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The Review of Winsome Wood Foldable Kitchen Cart with Knife Block 1

Winsome Wood Foldable Kitchen Cart with Knife Block

Small sized kitchens should be as versatile as possible in addition to being efficient. If you are considering having a small kitchen island or a kitchen utility table but are also concerned about the size and space, then look no further because Winsome Wood Foldable Kitchen Cart is an ideal option for you. You might be thinking that having a cart in an already small kitchen won’t serve the purpose. However, Winsome Wood has perfectly designed this foldable kitchen cart for small spaces.

About Winsome Wood Foldable Kitchen

The Winsome Wood Foldable Kitchen has a counter top which is long enough for you to prep your food. It also features a cart with knife block to facilitate easy and quick access at all times.

Don’t miss out these essential Features

There are a couple of open shelves that you can use for storage underneath. It also houses a paper towel holder on one side which is also very handy. The foldable kitchen cart is entirely made of solid Beechwood and has a dull oak finish which is easy for maintenance to make it last longer. It is a moveable cart with knife block as well as a paper towel holder as well. The sides are open, and shelves are slated to provide an airy look to the cart.

Does your kitchen have small space?

You can use Winsome Wood Foldable Kitchen to prep food, and you don’t have to place your knives separately. It features lockable casters to prevent the table from moving. Furthermore, you can unlock them whenever you want to change the position of your cart. The table, when opened, measures 17.2-inch deep, 37.7-inch broad and 34.6-inch high and the folded measurements are 5-inch in depth, 36.8-inch wide and 34.6-inch high. These dimensions are suitable for any small kitchen size.


  • The kitchen cart features a built-in paper towel holder a cart with a knife block for your facilitation.
  • It has locking casters that which fix the table and prevent any unnecessary movement of the table.
  • Its dimensions are suitable for any small sized kitchen yet; it has the right amount of extra prep space as well.
  • You can access its lower half with two separate open access shelves for additional storage.
  • It is built to withstand a good amount of weight, so you don’t have to worry about storage.


  • The knife block does not come with a drop leaf extension otherwise; it could have provided additional counter space.
  • You might have to find the knives that fit correctly in the block.


Winsome Wood Foldable Kitchen is quite sturdy and looks attractive as well. In terms of the convenience, it is extremely look well and a great deal. It not only provides an extra counter space for prep but also gets the job done as an additional storage compartment. Not only you can use it within your kitchen, but it can also serve you to move your stuff around your house. Moreover, you can use it in the laundry or move your plants or even trash from one place to another. The best part is you can fold it back when you don’t need it. It is ideal for someone who wants to utilize the small kitchen space without spending much.

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