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So, What’s the Best Electric Grill for Hamburger Lovers in 2022?

Best electric grill for hamburger

Burgers are one of the best things about grilling. Grilled burgers are a favorite of families year-round, even if charcoal grilling isn’t possible. That’s why so many people turn to grilling with an indoor electric grill. Other people who live in apartments or other tight quarters may use an electric grill on their patio, even when regulations prevent an open flame.

So what’s the best electric grill for hamburgers in 2022?

Let’s take a look at 6 of the best electric grill for burgers on the market today.

  • This electric grill for hamburger heats up about 30% faster than previous models, and it can cook up to 4 portions at a time. It’s built to handle thicker foods like hamburger, and as a Foreman model, you can bet that it melts the fat off and drops it into a tray for later cleanup. It takes about ten minutes to heat up to the temperature you need for hamburgers, then another ten minutes or so, depending on the thickness of your patties. The plates are easily removable for cleaning –but do it in the sink, not the dishwasher. The only con of this model is that with regular use and inadequate cleaning, the nonstick coating wears off easily.

Electric Grill for Hamburger #2:

  • Meant for family gatherings, this electric grill can make up to six juicy burgers at a time, or a few burgers and some veggies. It’s your choice. This grill is great because it’s adjustable to different cuts of meat, and features 90 square inches of grilling surface. The grill plates are nonstick and easily wiped clean with soap and water, but it’s still recommended that you use a light oil spray when cooking burgers. There’s a little grease tray and the grease and oil drip away from the meat as it cooks. This is a portable model that only weighs 5 pounds. One downside to this product: There aren’t any removable parts for this grill; you have to wash it by hand.

Electric Grill for Hamburger #3:

  • This electric griddle for hamburger is an all-around great deal, and very versatile. You can make sandwiches (Paninis, anyone?) burgers, steak and so much more on this griddle, which also has a “sear” setting that lets you create the perfect taste for your fish and steaks. Overall, the grill size surface is about 11″ wide, 9″ deep and 7″ tall – small enough to keep on your countertop. It adjusts for thickness depending on what you’re cooking, which, of course, makes it ideal for even the thickest burgers. (Turn the settings to “sear” for an authentic, well-done burger taste!) Clean up is easy with a simple grease tray to catch it. This grill is also one of the only hamburger grills made from BPA-free parts, which is especially a good thing for those with children.
  • This is an upscale grill for the modern family. It has a lot of grilling space to work with. You can use this electric grill for hamburger both indoors and outdoors, which is one of the greatest advantages. It can cook a mean hamburger, and as it can function and sear hamburgers to your liking. The stainless steel has a lifetime – it will not rust. The temperature control panel allows for precise heat control in any weather.

Electric Grill for Hamburger #5:

  • Cooking with this electric grill for hamburger is a lot of fun, and the lid adjusts to the thickness of each particular meal you’re cooking. You don’t have to worry about thickness – whether burger or steak, it will adjust. This grill is a favorite for cooking indoor hamburgers, especially in large families where everybody wants a great meal but doesn’t have a lot of time to spare. Veggies and even sandwiches can be cooked on this grill, and it cleans up and wipes down easily when the meal is over.

Electric Grill for Hamburger #6:

  • This is a great little round electric grill for hamburger that is a lot of fun to use, and it’s also able to create more than one course of a meal at a time. This 2 in 1 barbecue is meant for a lot of use; – you can use the stone for pizza or the griddle for frying up your favorite burgers. It can hold up to 6 portions and features a fairly precise temperature control, and easy cleanup. All of the plates are removable and its nonstick surface means that you simply need to clean it with water, soap and a clean rag. This unit has the most versatile set-up when it comes to side dishes. You can use it to get creative with meals.

Cooking Burgers on an Electric Grill

If you’ve never made burgers on an electric grill before, then it’s time for a lesson for you. Before you put anything on the grill, you’ve got to prepare the ground beef.

Choosing the burger meat:

Choose pre-ground meat that is not close to its sell-by date. Bright red is always a good characteristic, indicating freshness. This is not necessarily true if you are making a burger from turkey or bison meat; usually these have a shelf life of almost a month if you buy them at the grocery store. Frozen hamburgers will take longer to cook, but it’s easy to know if they’re good – check the sell-by or use-by date.

Make the burgers:

Gather your materials together in a large bowl. You’ll want to have some cooking gloves for sanitary purposes. Usually you’ll want to add some key ingredients such as Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and minced garlic into the mix. You can shape the burgers and drop them onto the griddle with a spatula. Grind fresh black pepper over the top.

Not sure how to make the best burgers? First, it’s all in the seasonings. Try this Best Ever Burger seasoning recipe to add some kick to your next burgers.

What temperature do you cook hamburgers on a griddle? Cook them at high heat, usually about 450°. That’s the best temperature to cook hamburgers on the grill, but if yours only goes up to 400, then that will have to do. At 450, you will only have to cook about 2-3 minutes on each side, but that will stretch to 4-5 minutes or more at 400. Cooking will be slowed down when you add thick burgers to the grill or additional ingredients such as onions and eggs.

And what will be the best electric grill for hamburger in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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