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Divine Smoky Flavors with Western BBQ Smoking Wood Chips

Western BBQ Smoking Wood Chips

BBQing during summers is a fun activity. Everyone loves slow grilling and flavorful protein. And the best way to bring about that smoky taste is with wood chips or chunks. The most effective way is using wood chips. And to make your BBQs zestier, try the Western BBQ wood chips.

Includes the Most Flavorful Series

This wood chips variety bundle consists of the 4 most popular flavors.

Apple: These give out a faint sweet and fruity flavor. Usually, they are for white meat like salmon, chicken, and some types of fish and poultry. But according to your likeness, they can be awesome for red meat as well.

Cherry: This wood chip smoke adds a little red tone to the meat. Their tangy and fruity aroma is also quite delightful. It is the best with light proteins like fish, chicken, and sausages for a subtle flavor and attractive color.

Hickory: This wood is a fine choice for long-cooking meat like pork and beef. The flavor is stronger than Apple’s and Cherry’s. However, they can be mixed to give the grilling meat a more fantastic smoky taste. It all depends upon your taste and imagination.

Mesquite: It not just gives a strong flavor but is a tastemaker for any BBQ dishes. From slow cooking meats to fast cooking ones, Mesquite is an all-rounder for giving the best aroma to your grilled food.

The flavors categorize as most used and finest, to begin with. So, if you are a new grill user, the bundle is your best option. Have a decent amount of chips of all the flavors to enjoy your outdoor experience.

Work Longer when Wet

It is always debatable whether to use dry or wet wood chips. They say to increase the smoking time of your wood, wet your chips beforehand. The wet and soaked wood chips burn late and give more smoke time.

If you use a smoke box, first dry, and then give out the flavorful smoke. The consistency will increase, and more food will smoke this way.

However, if you have food that cooks quickly, wet chips wouldn’t be good. Dry wood chips will ignite quickly and start smoking faster than wet chips.

Can work with electric and gas grill

These original wood chips can be used on different types of grills. Charcoal, gas, pellet, and electric grills welcome wood chips for delicious smoking of your food. The question to consider is how long your food will take to cook.

Just shove some chips in the smoker box and keep aside your food on the grill for slow cooking. The smoker box containing the wood chips releases smoke from the chips that infuses the food.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a smoker box, you can make one using aluminum foil. Fold in a few wood chips of your choice in aluminum foil and pierce some holes for the smoke.

If you need instant smoking for fast cooking, directly add the wood chips to the coal. You can even keep them in a metallic bowl on the grill for the other types.

Check out this video about the Wood Chips

Western BBQ Smoking Wood Chips Variety Pack Bundle


  • 4 awesome flavors
  • Perfect for slow or/and/ quick grilling
  • Plenty amount of wood chips in each pack


  • Dry chips burn very quickly


Different wood, different flavors, different people. When you prefer a light smoky scent and spice, others might prefer it strong. It all depends on the taste, weather, and type of protein.

That is why Western BBQ Smoking Wood Chips is a good start. Four different types of smoking wood chips let you experiment and choose your favorite. BBQ your favorite recipes with the best smoking flavors and enjoy delicious summer grilling.

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