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Best Cast Iron Hibachi Charcoal Grills in 2021

Best cast iron hibachi charcoal grill

Humans have been using the art of barbecue since forever. From time to time, it has developed some changes. And now in modern times, it has transformed so much that it is considered one of the luxuries. Barbecue is now used to celebrate promotions, parties or to enjoy vacations. If you are hiking with friends, or you’re going on a vacation with your family, barbecuing is the ideal way to cherish your moments.

Thus, we will guide you into choosing the finest cast iron hibachi charcoal grill for your needs.

What to look for when choosing a charcoal grill?

After you have planned the hiking or a dinner with your loved ones, it’s time to search for the best cast iron hibachi charcoal grill. But now the question arises, what to look for in the charcoal grill? Well, don’t worry, we’re here to help you with that.

First of all, the question arises: what are you using the grill for? Will it travel with you? Or are you going to use it at home? Also, keep in mind if you need a portable grill? Or, are you planning to use it for a long duration?

The Top 5 Best Cast Iron Hibachi Charcoal Grills in 2021

ProductsMaterialCooking spacePrice
OPW Grill N GoCast ironN/A Check Price
Sungmor Heavy Duty Cast Iron BBQ GrillCast iron and wood89 square inches Check Price
Mini Hibachi GrillCast iron and wood9.1 square inches Check Price
Vintage Cast Iron Charcoal GrillCast iron170 square inches Check Price
Cast Iron GrillCast iron and wood47.5 square inches Check Price

Cast Iron Hibachi Charcoal Grill #1:

  • It is manufactured by OPW. Whether you’re going on a holiday or some hiking, this portable grill will accompany you. It can be assembled in 5 minutes without any tools and then ready to cook on.
  • The material used for this charcoal grill is heavy-duty raw steel. Its size makes it a perfect hibachi grill. You can cook your delicious steak or fish on it to get the perfect taste. This portable grill is easy to place anywhere, whether it’s your car or some corner in your home.
  • Its design gives it the ability to roast your steak without using a lot of charcoal. It is not completely sealed and may drop a small amount of grease or ash on the surface. To overcome this drawback, you can lay some aluminum foil or cookie sheet so that the drops of grease or ash may not fall on the ground.
  • OPW’s Grill N Go has a decent cooking area. The best thing is, it can be used as a fire pit for a cozy night around the camp. Even though it is manufactured with raw steel, its weight is drastically light. It weighs less than 11 lbs. Due to the raw steel used in its design, it may develop a light surface oxide. This can be overcome by keeping it clean and tidy, which is not a hard nut to crack. You just have to wash it with warm soapy water and wipe it with light cooking oil and it’s all good to go.

Cast Iron Hibachi Charcoal Grill #2:

  • While searching for the best cast iron hibachi charcoal grill, which is portable, there are too many choices to consider. But you cannot overlook the features provided by Sungmor Heavy Duty Cast Iron BBQ Grill. The cooking area of this grill is 89 square inches. It is good enough to cook two pieces of meat at one time.
  • That’s not the only thing. There is one air vent present in the center of the grill. Use act as temperature vent by controlling the combustion of charcoal. The cooking grids have a handle to carry. You can also adjust their height according to your need.
  • The manufacturers of this grill chose cast iron as the main material used for its production. It is heat resistant and rust-resistant too. This way, it can be washed and cleaned without any hassle.
  • This portable grill has high heat-retaining efficiency because of cast iron. Sungmor makes sure this grill lasts longer and is worthy enough to be called one of the best Hibachi cast iron charcoal grills.

Cast Iron Hibachi Charcoal Grill #3:

  • This mini Hibachi cast iron grill, manufactured by Chef Master is user friendly. Its small size and cylindrical design make it unique. It is compact, portable, and can enhance the ambiance of your kitchen.
  • This grill is pre-seasoned and you can cook with it as soon as you take it out of its packing. It needs a few spoons of fire gel to light up. Another 10 minutes to get to the cooking temperature and you’ll be ready to cook anything you want. Chef Master 90206 uses a wooden base and cast iron of high quality to ensure its longevity. With this wooden base, you can even place it on your table.
  • Chef Master’s hibachi grill in itself is an amusement. Its unique design makes it a once in a lifetime opportunity for your friends and family. You can even make s’mores, cook kebabs and appetizers on this grill with ease. This grill is one of the best cast iron hibachi charcoal grills available in the market.

Cast Iron Hibachi Charcoal Grill #4:

  • As the name suggests, Mr. Flame is perfect in Hibachi grill manufacturing and made an exceptional design for this one. They used the idea of a blast furnace and gave it the shape of a Hibachi grill. This unique design gives it 10 minutes to get ready for cooking.
  • It has a surface area of around 170 square inches. You can turn it into a roasting oven that can help it cook everything. Even if they are hamburgers, hot dogs, or Chateaubriand. This model is the vintage model from the 1980s. Don’t worry, it’s not an old school and rusty one. It’s brand new and preserved in a box. Although, it can get rusty after some time so cleaning it well before first use is highly recommended.
  • After using it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, once you are done, you can fold this grill into a self-cleaning oven. It is self-extinguishing too. This saves leftover charcoal in the grill for later use. This feature verifies that this grill is cost-friendly.
  • The legs of this grill are sturdy. After folding the grill, they can be used as carrying handles. When you sum these features up, you can call it one of the finest cast iron hibachi charcoal grills.

Cast Iron Hibachi Charcoal Grill #5:

  • This Japanese style barbecue grill is one of its kind. It’s small and can be assembled easily. It requires no installation, just open the box, and assemble it. Remove the grates, put charcoal in, and get the fire running. Its main body is made of cast iron and has a base of wood. The wooden base enables it to be used on top of a table.
  • The small size of 9.5 x 5 inches makes it quite portable. It can be used indoors and outdoors, for picnics, and even for bars and cafes. It is high-temperature proof and won’t get too hot. Its Japanese style makes barbecue parties to be remembered.
  • Its main fuel is charcoal, which gives the food a natural taste and aromatic smell. This grill deserves to be called one of the best cast iron hibachi charcoal grills.


All these grills are perfect in their way of usage. Each one is portable and easy to use. But one of them stands above all, and that is OPW’s Grill N Go. It is simply made, but that doesn’t mean it has an ordinary design. It is just according to modern standards. You can assemble or disassemble it within minutes. Its cast iron material is heavy duty and is quite corrosion-resistant. Grill N Go is small in size, so it will be fine if you don’t disassemble. Just place it in your car and take it out whenever and wherever you need it and enjoy your moments.

And what will be the best cast iron hibachi charcoal grill in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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