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Masterbuilt Mb20073519 Electric Smoker – A Perfect Addition to Backyard

Masterbuilt MB20073519 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt MB20073519 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker with Broiler is a perfect backyard addition. Celebrate your BBQ plan with this electric smoker. This stunning BBQ smoker and broiler comes with smart technology, which makes it a great choice for your backyard. So, what do this smoker and broiler offer? Dive in to have a look!

Built-In Thermometer:

Become a BBQ champion now with this stunning Masterbuilt digital electric smoker with broiler. Enjoy slow-smoking dishes with the smart technology smoker that gives you perfect results every time you use it. Appreciate the smart technology of this BBQ smoker, whether you are a beginner or a pro, as this masterpiece is incredible.

The innovative inclusions in this smoker include a built-in thermometer. The built-in thermometer probe gives effective results. The thermometer in the smoker gives a perfect temperature and grilled effect to the meat and more!

Bluetooth Smart Technology:

This stunning masterpiece comes with Bluetooth smart technology. This allows you to control temperature. Moreover, you can easily control lighting, monitor the temperature of your meat, and switch it on or off.

Perfect Flavor:

Dabble the perfect flavor with this electric broiler and smoker, allowing you to use a wide range of wood chips. This broiler comes with a side wood chip load system. Finish the crisp chicken wings, ribs, and burgers using this innovative grill leading to a perfect finish.


The chrome-coating of the smoking racks makes this electric broiler a perfect choice. There are four racks which allow you to hold the meals easily. With this electric broiler, you get enough room for smoking around 6 chickens, 4 rib racks, 2 turkeys, and 4 pork butts.

Mobile with Easy Access:

This stunning product comes with wheels and a handle. These stunning features allow you to move the smoker easily. The handle of the smoker allows easy access to the grill. Moreover, it comes with legs that enhance the height of the grill for ultimate access.

More features:

This stunning smoker with broiler also features air dampers which allow perfect control of smoke in the grill. No more hassle of suffering from extra smoke as the air dampers in this smoker is best. For added flavor and moisture, a water bowl is also added to the grill.

What’s more that you get with this smoker? You get a wood chip tray for easy removal of ashes. No more hassle of cleaning the mess of this grill. This smoker/ boiler also features a pan bracket hold pan underneath the rack for catching the food drippings.

Check out this video about the Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt MB20073519 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker


  • Easy to use.
  • It leads to perfect taste.
  • This grill is high quality.
  • Innovative smart technology.
  • Complete control over the grill.


  • Customer service is not that great.


All smokers and grills come with pros and cons. But if we talk about the Masterbuilt MB20073519, it comes with incredible advantages and very few disadvantages.

This stunning Masterbuilt smoker is perfectly designed in such a way that it meets your needs. The perfect amalgamation of innovative technology and unique design leads to a stunning smoker. It is a must-have for BBQ enthusiasts.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this Masterbuilt MB20073519 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker with Broiler.

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