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Best Charbroiler Griddle Combos in 2021

Best charbroiler griddle combo

Comstock Castle offers you a wide range of great charbroiler griddle combos. They are suitable for your commercial kitchen. If you own a restaurant or run a catering business, these griddle charbroiler combos are going to be useful. They come with functional features that allow you to enhance your cooking skills. You can add variety to your menu.

Comstock Castle charbroilers come with independently controlled burners. You can maintain the heat evenly. They come with cast-iron grates which allow you to prepare different kinds of meals efficiently. The wider cooking space gives you greater efficacy.

We have reviewed the best charbroiler griddle combos for you. Read on to learn their features and specifications.

The Top 4 Best Charbroiler Griddle Combos in 2021

CharbroilersConstructionPerformanceSizeBurners Price
Gas Radiant Char BroilerStainless steel76,000 BTU36 x 13 x 28 in4 Check Price
Char Broiler & Griddle ComboStainless steel65,000 BTU36 x 13 x 28 in3 Check Price
Gas Lava Charbroiler ComboStainless steel124,000 BTU48 x 13 x 28 in6 Check Price
Radiant Charbroiler Combo UnitStainless steel138,000 BTU60 x 13 x 28 in6 Check Price

Charbroiler Griddle Combo #1:

  • If you run a catering business, you are going to love this charbroiler griddle combo. It transforms your grilling game completely. You can set an ideal heat temperature to prepare your food. This makes it convenient for you to cook delicate food items like pancakes and eggs.
  • You can also make burgers, steaks, and different kinds of meat. The four manual control allows you to adjust the temperature. You can manage the heat distribution of the charbroiler.
  • If you are looking for a genuine grilling experience, this is one of the best charbroiler griddle combos. You can add an authentic taste to the food you prepare. It is a charbroiler that stands easily on your countertop. It comes with 4” adjustable legs. The leg adjustability gives you the ease of controlling the functions of the charbroiler.
  • The deep frame gives you a deep grill area. You can add a wonderful taste to the food you make. The cast-iron grates can also be moved. You can put them reversed or flat depending on what kind of grill marks you want.
  • This charbroiler comes with three splash guards. You can keep the walls of your kitchen clean. The splash guards keep sizzling hot splatters from splashing in your surroundings. While safeguarding the countertop and walls from the unwanted splashes, you can see the food. All in all, this is one of the best charbroiler griddle combos, which gives you the ability to make a variety of food.

Charbroiler Griddle Combo #2:

  • If you have a busy kitchen, you won’t have any issue adding a charbroiler to it. This Comstock Castle charbroiler is going to enhance your dishes. You’d be able to make your dishes taste better.
  • This charbroiler and griddle combo fits your kitchen perfectly. It comes with cast-iron grates, which are easy to switch. You can keep them in a flat or slanting position. It is going to leave attractive grill marks to your steak. The thick griddle plate is going to prevent the food from burning.
  • The burners are independently controlled. You can control the temperature and heat capacity of your charbroiler with the three manual controls. They are responsible for providing you even distribution of heat.
  • The stainless sides of the Charbroiler/Griddle countertop are insulated. They prevent the heat from vanishing away. The splash guard on the three sides protects your countertop and kitchen walls. You can avoid the mess in your kitchen. You don’t have to deal with any kind of spills and splashes.
  • This charbroiler comes with an ample amount of cooking area. You can prepare food in a large quantity at a time. You don’t have to prepare food in batches. It allows you to maintain the temperature of your kitchen to a particular level.

Charbroiler Griddle Combo #3:

  • Ever wondered why you get the finger-licking taste in a restaurant but not in your home kitchen? Even if you use a similar recipe, you are unable to get those mouth-watering aromas. These restaurants have the best Charbroiler griddle combo. The Comstock Castle FHP48-18-1.5LB charbroiler is a unique combo charbroiler that comes with a hot plate and a grill. You can keep the food warm on the hot plate.
  • This charbroiler comes with a thick griddle plate. You don’t have to worry about the food particles getting stuck on it. The standard splash guards on the sides are high-quality. They are high enough to prevent the food from splashing. There is no mess you have to deal with while preparing food on this unit.
  • Do you want to add a smoky flavor to your meals? It is one of the best charbroiler/griddle combos. It comes with manually controlled burners. These burners are fuel-efficient and give you superior quality heat reflection.
  • This charbroiler/griddle combo is made from stainless steel. It is corrosion-resistant. The char-broiler comes with dual-wall protection. It properly insulates the heat to maintain the temperature of the charbroiler.
  • The grates reduce the risk of flaring up. They come with gaps that allow the access amount of oil to run off the griddle/char-broiler.
  • The radiants of the charbroiler are lava rock. You get to prepare food while maintaining a uniform heat distribution. The lava rock adds an amazing flavor to the food. You can enhance your backyard grilling experience.

Charbroiler Griddle Combo #4:

  • If you want to prepare a lot of meat in your kitchen, Comstock Castle FHP60-24-2RB is a great choice. This charbroiler/griddle combo is going to give a smoky effect to the food you prepare.
  • The unit comes with two manual control burners. You can consistently maintain the heat of the charbroiler. The burners are fuel-efficient and give an output of 24,000 BTU each. The total amount of BTU with the broiler and the griddle is 138,000. It is an ideal griddle charbroiler combination for a busy restaurant. You can keep your customers happy with the different tastes you can offer. Having this charbroiler is going to allow you to add a variety to the menu of your restaurant.
  • The unit comes with a grease trough. It collects an excessive amount of oil. It keeps your food healthy and safe. The cast-iron grates are uniformly placed with gaps. The gaps drain the grease away. It also comes with cheese melter racks. You can make cheesy balls without any hassle.
  • It is a cabinet style charbroiler/grill which is pretty useful and functional. You can prepare different kinds of dishes at a time.


The best charbroiler griddle combo allows you to experience with different recipes in your kitchen. You can enjoy preparing meals with cooler operations. These charbroilers are functional and unique. They come with stainless steel construction.

Comstock Castle charbroiler/grills are heavy duty and high quality. The griddle plate gives you optimal cooking experience. The food does not stick to it. It is standard size thick. The burners of the griddle charbroiler combo are independently controlled. They give you a greater heat efficiency to prepare food in a couple of minutes. You don’t have to stand in the kitchen all day to prepare food.

And what will be the best charbroiler griddle combo in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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