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Blackstone Pro Series vs. Regular

Blackstone Pro Series vs Regular

Blackstone is producing everything a grilling pitmaster needs for proper grilling. The Blackstone Pro Series griddle comes in several different models and each of them has a couple of basic features. However, there is something unique in them too.

So comes the real question, is Blackstone Pro Series griddle just hype or is it better than the Blackstone regular in the market. Netizens cannot stop discussing this and we also put much thought into it.

So follow through this article to see who wins the Blackstone Pro Series vs. regular debate. You will find out if the griddle is worth the purchase and if it lives up to all that the company promises. Also, find out the answer to a very important question. Is the Pro Series actually pro?

Comparison: Blackstone Pro Series vs. Regular

ModelBlackstone 36" Pro Series GriddleBlackstone 36 inch Black Griddle
No. of Burners44
Side shelvesYesYes
Weight150 pounds120 pounds
Squares720 sq. inches720 sq. inches
Side shelvesOne on each sideOne on each side
Storage1 cabinet,
2 drawers, hooks, magnetic strips
Bottom shelf
Price Check Price Check Price

Blackstone Industry History

Before we get into Blackstone Pro Series vs. regular, let us get an overview of the company’s history. Blackstone is a popular name in griddles and grills. The company introduced their first back in 2005 and has been ruling the industry since then. Thousands of customers trust only Blackstone for their grilling needs.

According to the company, the reason they were able to excel in the field is because of the research they did. Just like any other company, Blackstone consulted several professional chefs to find the basis of good grilling products and supplies. However, what stood them out was a consultation from home backyard cooks.

One of the best things about Blackstone is that their manufacturing is in the United States. With the latest innovation and technology, each of the products is carefully made to make it perfect to everyone.

With their quality and innovation, Blackstone makes its name in the market and is here to stay.

Blackstone Specialty

We all know that Blackstone excels in grilling products. However, more than others, the company also excels in grilling stations. They changed the game back in 2005 for backyard grills and continue doing so to this date.

They have several different kinds of grills that include indoor grills, outdoor grills, gas grills, electric grills, and more. One of the best things that they did was making grilling indoors as well with countertop grills.

One of the best things about the grills by Blackstone is that they are cast iron grills. This material helps in the durability and maintenance of the product. They are also reasonable in price, so it is worth the investment on these grills. Their cast-iron also helps users in cooking more flavorsome food.

Other than grills, the company makes spatulas for grilling, dredges, cooking thermometers, and many more. An endless number of tools for grilling are easily available by Blackstone. Eventually, they make a huge contribution to changing traditional grilling forever.

Blackstone 36" Pro Series Griddle with Hard Cover

The Blackstone pro series griddle has so many different features that make it stand out amongst others in the market. It is the perfect patio partner for your house; especially, if you love hosting those backyard parties.

The griddle has 60,000 BTU, which helps quick heating of the griddle. The surface of the griddle is 720 square inches of cold-rolled steel. This steel is highest in quality and helps in the durability of the griddle.

The 720 square inches surface provide ample space for grilling almost anything that you want. It also helps you accommodate many people at once. To help in getting the heat right, there are four adjustable heat controls. This feature will help you get different heat levels at different parts of the griddle.

Moreover, this griddle has several different storage drawers. These help in storing almost anything that you want. With this griddle, you do not have to adjust a separate table to keep your culinary accessories.

There are counter height shelves attached to this griddle as well. These have magnetic strips to help in easily fixing your cooking accessories.

Are you worried about the maintenance? The grease management system in this griddle helps empty it without creating a mess. You can easily clean it with a wet towel or a griddle dedicated spray.

To top it off, this griddle has a hardcover to help in storage or even cooking time.

Notable features:

  • 720 square inches of cooking surface
  • Easy-to-maintain grease drainage system
  • Counter height shelves for placing
  • Hooks for hanging accessories
  • Magnetic strips for cooking accessories
  • Storage cabinet and drawers
  • Heat control knobs

The Most Important Blackstone Gas Griddle Accessories

Blackstone 36" Propane Gas Griddle Cooking Station - 4 Burner, Classic Black

The Blackstone Flat Top Gas Griddle does not stand behind. The minimalist design gives more to the user. The 720 square inches flat top surface helps to cook a lot of food at once.

It comes with four different heat adjusters. These help in making the food perfectly every time. Additionally, different parts of the surface can have different temperatures.

There is an electric ignition in this gas grill griddle to make it safer in usage. The cold-rolled steel cooktop makes food more juicy and succulent and controls the temperature of the griddle.

To help you in space, there are two side shelves to this griddle. There is also a bottom shelf to keep almost anything that you want. It has a paper towel holder and trash bag hooks.

The body is a black powder coated steel frame, which increases the durability. The burners are from stainless steel, which allows easier maintenance of the griddle as well.

One of the best parts of this griddle is the wheels. The wheels make it easy to move around without any hassles. However, two of these wheels have brakes in them so that the griddle does not wobble when you cook on it.

Notable features:

  • Electric ignition for safety and easy starting
  • 720 square inches of the cooktop in cold rolled steel
  • Four different heating controls
  • Wheels with brakes to move about and keep in one place
  • Storage shelf and side shelves

Which product is suitable for whom?

Blackstone Pro Series vs. regular is not an easy debate. From seeing the product reviews, you also probably have a tough time understanding which one is better. They are both consumer favorites and are good contenders.

Since it is hard to choose the winner in Blackstone Pro Series vs. regular, let us look at them individually and see what situation they are best for.

Both of them are great options for people that love to throw backyard parties, or love to have grilling time with their family. However, they are not for people that have small apartments. Since both are bigger models of griddles, they are more suitable for patios than indoor kitchens.

If we see separately, the Blackstone Pro Series griddle is better for people that regularly grill or have people over. The main reason is that there is so much storage/hanging space on that. If you use the griddle all the time, then you need to keep things around it.

The regular Blackstone griddle is great for people that like grilling but do it less often. The style is minimalistic, and you will need some effort in setting out the things every once in a while. It is also suitable for people that have a safe gas connection. This feature is also for people that are including children in their barbecue parties to keep them safe.

The main difference between both of them is the consistency of time that it is used. The design lies mainly in this factor. However, it also covers choice as the Pro Series may look bulkier than the regular one.


Blackstone Pro Series vs. regular is an on-going battle, which is why we took a grave look into the matter. Before we tell you our winner, did you pick yours out?

For us, the winner is the Blackstone Pro Series Griddle. Blackstone did go all out with this griddle and gave us one of the best of its time.

It has everything to make your grilling less cumbersome. Even though we love the regular series just as much, we still think the Pro Series makes it easier. We even like the bulky design in the Pro Series.

However, your opinion may differ. So who, according to you, is the winner in the Blackstone Pro Series vs. regular? Do you agree with us?

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