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Cook Smartly with Traeger Grills Msc106 Everyday BBQ Cookbook Grill Guide

Traeger Pellet Grills MSC106 Everyday BBQ Cookbook Grill Guide

What do you expect from a cookbook? Well, it should be a good guidance regarding cooking. Not just cooking with the appliance it talks about, but it should cover all bases. An insight on spices, more relevant knowledge about different foods, and be appealing. With the Traeger Everyday Cookbook, you not just get informed about some neat tips and tricks but learn a lot more about grilling and BBQ.

This cookbook is a fine collection of recipes. It will even give you complete guidance about different grill pellets, how one differs from another, and how to use them perfectly.

Pellet Walk Through:

If you are not new to outdoor grilling, using wood chips, logs, and pellets might not be an issue. For the newbies selecting from the wide range of different pellets might be tricky. This Traeger Cookbook is a complete guide to the use of different types of pellets available in the market.

It’s not just the heat they provide but the smoky flavor matters too. Various recipes require varying temperatures and durations to cook perfectly. This guide lets you know which type of wood pellet will give you the most economical burn time.

Similarly, every pellet is unique from the other in the sense of flavor. An oak wood pellet will give out a specific smoke and an applewood will another.

Amazing Recipes with Amazing Flavor:

With basic to complex recipes, all are clear how to make with step-by-step instructions. This enables even seasonal chefs to follow a recipe easily and produce a fine dish. 80 wood-fired recipes to choose from, all compatible with Traeger grills.

Temperature settings, duration of cooking, marination period, and spice manual all add to a great cooking experience. The spice and the pellet guide let you play around with flavors and bring out an awesomely-tasting food. You can have multiple combinations of cooking techniques. Using different fuels and varying protein will give more memorable editions of taste. This cookbook guarantees that it will always be easy and marvelous no matter what you cook.

Sauces & Spices:

You might occasionally enjoy something mild and the same food a little spicier on other days. Change your spice settings according to the instructions without spoiling the dish.

Sauces are like the backbone of any grilled meat or BBQ. So, which sauce to use while marinating? Which one to use while cooking? And what will work best with the final meal? A complete insight is available in this cookbook.

Check out this video about the cookbook

Beef Jerky Recipe | Traeger Grills


  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Around 80 recipes.
  • A unique sauce guide is also included.
  • Available with the Traeger Grill as well.
  • Can buy separately.


  • The binding comes off easily.


If you love your Traeger Grill, the Traeger Grills MSC106 Everyday BBQ Cookbook Grill Guide will be your favorite too. It is included with the Traeger grill as an accessory.

You can also purchase just the book to add to your recipe collection. Then, with a step-by-step guide, explore the recipes and cook to your heart’s content. It even turns out to be a good gift for someone starting with outdoor grills.

The best thing a beginner of grilling can learn from is a simple instruction manual. Get one and know how to use and cook on a grill with indulging taste and pure delicacies.

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