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Choosing the Best Electric Charcoal Grill in 2022

Best electric charcoal grill

Have you been wondering if it’s possible to have an electric grill that also can keep a flame going with charcoal? Well, you’re in luck. Not only has this type of grill been invented, but it’s also already on the market. You see, many people who love to eat skewered food or kabobs, as they’re called in some countries, don’t need a strong, large flame to cook their food. A small, controlled flame works much better for these reasons, and that’s how the current electric charcoal grill was born.

What is an Electric Charcoal Grill Used For?

Used mostly for kabobs or Yakitori, which is skewered, Japanese chicken, these grills are small but also versatile as long as you’re not trying to cook steak. The flames are short and the only purpose of these grills is to cook the meat thoroughly, not sear or cook steak. After all, cooking steak requires a higher flame. Most skewered foods are traditionally cooked on thin wood skewers, and a tall, powerful flame could defeat your goals on these grills.

Are you interested in grilling like this in your own backyard? That’s great. We’ve reviewed several models of these types of grills. Be aware – you should never, ever bring a warm charcoal grill indoors, even if it is electric. Yes, you can bring it in and store it once it’s cooled down, but don’t ever risk the fire hazard of one of these types of grills. It’s just not worth it.

P.S. Once we’ve reviewed the grills, keep reading for some fun recipe ideas with skewered meat.

Top 6 Electric Charcoal Grills In 2022

  • This charcoal electric grill has a fan that keeps the flames/warmth going, even as you cook up your favorite barbecue treats. Veggies as well as skewered food do well on its surface, which is 15.7 x 9.3 x 13.4. The fan can go up to 2 hours without losing its energy, which gives you plenty of time to cook up your treats outdoors. This grill has batteries, no need to plug in. You can control the heat easily and change the amount of air that is used in cooking, and its unique charcoal box design helps prevent avoid any seasons dripping in charcoal, which can cause a big burst of smoke otherwise. Instead, these byproducts are left in a drip tray, which you can easily clean up later.

Electric Charcoal Grill #2:

  • This grill is a great little grill perfect for kebabs of pork, shrimp, or other small cuts of meat. This grill has batteries, no need to plug in. This little grill heats up in just 4 minutes! This grill also has a built in, battery-driven fan, which blows air directly into the charcoal inside as the charcoal burns hot and cleaner, leaving you with little smoke to deal with while you cook. It also gives you far more control over the grill temperature. This grill is portable, and its outer shell never becomes burning hot. There’s also easy cleanup of the inner bowl and grill – you can just pop them in the dishwasher when they’re cooled down. A handy travel bag will help you transport it.
  • This grill is a great pick for people who want a grill they can use often. It has a great amount of capacity at 38.5 x 38.5 x 25.5 inches and plenty of space to grill multiple items. It’s also got a sleek design that will make it stand out each time you’re cooking. The inner fan helps cut down on grilling time and controls the flow of smoke to your food. This grill has enough space that you can feel comfortable throwing a couple of burgers on it together as well as simple kebab recipes. Because of this versatility, this grill is recommended for those who want to switch back and forth between grilling types. This grill also is quite portable with its carrying case. Special charcoal may be needed for this one.

Electric Charcoal Grill #4:

  • This grill was specifically created to help you create awesome Japanese Yakitori kebabs, which taste awesome and are meant to enjoy with a nice cold beer. For this reason, this grill is recommended for parties and tailgating, especially due to its small size. A grill lip will keep your hot dogs and hamburgers in place, which is great, because even though this grill is small, it can still handle them. It 17 x 10 inch cooking surface areat. If you choose the small Yakitori Grill, you’ll have a grill perfect for kebabs and tailgating, for use on small patios, picnic tables and other outdoor environments. This grill has batteries, no need to plug in.

Electric Charcoal Grill #5:

  • Portable (about 8 lbs.) and great for camping, tailgating and other outdoor gatherings, the Kbabe grill is built for utility. It has a built-in fan like the other models, and sturdy built-in powder coated steel that makes it super-easy to wipe clean once you’re done cooking. That means its rust proof yet also dishwasher safe, making it an ideal grilling companion for those of us who love to grill but hate the messes. This grill is also an out-of-the-box grill; you can assemble it in just minutes and each part is dishwasher safe. BTW, it also comes with a money-back guarantee from the manufacturer; you can use it and send it back within 45 days of purchase if you’re unhappy.
  • Batteries power this “nearly smokeless” grill and works very well as an outdoor grill, with 90% reduced smoke. This means it’s safe to use on your patio if you are a condo or apartment dweller. In fact, it only burns 8 charcoal briquettes in the space of an hour, and you don’t need to buy anything fancy to power it – just normal charcoal. However, many people like to buy a charcoal log and use it instead for more even burning. It’s your decision. It takes AA batteries to power it, but you might want to use rechargeable to really get your money’s worth; fan motors wear out batteries fast. You have 11.5 inches of grilling space with this grill, and it’s got a carrying case to make its 8lb weight easy to take wherever you want to go. You can cook both meals and kebabs on this grill. Everything removes for easy cleaning as well.

As you can see, there are a lot of great little grills out there for those who want a charcoal/electric hybrid. These grills are all designed to pack a lot of power into a smaller package, and as such, they are very sturdy. However, as noted in a few item descriptions above, some of these grills take just regular batteries. Fan motors wear these out quite easily, so your best bet is to buy and use rechargeable batteries. Use the fully charged batteries on your outings, then put the batteries into charging mode once you’re done and you’ll never need to worry.

Cooking Kebabs on These Grills

These grills are all made for kebabs; so don’t be surprised when the grilling is done quite easily. The surface of the grill is cool enough for you to use wood to put your kebabs together. However, it’s pretty easy to cook large, metal kebab creations on them, too.

First, you cannot grill kebabs unless you understand the basics. Go here to learn how to grill kebabs before you do anything.

Here are a few favorite recipes for charcoal/electric grill kebabs:

  • Yakitori Kebabs: A few of these grills were created with Yakitori in mind. These kebabs are popular in Japan and typically sold by street vendors alongside a beer. So cook with this mind! Here’s a great beginner’s recipe to get you started with Yakitori kebabs.
  • Traditional shish kebabs are made with lamb and other scrumptious veggies and sometimes meats. Here’s a recipe that has lamb, bell peppers and onions as its favorite ingredients.
  • Kofta kebabs are a bit advanced, but they are a traditional Mediterranean meal worth trying. Ground beef and lamb make up the bulk of this recipe, alongside a lot of exciting spices. Try it!

Summing it Up:

Grilling is fun, and kebabs are delicious, but they’re not the only reason to buy an electric charcoal grill. All of the grills featured in this article are portable and nearly smoke-free, and are a great alternative to the normal contact-style grills you see with Foreman. The smoke of an electric charcoal grill can really seal in the flavor, so don’t sell yourself short. If you’re looking for a tailgating grill, these grills will impress you with their portability and their flavor. Grilling with them is easy and clean up is a breeze.

And what will be the best electric charcoal grill in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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