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Royal Gourmet Movable Dining Cart Table

Royal Gourmet Dining Cart Table

Are you in search of a product that enhances your grill workspace area, but not sure which one will go best with your grill. Get your hands on the Royal Gourmet Double-Shelf Movable Dining Cart Table. This stunning table is a multi-functional table having a stainless-steel flat top. The aesthetically appealing design with a black frame and stainless-steel top makes it a wonderful choice.

Royal Gourmet Movable Dining Cart comes with stunning features. Dive in to know more:


This stunning dining cart table comes in the following dimensions 23.2″ D x 31.9″H x 39.6″W. Get your hands on this perfect grill table for your backyard, camping sites, kitchen, etc. The silver and black color of this table make it aesthetically appealing. It offers enough working space for all your outdoor cooking needs. The easy-to-clean finished top makes it an ideal choice. You can place your griddle or portable grill too on the top.

You can use it as a BBQ grill table, for food prep, as a dining table, potting table, or working table.


This stunning product is designed to be highly affordable and has top-notch quality. You’ll love this product’s simplicity and integration of innovation. Royal Gourmet is the brand that makes sure to offer you professional-quality products. You can now indulge in the perfect grilling experience with this moving table. This brand has always come up with a diverse range of products that meet your budget and lifestyle.

Spacious and Highly Portable:

This is one of the best features you’ll love about this product. The grill party will now be convenient with this table. It features a double storage shelf construction which makes it incredibly spacious.

Enjoy the handy nature of this moving table. It complements the BBQ parties, backyard grilling, events, fun-filled activities, and more!


This stunning table features a left-sided tank hook that can easily hold 20lbs of the gas cylinder. With this Royal gourmet moving cart, you get three multi-functional tool hooks designed for extra space. You can now place your scoops or brushes on it.

With this stunning moving cart, you can now move and hand your tools conveniently. It features wheels with a side handle design that makes it convenient.


Get your hands on this moving cart table that is durable and constructed to meet your needs. This table is rigid and not easily fractured or rusted. You can easily place this temporary dining table in your kitchen or backyard for immediate use.

Check out this video about the Cart Table

Royal Gourmet Dining Cart Table with Double-Shelf


  • This table can bear about 100 lbs.
  • Offers a double shelf for extra storage.
  • Comes as a perfect addition to the patio or backyard.
  • Portable and efficient.
  • Comes with hooks for hanging your tools.
  • Features a side handle too for moving this table around.


  • Some buyers found installation difficult.


Royal Gourmet Double-Shelf Movable Dining Cart Table is one of the best investments for grill lovers. This dining cart table is double-shelved with wheels to make it a perfect choice.

It is a perfect choice for the kitchen, serving areas, or outdoor cooking experience. It is a perfect metal and stainless-steel mixture, creating a durable, easy structure. Moreover, it keeps you and your friends and family members comfortable while indulging in delicious snacks. This stunning table is a perfect ample space addition to your cooking needs!

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