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Blackstone Griddle vs. Weber Grill

Blackstone griddle vs weber grill

Welcome to our Blackstone Griddle vs. Weber Grill review. Blackstone and Weber are two of the most popular brands that you will hear whenever someone talks about griddles and grills. Blackstone specializes in griddles while Weber is known for its grills. Therefore, we bring you the ultimate comparison of Blackstone Griddle vs. Weber Grill.

Both these brands and their products are popular amongst users, and they are known for their quality products that last for a very long time. Both brands’ products have high energy efficiency and the food that they cook tastes fantabulous. So everything boils down to this, which one of them is better than the other.

So let’s begin with our Blackstone Griddle vs. Weber Grill comparison!

Comparison: Blackstone Griddle vs. Weber Grill

ModelBlackstone 36 in GriddleWeber Genesis II E-410 Liquid Propane Grill
No. of Burners44
Food RangeCook pancakes, eggs, quesadillas, potatoes, steak, grilled cheeseAll types of meat, burgers, and vegetables
Squares720 sq. inches646 sq. inches
Price Check Price Check Price

Blackstone Industry History

Blackstone Company has one philosophy, and that is to bring people together. Food is something that connects everyone, and it is the cornerstone of every gathering. Hence, the company used this idea and turned into their business perspective. The griddles from Blackstone are known for their durability and reliance since their first classic product arrived in 2005.

These griddles enable you to cook anytime and anywhere. Blackstone ensures that its consumers get highly efficient products that incorporate innovation and convenience. The company uses assistance from top chefs in the country to bring ideas to life and integrate them into its griddles. It is a very simple philosophy that works effectively.

Weber Industry History

Weber incorporated in 1952, and during that time the idea of grilled BBQ was relatively new to the world. Most of the time people used kettles and buoys for this purpose. George Stephen came up with an idea to cut a buoy in half, add vents and legs and the first ever grill came into being that we now see quite frequently.

This idea quickly turned into backyard revolution Weber offers its customers with a huge range of BBQ grills. The brand is synonymous to BBQ innovation with years of experience under its belt, and the list of products continues to grow day by day.

Standard Accessories

Accessories are very important if you want to up the ante during your barbeque. Accessories are crucial in this Blackstone Griddle vs. Weber Grill comparison because you need to know which brands offer better accessories to improve your flavors.

The standard accessory toolkit that you can get for your Blackstone Griddle includes a couple of dispensers (commercial grade) that you can use for liquids like oil etc. You will also get a couple of spatulas (commercial grade), and one of them comes with perforation.

Furthermore, you will get a scraper/chopper to scrape your griddle clean or dice your foods. You will also get a cookbook sampler that has more than 30 delicious recipes. You can also choose from a huge range of accessories that Blackstone has.

On the other hand, Weber offers an array of different accessories to its customers ranging from skewers to gloves and aprons. For a minimal additional cost, you can buy bamboo skewers, basting brushes, tongs, pizza stones, spatulas, and forks. As you can see in this Blackstone Griddle vs. Weber Grill comparison, both the products go head to head.

Specialty: Blackstone & Weber

Another interesting aspect associated with Blackstone Griddle vs. Weber Grill is their specialties. You need to know what you can cook with the equipment at hand. Blackstone griddle enables you to cook various foods with ease. You can cook all your favorite recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner using this griddle.

The griddle enables you to conveniently cook pancakes, eggs, quesadillas, potatoes, steak, grilled cheese, and all those teppanyaki-styled foods. On the other hand, with Weber Grill, your choice is limited to backyard barbeques. You can handle all types of meat, burgers, and vegetables with it and of course get that flavor that you crave for.

Which product is recommended for whom?

Now the essential part of our Blackstone Griddle vs. Weber Grill comparison, which one is best suited for whom! When we talk about capacity, both Blackstone Griddle and Weber Grill do splendid jobs. Both of them are designed in a manner so that you can cater to a large group of people in no time. However, if you want outdoor cooking at its best then choose Blackstone Griddle. You can do anything you want and anytime in the day you want with your griddle.

On the other hand, with Weber Grill, you will get that premium BBQ flavor for sure. Weber Grill is a better option than Blackstone Griddle when you want to enjoy outdoor cooking with having that sweet BBQ flavor in your food. Blackstone provides you with more variety than Weber Grill. So, in this Blackstone Griddle vs. Weber Grill comparison, we have the two best products from both these brands.

1. Blackstone Outdoor Gas Grill Griddle Station

If you need want quality and quantity, then Blackstone’s Griddle Station is the total package. It has four burners that run on propane which will require a 60,000 BTU heat complements. The griddle features 720 square inches cooktop that is flat and cold rolled. It means that you can conveniently cook and clean it. You will get that restaurant-like feeling when you cook on this griddle. The burners allow you to have four temperature-zones that you need for preparing perfect recipes.


  • The Griddle Station features a cooktop that is flat that is 720 square inches wide and provides you with plenty of cooking surface.
  • It comes with four different burners with which you can get access to four different temperature zones for preparing different dishes. Each burner comes with 15,000 BTU output.
  • The griddle features a push button to startup.
  • There is a grease drain and a bin to get rid of all the fat.
  • It also features foldable legs and removable cooktop.


  • This griddle won’t provide you with that old BBQ flavor.

The Most Important Blackstone Gas Griddle Accessories

2. Weber 62030001 Genesis II E-410 Liquid Propane Grill

The Genesis II E-410 from Weber is on top in most of the BBQ-lovers’ list. It comes with a grilling area that spreads across 646 inches. An additional 198 inches area is available as warming rack that you can tuck away. The grates are made of cast iron and are porcelain enameled. The grill also features four burners with 12,000 BTU output for each.

The grill looks very sleek and handsome. Before this model, the Spirit Series only came with two or three burners, and if you want the fourth one, then you had to opt for this one instead. So, the Genesis E-410 grill is a bit of fresh air for the customers who want good BTUs.


  • It comes with adequate grease management system that reduces risk of flare-ups.
  • The cast iron grates are enameled with porcelain for enhanced flavoring.
  • The grill features 646 square inches of cooking surface with an additional 198 square inches of warming rack with convenient tuck away.
  • It features Infinity ignition that enables you to start each burner with convenience.
  • There are side spaces made of stainless steels, and you can use them for prep.
  • The side spaces come with hanging hooks for storage


  • You can do a variety of dishes but not all of them with Weber E-410.

The Most Important Weber Genesis Grill Accessories


In the concluding remarks of this Blackstone Griddle vs. Weber Grill comparison, it is essential to mention that both of these products have their positives and negatives. However, they both offer plenty of features that will enable you to prepare some stunning dishes for your crowd. If you want versatility, then you can go for Blackstone Griddle, and if you want utility, then Weber Grill should be your choice.

Hope that you find our Blackstone Griddle vs. Weber Grill review interesting and informative. For any suggestions or queries, you can reach out to us through the section given below.

Bon appetite!

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