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Flat Top Grill for Electric Stove in 2022

Flat top grill for electric stove

Lighting up an outdoor grill with charcoal and propane gas is a big hassle especially for those living in condos and apartments. Some landlords don’t allow tenants to use charcoal grills in the apartment. Using a flat top grill for an electric stove can be the best solution for you in this situation. It helps you in preparing grilled foods on your stove without any hassle and inconvenience but the trick is in finding the correct grill for yourself.

We have reviewed the best flat top grills for you to choose from.

Best flat top grills for electric stove on the market in 2022

Grill NameSizeNon-stickReversibleWeight
Lodge LPGI3 Cast Iron Reversible Grill19.8x10.7x1.2 inchesYesYes3.35 lbs. Check Price
Rocky Mountain Carbon Steel Griddle23x14.5x4 inchesNoNo16 lbs. Check Price
Vremi Cast Iron Griddle 18x12x2 inchesYesYes6.75 lbs. Check Price
Double Layer Non Stick Grill23x12x1 inchesYesNo3 lbs. Check Price
Nordic Ware Reversible Grill19.7x10.9x0.8 inchesYesYes3.15 lbs. Check Price

Flat Top Grill for Electric Stove#1:

  • This ready to use pre-seasoned grill is one of the best flat top grills for electric stoves. The total cooking surface is 19.25 inches by 8.5 inches. The size is perfect for grilling at your home. It completely covers two stoves which give you an ideal space for cooking and grilling all kinds of stuff.
  • The reversible feature means it has two surfaces for cooking. One surface is flat which is used for cooking eggs, toasting bread, making grilled cheese etc., while the other surface is ridged that is used for grilling veggies, meat, and hamburger patties. The grill has a slight slope added to it for draining all the oil and fat.
  • It also has two loop-style handles that retain the heat to let you sear your food at very high temperatures and is also used to keep your food warm for a long time.
  • This cast iron grill is extremely durable and has a stylish black color that retains and does not clear away with use. Even though it is pre-seasoned, spraying it with fat or oil before using is advised.

Flat Top Grill for Electric Stove #2:

  • This standard styled stovetop grill by Rocky Mountain is a high quality durable flat top grill that takes space equal to two stoves. You can easily place it on your stove and convert your stove into a griddle. The innovative and forward-thinking design makes it easy to use and maximizes comfort and convenience. It has a convenient size of 14 inches by 24 inches.
  • Heavy-duty carbon steel 3/16 inches is used for manufacturing this griddle that makes it highly durable. It is not easily dented and since it is made of stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about its decolorization. It is the only grill available with pourable corners.
  • You don’t have to worry about spilling all those yummy sauces cooked in fat and oil. The pourable corners make it very easy to store or pour the juices in jars or plates.
  • The handles are made heat resistant and have a perfect balance so that you don’t spill your food while serving. The handles have a dandy spiral design on them to give the appearance of the grill an edge. The best part of this griddle is that it has a lifetime warranty as long as you heat it up to 600 degrees F. It is not pre-seasoned so you have to put oil on it before cooking.

Flat Top Grill for Electric Stove #3:

  • This two-sided grill by Vremi is a large and heavy duty that can be used on any type of stove or even on charcoal. You can use it to cook anything from pancakes to eggs to grilled meat and veggies. It is completely pre-seasoned hence you don’t need to oil it very heavily and can also use it to make low calorie grilled food. Moreover, it has a pre-seasoned flavor that gives your food a taste exactly like it is grilled on a BBQ stove.
  • The grease slope added to it traps all the grease and fat after draining it from your food. This prevents your food from getting oily. The non-stick surface prevents the oil and fat from accumulating in different areas which also make the griddle easy to clean and keeps it hygienic.
  • The grill pan added to it is portable and let your fry different kinds of foods. The built-in handles let you easily lift it without burning your hands. This way you can easily transfer your food from stove top to serving area. It measures approximately 20 inches by 10 inches. It is advised to gently wash it with hand for cleaning.

Flat Top Grill for Electric Stove #4:

  • This double-layered flat top grill pan for electric stove by Above Edge is ideal for home use. It is quite reasonable and durable. It does not get warped with time whether you use it on an electric stove or on a gas stove.
  • Furthermore, it is made of an aluminum alloy and is promised to have a high durability. With a size of 19 inches by 11 inches, it covers two stoves from uniform heating throughout.
  • The interior of this flat top griddle for electric stove has a dual non-stick coating which does not let your food stick either allow non-uniform heating. Both these things in combination help you cook scrumptious, juicy grilled food. Its large size allows you to cook a large amount of food for the whole family at one time without having to deal with a number of cooking sessions.
  • With the flat design and dual coating, it is very easy to clean. You don’t have to undergo the strenuous task of scrubbing for hours. The lightweight and portable design make it easy to serve and cook in this griddle. Handling and grilling are also easier due to the portable design.

Flat Top Grill for Electric Stove #5:

  • Nordic Ware is known for its 70 years of innovation and variety of cast aluminum utensils. This reversible flat top grill by Nordic Ware has an ideal size of 20 inches by 10.75 inches. Unlike other grills, almost all of the size is available for cooking. The innovative design doesn’t waste any space and provides a large flat area for grilling and cooking.
  • The reversible design makes it handy to use as it has both a griddle and a flat non-stick space for cooking and grilling all kinds of food. The heavy-duty cast aluminum used has specific properties that help in uniform heating of the food and doesn’t overcook the food from sides. It has a two-burner size for cooking large amounts of food.
  • This reversible grill does not come in two parts rather can be simply reversed for changing the type. Its non-stick pre-seasoning makes cooking low-calorie oil-less food easy. Keeping this stove hygienic and clean is also easy due to its design and pre-seasoning.


Apart from having fun BBQ nights with family, taking out your BBQ grill can be a strenuous task. Investing in a good flat top grill for the electric stove is a very good option to enjoy. You can make light and oil-less grilled food every day. It not only helps in making grilled food but making everyday food easy and convenient.

And what will be the best flat top grill for electric stove in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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