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Weber Portable Charcoal Table: The table to go anywhere with your grills

Weber Portable Charcoal Table

Every tailgater and campers dream for the chair that can fit their grill with great perfection and makes your adventurous tour worth remembering. The gem available on the market for this purpose is “Weber Portable Charcoal Table.” It is an amazing camping gear designed to fit the portable Weber grills. It works efficiently due to its sturdy and credible design.

About the manufacturer

Weber is known for its grilling accessories for a long time. The great George Stephen founded it. George was aware that the cooking bowl and the lid are the real core to success and he certainly created the history by adding the three legs to the bottom and only one handle at the top. The company has designed the products for having Outdoor BBQ parties.

The Weber portable Grills that can fit into it

The product is to enhance the camping experience and can fit into the variety of grills. The chair is designed to Weber portable grills and fits into the following: Go Anywhere Gas Grill, Smokey Joey Silver Charcoal Grill, Jumbo Joey Charcoal Grill, Smokey Joey Charcoal Golden Grill, Go Anywhere Charcoal Grill. The chair is capable of meeting all your desires with its features.

The design of the product

It has designed with the solid, sturdy, and high-end material. It is highly portable because of its light weight feature. Moreover, the table is designed purposefully to occupy less space. You can lock the legs that help to keep your grill from moving while you are using it. The product is a great addition to your grilling family due to its hooks feature. The hooks can hold all your necessary utensils attached to your good looking table.

Check out this video about the grill stand

Weber Portable Charcoal Table

The price of the product


  • You can fold the Weber Portable Charcoal Table and take it along anywhere you want with, and all it requires is very less space and effort.
  • It has high built in quality, which looks and feels secure. Its legs are sturdy enough and not flimsy at all; you can trust the quality and get the every job done from this Weber Portable Charcoal Table with great ease.
  • It has the hooks at both ends where you can hang or put your necessary tools, which you feel can use more frequently.
  • It is a vast and elegant improvement in your cooking range and able to support a variety of Weber grills.


  • Weber is always known for the quality, but this Weber Portable Charcoal Table is a bit wobbly and infirm while comparing to the other products.
  • It does not come with ample storing space; it should have some storing compartment in the lower area.


I recommend Weber Portable Charcoal Table to many of my friends. The product worth every single penny while comparing its price to its value. It is sleek, light weight and great portable addition to your grilling family and capable of supporting particular grills. The product can be ideal for the tailgaters and campers, and take possesses of all the right stuff for fulfilling your camping needs energetically.

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