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Best Bella Electric Griddles in 2022

Best Bella electric griddle

Electric griddles are the best and the safest way for an indoor cooking solution. Electric griddles come in many different shapes and sizes. Unlike gas or charcoal grills, these electric griddles are smokeless. They are also completely environment-friendly. There are many brands that come to mind when we talk about electric grills. Each tabletop grill has its own special features. These range from nonstick to different tray features. In this article, we will look at the top 4 best Bella electric griddle reviews. Bella Housewares is a private independent company with its headquarters in Cape Town.

Let’s start with a comparison.

The Top 4 Bella Electric Griddle in 2022

Electric Griddles NameCooking SurfaceWattageItem dimensionsPrice
BELLA Titanium Coated Electric Griddle10.5 x 20.0 square inches150023.1x11.4x2.8 in Check Price
BELLA Electric Skillet with Copper Titanium Coating12.0 x 12.0 square inches120016.7x12.2x7.9 in Check Price
Bella 8-In-1 Grill9.5 x 9.0 square inches150013x17x10 in Check Price
BELLA 2-in-1 Reversible Grill Griddle Combo15.5 x 11.3 square inches150020.5x13x3.5 in Check Price

Bella Electric Griddle #1:

  • This Bella electric griddle is a unique cooking innovation that has 1500 watts of heating capabilities. It also has easy to touch cool handles. The base is made to such convenience that their grip is perfect for flipping pancakes. It has a re-attachable probe that allows the user to conveniently control temperature settings.
  • The construction of the griddle is such with a ceramic nonstick surface that allows it to be eight times stronger. It also cooks thirty percent faster than other nonstick ones. The size of the griddle makes it a family size one. This allows it to cook large sums of food on one go.
  • This griddle allows the use of metal utensils on its surface. Not only are these metal utensils completely safe to use on these griddles. They also make sure that the heated plastic does not get into the food, making it dangerous. The specially coated griddle allows up to 850 degrees of heat. This means that the burnt food items will be fairly easy to get off.
  • The griddle weighs around 3.88 pounds. The power cable easily comes off and the grill can be washed without difficulty. The griddle heats up evenly throughout and there are no cold spots left. The griddle heats up fast and once work is over, a wet towel can clean it. The size of these griddle is perfect so its storage is fairly easy and does not takes up much space.

Bella Electric Griddle #2:

  • This Bella electric griddle has the unique feature of a 1200 watt heating arrangement. This skillet has a cast aluminum base with makes it safe a secure. It also has a glass lid that is completely dishwasher friendly and thus easy to wash. The handles are cool to touch, with makes them easy for gripping and flipping.
  • The skillet has a ceramic nonstick coating that allows it to be eight times more long-lasting. It also makes the cooking process a lot easier and much faster than random skillets. The skillet has a copper titanium coating that makes it stronger and much more immune to scratches from metal utensils.
  • This skillet is a must for kitchen use as it is a multi-functional unit. It can perform many cooking tasks such as fry something, roast, steam and even it can be used for baking items. It is great for any family meal time such as breakfast, lunch, dinner or even midnight snack.
  • This skillet cooks all the meals evenly and the heating reaches the entire skillet evenly with no high or low uneven spots. It is perfect for indoor smokeless cooking. These skillets are a perfect choice for any transitional cooks or even professionals. These skillets will, without doubt, make your grilling experience fun and hustle free. The clean up afterwards would be even easier since the skillet’s base is immersible in water.

Bella Electric Griddle #3:

  • This unique Bella electric griddle has many features attached to this single product. This griddle is an 8 in 1 griddle. The eight features include two quesadilla plates, two reversible Panini/omelet plates, two waffle plates, and two reversible griddle/grill plates. Plus the added feature of the storage rack is exceptional too.
  • The plates that come with the griddle are double-sided and are off 9.5 inches square. This size is perfect for family sized brunches. The griddle not only comes with these eight amazing features installed but also with a manual booklet. This booklet helps in demonstrating which temperature to use for each of the different items involved.
  • The grill also has a chart on it that state the perfect temperature and durations for which the meat, vegetable, and waffles should cook for. This time duration can easily adjust once the user gets familiar with the temperature settings. This grill is for sure nonstick and has a convenient use. It is super easy to clean it too.
  • The best part of these grills is the grease drain system. Each plate has with a corner drain and there are also two mini grease bottles. The two plates has a total cooking space of 171 square inches. The grill does not have a lock to it but the lid is fairly heavy which means the weight pushes it down and closes easily.

Bella Electric Griddle #4:

  • This Bella grill/griddle is one of a kind two 2 in 1 grill. The plates are dual sided and easily reversible as well. The cooking on these griddle is amazingly speedy and even on all edges. The temperature control is useful so it becomes very easy to adjust and set the temperatures on the displayed meter.
  • It has a ceramic coating evenly on its surface which makes it completely nonstick. This feature also allows it to be a lot stronger (approximately 5 times more). It also makes the grill cook faster, about 20 percent quicker and much more efficiently than the regular grills.
  • The grill has such durable and long lasting substances, that it is scratch resistant from metal utensils. Also, this makes it safe and healthy for cooking meals. The best part of this grill is that it is large in size. The size is a complete family size that can cook much more food at a time. The surface is large enough that a largest of ten eggs can cook on them at a time. The size of this cooking surface is 15.5 x 11.3 inches.
  • Another very significant feature is its drain holes and there is a tray that can be slide out which saves the countertops from any dripping. This reduces the grease and fat, thus leaving the cooking to be much healthier and safe. The heating probe is removable and then the cooking surface can be easily clean up in the dishwasher.


All of these griddles by Bella are special in their own way. They are very handy and good looking. They also have many great qualities from being nonstick to all in one feature. Grab your Best Bella electric griddle for your cooking needs!

And what will be the best Bella electric griddle in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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