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The Kamado Smoker & Grill Cookbook

The Kamado Smoker and Grill Cookbook

Are you facing challenges in mastering the grilling skills? Wondering which book has the best recipes and techniques to get the perfect grilling experience? No more hassle of achieving the ideal grill taste. Invest in The Kamado Smoker and Grill Cookbook. It is a perfect amalgamation of tips and tricks with recipes.

Dive in to have a look at why you should choose this book.

Recipes In Kamado Cookbook:

Get ready for the ultimate grilling experience with the Kamado grill cookbook guide. This book is widely popular and goes well with the Kamado egg-shaped cooker. Enjoy the world-class barbecue experience with this stunning book including step-by-step instructions. What you’ll love about this book are its incredible features.

This stunning book features 52 tutorials with valuable cooking techniques and delicious recipes. Master your skills of grilling and cooking on Kamado grills with this incredible book.

  • For grilling, opt for the Cajun Steak
  • For smoking, you can choose Hickory-Smoked Beef/ Chicken
  • Enjoy the Cowboy Ribeye recipe for searing
  • For brick oven baking, select Oven Wood-Fired Pizza
  • Choose the Thai Beef with Basil recipe for stir-frying
  • For cold smoking, choose the Flavorful Fontina Cheese recipe
  • Choose the Apple Flambé recipe for convection baking

Whatever grilling setup you invest in, this Kamado book will uplift your skills of BBQ and grilling. You can use this cookbook for a wood pellet smoker, electric grill, Kamado, open flame, and more!

It is one of the most awesome books for backyard griddle so you can grill like a pitmaster using the perfect Kamado smoker.

Chapters Featured in The Book:

  1. Towel/ Paper Lighting Method
  2. Direct Grilling
  3. Indirect Grilling
  4. Gas Lighting Method
  5. Spatchcocked Poultry
  6. Smoking, Hot and Fast
  7. Smoking, Low and Slow
  8. Cooking Wings Placing it on Direct Heat
  9. Pan Combo
  10. Roasting Rack
  11. Using Brines
  12. Injecting Flavor
  13. Using & Creating Marinades
  14. Dutch Ovens
  15. Roasting/ Searing Steaks and Chops
  16. Convection Baking
  17. Reverse Searing Steaks and Chops
  18. Hot-Tubbing
  19. Reverse Searing BBQ Roast
  20. Stuffed Cheeseburgers
  21. Stir-Firing
  22. Plank Grilling
  23. Brick-Press Smoking/ Grilling
  24. Steam Cooking
  25. Veggie Woks & Grill Toppers
  26. Wok-Top Broiling
  27. Corn 3-Ways
  28. Raised Direct Grilling
  29. Using Grill Grates
  30. Cooking using Stoneware
  31. Grilling using Skewers
  32. Flexible Skewers
  33. Pan Roasting
  34. Spider Rig Grilling/ Searing
  35. Sous-Vide
  36. Cold Smoking
  37. Salt-Block Smoking/ Grilling
  38. Smoking using Electronic Controllers
  39. Breakfast
  40. Dip & Flip
  41. The Kamado in the form of Brick Oven
  42. Baking Bread
  43. Griddle Cooking
  44. Single-Serve BBQ Dishes
  45. Blackening
  46. Cast-Iron BBQ Skillets
  47. Roulade-Style Roast
  48. Coordinating Cooks
  49. Beer-Can Beef/ Chicken
  50. Prime Rib
  51. Grilling Over Coals

About The Author of This Book:

Chris Grove, the resident pitmaster, is a famous author of the BBQ and grilling blog called Nibble Me. Apart from the blog, you’ll see the photos and recipes of Chris in various national media outlets like Healthy Life Magazine. What’s more about this author, he has developed several recipes for national brands, for example, Busch beans. Moreover, this author is an occasional BBQ cook and a certified BBQ judge.

Chris is known for creating amazing recipes for all the stunning backyard chefs. Chris has spent the past years experimenting with different smokers and grills. He makes sure to try out other trends, ingredients, and much more, leading to new recipes.

Get your hands on this book now, which is fantastic and features colorful photos. You get loads and loads of tricks, tips, and much more, making it a must-have choice.

Get your hands on this book now and enjoy grilling!

Check out this video about the cookbook

How to Smoke a Brisket | Recipe | Kamado Charcoal Grill


  • Easy to read and follow, as it comes with a detailed explanation and recipes
  • It has 52 tutorials.
  • Features ultimate cooking techniques.


  • This book does not focus much on accessories.


Kamado smoke grills are designed so that they are versatile and extremely powerful. You can go for slow smoking, cooking, searing, and much more.

So, are you excited to become a Masterchef with a kamado grill? Then definitely invest in The Kamado Smoker and Grill Cookbook. This book is incredibly organized with delicious recipes, cooking techniques, and more.

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