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Member’s Mark griddle vs. Blackstone

Members Mark griddle vs Blackstone

Thanks to the wide variety of griddles available outdoor cooking have become quite convenient. Modern griddles allow cooking enthusiasts to have a great time in their backyard.

You can take these griddles anywhere you like because they are suitable for an outdoor gathering. The best thing about these griddles is you can prepare a variety of meals on one cooking surface. You can even prepare food for a large gathering.

If you are looking for the best griddle, you should go through this comprehensive comparison of Member’s Mark griddle vs. Blackstone. Both these griddles are highly ranked. They have a long history attached to their names.

Let’s have a sneak peek on the industrial history of both these brands.

Comparison: Member's Mark Griddle Vs. Blackstone Griddle 22

ModelMember's Mark Portable Gas GrillBlackstone 22 Inch Gas Griddle
Number of burners22
Cooking Surface area260 square inches330 square inches
MaterialStainless steelStainless steel
Dimensions23.4 x 20.1 x 13 inches22.5 x 19 x 9 inches
Weight29.5 pounds32 pounds
Price Check Price Check Price

Blackstone Industry History

Blackstone allows you to cook anything, anytime, anywhere. You can make delicious seafood, steaks, and burgers on Blackstone griddles. Thousands of people all over the world trust the brand Blackstone. People who have a love for BBQ food know what the brand is about. Blackstone has some of the bestselling outdoor griddles in the USA.

The best seller griddle of Blackstone is the 36” griddle that makes 28 burgers at one time. It is their cornerstone product. Blackstone introduced this griddle in 2005 to make culinary greatness a part of your life.

Blackstone is going to help you enhance your outdoor cooking experience. They offer you a versatile and functional product line of griddles. These griddles allow you to create endless memories with your friends and family. Since 2005, Blackstone is bringing innovation and technological advancements to its griddles.

Member's Mark Industry History

Member’s Mark makes outdoor cooking convenient for you. The company offers you high-quality griddles to take your outdoor cooking to the next level.

Member’s Mark griddles are constructed from patent heating technology. They allow you to prepare meals in minutes. The adjustable heat control gives you a temperature rate as high as 520 degrees.

The best thing about these griddles is that they can accommodate different items all at once. You can prepare burgers and steaks in one go.

Specialty of Blackstone

These griddles give you enhanced functionality. Blackstone is a brand that is a household name for all griddle users. They have a vast range of product lines. Blackstone is known for producing premium quality griddles. They maintain their high standards when it comes to quality and durability.

Blackstone griddles bring you an amazing number of opportunities to cook delicious foods. The cooking surface of these griddles is extremely versatile. They allow you to prepare different kinds of meals at a time.

Specialty of Member's Mark

If you are in search of a good quality griddle, Member’s Mark is a great choice. It comes with distinctive features.

The portability of these griddles is the specialty of the brand. You can take it anywhere you want to because it is a great solution for backpacking, tailgating and camping.

Member's Mark Portable Stainless Steel 2-Burner Gas Grill

If you want to prepare fast meals in your backyard, this griddle is a good choice for you. This griddle comes with a cooking area of 260 square inches. It comes with a patent heat control system, which lets you adjust the temperature. You can make different dishes on this griddle that require variable temperatures.

This griddle comes with weather protection capabilities. You can keep the griddle free from dust and debris. It gives you countless possibilities to cook various meals. From hamburgers to pancakes, this griddle allows you to make everything.

Weighing only 29.5 pounds, it is easy to take along anywhere. You can take it to the beach. It is perfect for camping and hiking trips. It gives you an amazing outdoor cooking experience. You can make happy memories with your family.

It is a propane griddle that comes with two burners. The burners give an optimal amount of heat to the cooking surface. The griddle also comes with a Piezo ignition system.

Another amazing feature of Member’s Mark’s griddle is that it comes with easy replacements. If you want to get a part or component replaced, it can be done without any hassle. This griddle is suitable for beginners.

Notable features:

  • The griddle is convenient to use.
  • Easy to clean up and store.
  • The propane tank is portable.
  • The griddle is highly functional and portable.

Blackstone Tabletop Grill - 22 Inch Portable Gas Griddle - 2 Adjustable Burners

Are you looking for a good quality griddle? Here is Blackstone Tabletop Grill for you, which is a propane-fueled griddle. If you are looking for a griddle that makes cooking fast and quick, get this one. It comes with 330 square inches of cooking space. You can prepare a meal for your whole family.

This griddle comes with two burners, which can be independently controlled. The heat zones are adjustable. You can prepare foods that require different temperatures. There is no risk of food burning because of the precise heat control.

Blackstone Tabletop Grill gives you great portability due to its lightweight and compact design. You can take it to your camping and tailgating trips. You can throw big parties and backyard dinners at your house with this griddle. If you want to be a cooking pro in your neighborhood, you should get this griddle.

This griddle helps you make the meat tender without taking away its flavor. You can serve freshly flipped pancakes to your guests. It is an extremely durable griddle made from high-grade steel.

Notable features:

  • Long-life stainless steel griddle for a versatile cooking experience.
  • It comes with a hood custom design.
  • Effortless to clean.
  • Two independently controlled burners to give you adjustable heat.
  • Large grease pan to store an excess amount of oil.

The Most Important Blackstone Portable Gas Griddle Accessories

Which product is recommended for whom?

Now you are aware of the features and specifications of both griddles. Are you still confused about which product to buy? We are about to give you a better understanding of both griddles. You can check out the comparison table as well.

When it comes to durability, Member’s Mark griddle and Blackstone are exceptionally good. They both come with a large cooking area. You can prepare food for a large gathering. Both products offer you adjustable heat systems. The heating technology of both griddles is outstanding. They don’t take much time to heat up.

The Member’s Mark griddle comes with a grease tray. Blackstone possesses a built-in grease channel. It carries extra oil and keeps it away from your food. You can clean up the greased pan with ease after using the griddles.

Comparing Member’s Mark griddle vs. Blackstone, Blackstone is a tiny bit heavier in weight. It is 32 pounds. Blackstone comes with a heat resistant handle. Both griddles come with two burners. The burners are independent. You can control the heating element with the heat control system. Both griddles allow you to prepare various dishes without any complexity. They are easy to clean.

Coming to the cooking area of both griddles, Blackstone gives you a much larger cooking space. You can feed your entire family. Blackstone is a clear winner here because it comes with a 330 square inches surface. Whereas, the Member’s Mark griddle gives you only 260 square inches of cooking space.

The griddles from this Member’s Mark griddle vs. Blackstone comparison are are suitable for home cooks.


Still, wondering which one is better? Both griddles are highly portable and durable as well. If we look at the comparison of Member’s Mark griddle vs. Blackstone, they both have their competitive edge. Blackstone is a versatile and highly functional griddle. Member’s Mark is pretty affordable and economical. There is no other griddle in the market to date, which is feature-rich like Member’s Mark.

However, if you are someone who prefers his griddle to last long, Blackstone beats Member’s Mark. It is made from high-grade steel, which makes it durable. Moreover, it provides you an ample amount of cooking space. The clear winner between Member’s Mark griddle vs. Blackstone is Blackstone.

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