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Best Outdoor Electric Grills of Present-day for Beginners and Experts Alike

Best outdoor electric grill

Does the thought of the smell of fresh-cooked burgers wafting through the air in your backyard make your stomach rumble? Summer days are here again and it’s so important to seize them and enjoy outdoor cooking while we can.

But what about apartment dwellers? How can they enjoy the fruits of a good grill master’s labor? Can they, too, enjoy the smell of burgers wafting through the window, or are they doomed to the kitchen for the entirety of their lease? You’re not chained to the stove if you want some great burgers in your apartment. The solution is often an outdoor electric grill, which will not only cook up delicious renderings of burgers and grilled veggies, but will also save you a great amount of time cooking them.

Why You’ll Love Your Electric Grill

Because electric grills are so efficient, they will give you more time to spend with loved ones and friends. The bonus? They’re also incredibly easy to clean up afterwards.

While some outdoor grills come ready in a box, others will be assembled by yourself or your buddies in your apartment. Because they run on electricity, you’ll never run out of coal or charcoal, and you’ll always be able to get the right temperature fairly easily, depending on your model or brand. You’ll also really be able to cut down on the food waste; each burger or set of asparagus twigs will be cooked separately, allowing you to cook only what you need.

With an electric grill, your burger or steak will heat evenly because of the heating elements and it will also cook faster. The heating elements heat up fairly quickly, so you won’t be sitting around waiting for them to be ready.

Apartment rules vary, but it’s safe to say that outdoor electric grills are the safest alternative to other types of grills for apartment and townhouse residents, and they don’t release any harmful gases into the air.

Made from non-stick surfaces, they’re easy to use and just as easy to clean up when you’ve finished your meal, whether you’re cooking for eight or two.

Choosing Your Electric Grill Available Today

When you’re choosing your electric grill, you’ll notice we’ve come a long way since the George Foreman infomercial day. Today there are tabletop grills and portable grills, grills set up on cart, griddles and built-in grills.

The type of electric grill you choose for the outdoors will likely depending on your budget. Most of the small grills are a bit too basic for people who enjoy grilling outdoors, which is why many people look to their favorite charcoal grilling brands for alternatives that offer a more authentic experience. The best electric grill for outdoors, after all, depends on your taste and lifestyle. We’ll go over a few of them to help you make your decision and find the very best electric grill for your outdoor grilling needs.

Tabletop Electric Grills

When it comes to the electric grill, George Foreman will always be the master. He pretty much invented the tabletop grill we think of today, and he’s still considered a master. The countertop electric grill is one of the most important parts of college life for many young chefs that don’t want to sacrifice quality. A portable electric grill is a great way to enjoy home cooked food when you’re time crunched and interested in a good way to experience contact grilling. Stand-alone electric grills are also a good way to cook veggies if you’re pressed for time.

Electric barbecue grills also exist in the form of smokers, however, we’ll probably explore that one in a different article in order to keep this article as brief as possible.

Grill NameWeightTemp ControlDimensionsPowerPrice
Char-Broil TRU Infrared Electric Grill54 lbsYes25.6x39.8x39.8 in1750 W Check Price
Weber 55020001 Q 2400 Electric Grill42 lbsYes25.1x31.5x26 in1560 W Check Price
Easy Street Electric Cart Grill42 lbsYes21.5x50x40.5 in1500 W Check Price
Cuisinart Outdoor Electric Tabletop Grill13 lbsYes18.6x11.8x17.6 in1500 W Check Price
HAOONE Portable Automatic BBQ Grill Rotisserie6.65 lbs-24.7x3.8x2.6 inPower Bank Check Price
George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill21 lbsYes22.2x20.5x13 in1600 W Check Price

Outdoor Electric Grill #1:

  • I’ll start with this one, which is extremely popular with those who want all the bells and whistles. This stainless steel electric grill is on par with many of the charcoal electric grills you’ll see at parties and tailgate setups.
  • This Char Broil grill has two shelves and eight to twelve hamburger capacities, and is hands-down the best electric grill for those who love to host parties.

Outdoor Electric Grill #2:

  • This is one of the favorites of outdoors grilling enthusiasts. It’s compact with a stainless steel electric grill. The cord stretches six feet. This Weber electric grill is one of the favorites of tailgaters and party hosts, too.

Outdoor Electric Grill #3:

  • This outdoor electric grill is one of the best outdoor grills out there. For those who are curious, it’s a Meco electric grill that’s been featured in a few pop culture magazines for men.

Outdoor Electric Grill #4:

  • Only found in discount stores, this is a favorite for low-budget families going camping or tailgating at baseball games.
  • This is a great grill for part hosts who want to specialize in barbeque but don’t have the capability of an open flame to cook their skewered food. This grill is best used for game nights and parties, while the Weber grills are most suited to family meals.

Outdoor Electric Grill #6:

  • This is a great grill to cook up family meals both indoors and outdoors, featuring a tray that melts the fat away and the added authenticity of the shape and feel of a regular fire grill. Your family will love this!

Electric Grilling: The Taste is Up to You

There are many ways to add smoky flavor to your food, whether you’re using a rub or soaking it in your favorite flavors. Once you choose your electric grill, it’s time to start exploring the flavors you can add to your recipes.

There are many websites on the web that you can explore to learn more. Better Homes and Gardens has a few recipes that can get you started.

And what will be the best outdoor electric grill next year? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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