competitor, this one in Blackstone Griddle vs. Outdoor Regal Gourmet also contains steel. Its whole size is 34 inches with the total weight of 125 pounds. It operates on LP Gas.


For griddle features, the first thing comes under discussion is its cooking area. This Royal Gourmet griddle provides the cooking surface of 660 square inches. It is enough to cook a meal for the group of multiple people.

It also offers the versatile feature. With its four independent burners, it allows the user to adjust the temperature according to the food requirements. In this way, you can cook different food types in one attempt only. This feature is a significant benefit when there are time constraints.

The construction of this grill involves durable steel frame with powder coating. Moreover, its burners are made up of stainless steel material. It contains a cold-rolled steel cooking top. All these manufacturing elements add much strength to this product. The durability is one of the primary reasons this product is part of our Blackstone Griddle vs. Outdoor Royal Gourmet comparison.

To ensure its portability, it contains four casters wheels. These wheels deliver outstanding performance and make carrying this station anywhere possible. Operating this station is also very easy. Its push ignition button makes it simple.

Like all other similar products, it also contains funnel to trap grease. Moreover, its thick cooking surface retains even heat for the more extended period.


  • With its 660 sq. in cooking surface, it can make large meals easily.
  • Its push-button ignition makes all work effortless.
  • Steel construction provides superb durability.
  • Four burners give an option to keep the temperature at different points.


  • It doesn’t come with any cover.
  • The small grease trap hole might get clogged with the food particles easily.

The Most Important Royal Gourmet Gas Grill Griddle Accessories

Comparison of both products

Which product is better among Blackstone Griddle vs. Outdoor Royal Gourmet? In the above section, we have explained the significant features and attributes of both industries’ products. The comparison table is also provided for better understanding.

We can see from the above-provided information; there is a very minor difference between both. The primary construction materials and attributes are more or less similar.

We can see, both products offer excellent durability. It is because the construction element of the same kind is present in their manufacturing. Moreover, both offer portability to the large cooking area. Providing various temperature adjustments is another benefit of both products.

Still, as we are discussing Blackstone Griddle vs. Outdoor Royal Gourmet, few differences are there too.

The first difference is the size of the cooking surfaces. The Blackstone Griddle Station offers more cooking surface as compared to the other one. Similarly, it gives 60,000 BTUs as compared to Royal Gourmet product that is 54,000 BTUs. Though it is not going to make a huge difference, the distinction is still there.

The grease trapping mechanism is also different. The hole for catching dripping grease is tiny in Royal Gourmet’s Griddle. However, we can also see few complaints in Blackstone Griddle regarding oil dripping out of its rear leg.

Another worth-noting factor in Blackstone Griddle vs. Outdoor Royal Gourmet is the price range. Though hard to believe, the price of these two relatively similar products can be different. Check out their latest prices.

Our Recommendation

We have discussed all similarities and differences for both products in the above section. But, if we are to choose one, we will go with the Blackstone Griddle.

It is because, Blackstone Griddle offers a large cooking surface. Generally, if you are looking for a griddle station with a trendy look, then go for Blackstone griddle. Also, if you need to accommodate very large group, then go for it again. It is because of its more energy supply and comparatively larger cooking surface.


The griddle station can make our cooking appreciably an easier task. It is because of its versatile and helpful features. In this write-up, we have talked all about Blackstone Griddle vs. Outdoor Royal Gourmet griddles. After discussing all aspects of both brands’ products, we can say both are outstanding with remarkable features.

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