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Project Smoke – For A Fun-Filled Grilling Experience

Project Smoke Seven Steps to Smoked Food Nirvana Cookbook

Project Smoke would be a perfect addition to your collection. This stunning recipe book is a complete guide having step-by-step instructions on how to master your smoking skills.

A cookbook with recipes and colored photos is inevitable for a perfect searing/ grilling experience. Dive in to have a look at why choose Project Smoke?

What you'll learn from this book?

Project Smoke is a perfect book representing the step-by-step guidelines. It gives a detailed explanation for a perfect grilling experience. This book features 100 recipes that are perfect game changers allowing you to indulge in your favorite smoked food.

When you cook roasted meals with this book, you end up indulging in the game-changing cooking experience. When reading this book, you’ll learn how to get your hands on the right smoker or how to turn the grill on for an effective smoky flavor. Choosing this book allows you to understand different fuels, tools, and smoking woods.

Master the techniques of cold smoking, hot smoking, even smoking plus a cup of tea, rotisserie smoking, and much more.


Some stunning recipes that you get with Project Smoke include:

  • Smoked nachos.
  • Chinatown Spareribs.
  • Smoked bacon-bourbon apple crisp.
  • Smoked Salmon
  • and many more!
  • Tom Colicchio, chef and author of Crafted Hospitality, plus a host of Top Chef said: “If your version of heaven has smoked meats waiting beyond the pearly gates, then PROJECT SMOKE is your Bible”
  • Myron Mixon, host and author of BBQ Pitmasters said: Steven Raichlen nails everything you need to know. Even I found new ground covered in this smart, accessible book.”

Why Choose Project Smoke?

If you seek a perfect amalgamation of recipes, get your hands on the Project Smoke book. It is a perfect bible for all your barbecue needs. You can choose this book for serving as a gift to men, dads, barbecue lovers, grillers, and more.

What you get in this book is more than just grilling recipes. Enjoy sizzling, smoky recipes with colored photos. All of the recipes in this book are written by our famous Steven Raichlen.

Unlock the secrets of live barbecue cooking with this stunning book. This book offers the tastiest recipes with amazing sauces, insider tips, techniques, FAQs, and much more. You can also look at the problem-solving tips and comprehensive notes regarding equipment. Plus, there are recipes of marinades, rubs, butter, glazes, and bastes.

Enjoy making the great grilling/ smoking recipes now and transform your meat/ chicken/ seafood into a powerpack of flavors.


About The Author:

Steve Raichlen- the author of New York Times famous barbecue. He has written the Bible cookbook series, including Project Fire New Brisket Chronicles. The books also include Barbecue Sauces, Marinades, Rubs, Barbecue Bible, Project Smoke, plus How to Grill.

His books are best-selling, and he has won several awards. Plus, they are translated into around 17 languages. He has also done TV shows, including Steven Raichlen’s Project Fire, Primal Grill, and more! He is also the dean and founder of the famous Barbecue University.

Check out this video about the cookbook

Project Smoke Recipe: Bourbon Brown Sugar Smoked Pork Loin


  • Easy to follow recipes.
  • Comprehensive recipes.
  • Extremely creative and delicious recipes.


  • The quality of the book is not great.


Steven Raichlen’s Project Smoke (Steven Raichlen Barbecue Bible Cookbooks) is a stunning book. It comes with authentic recipes which are reliable. This book is worth spending money on. Its easy-to-read and easy-to-follow recipes are perfect. This book allows you to master the skills, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Grill your favorite meat now and serve it with your favorite drinks on the go!

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