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Best Countertop Electric Griddles in 2022

Best countertop electric griddle

Waking up in the morning seems to be getting harder every day! Maybe if we had something to look forward to then getting out of our warm bed wouldn’t be so hard! What about a large, filling breakfast, something delicious that you can throw together in minutes! We have something to work towards, and now what do we do? What we need is something efficient and quick, something to help us cook up a storm without making too much of a mess. And if you’re looking for something like that then you need to get yourself the best countertop electric griddle.

You’re in luck because we’re about to discuss our list of the best countertop electric griddles. But first!

Why would I want a smokeless griddle in my kitchen?

There are a number of reasons why you would opt for a smokeless griddle! For starters, if you don’t have a lot of space to work with then smoke can be an issue. There is barely enough room as it is so any amount of smoke would make standing in the kitchen impossible.

At moments like this, a smokeless griddle can only make life easier. And for another thing, you might have breathing problems. In such a case you can never tell what kind of a scent or atmosphere sets you off. If so, a smokeless griddle will solve most of your problems when it comes to walking into an active kitchen. Let’s get started with our list of the best countertop electric griddles.

The Top 5 Countertop Electric Griddle in 2022

Electric Griddle NameWeightTemp ControlDimensionsMaterialsPrice
Hamilton Beach 3 in 1 Electric Grill & Griddle9.3 lbsYes12.5x23.0x6.7 inAluminum Check Price
Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle6.5 lbsYes11.5x26.2x2.5 inAluminum Check Price
GOTHAM STEEL Electric Grill & Griddle4.93 lbsYes17.3x15x3.9 inAluminum Check Price
Waring Commercial WGR140 Electric Griddle41.2 lbsYes22.2x17.0x9.8 inStainless Steel Check Price
Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Griddle6.45 lbsYes4x24.0x13.4 inCeramic Check Price

Countertop Electric Griddle #1:

  • If you are looking for one of the best countertop electric griddles then Hamilton Beach is a good start! This is a company that brings you all the features you need all in one place.
  • This electric griddle comes with reversible grids that quickly snap in and out. Imagine being in the middle of a cook when someone switches an order on you! This could have been a problem before but not now. You can switch out the grill for the griddle or the other way around in seconds.
  • With this electric griddle, you get two cooking areas, each with adjustable heat. So you can toast bread on one while you fry eggs on the other! You can manage both at the same time.
  • And you don’t have to worry about oil spills on your clean counters. There is a center channel that runs between both grids to catch excess oil and grease. From here the grease runs right into a detachable drip tray.
  • Both the reversible grids and the drip tray are removable not to mention dishwasher friendly. After a quick breakfast, you can treat yourself to a quick cleanup!

Countertop Electric Griddle #2:

  • This electric griddle from Presto earns its place as one of the best countertop electric griddles. Here is how:
  • This electric griddle comes with a wide space for cooking a large meal. You can make good use of all this space to cook two or three items at the same time. Or you can fry up a massive platter of eggs for breakfast! With this much space, you can do it all.
  • The removable handles are a real asset when you’re short on space. Once the handles are removed off this griddle you can fit it into any standard 18” cabinet.
  • Besides being good for storage this feature can also be useful around clean up time. After removing the handles you can immerse the cooking tray in the sink for a soak before a quick scrub! Or you can simply remove the heat control and put the griddle in the dishwasher.
  • The wide cooking surface is completely non-stick. You can enjoy toast and eggs without worrying about leaving some on your cooking plate. The Control Master on this product makes your hovering over the stove unnecessary. The Control Master maintains the desired heat automatically to keep your food safe from burning.
  • Not only is that but the heavy cast aluminum base practically warp-proof. And you don’t need any tools to remove the handles. All you need to do is open the latch clips to detach the handles! There is also a removable drip tray that catches extra oil and grease. You can slide it out easily for a quick cleaning before the next cook.

Countertop Electric Griddle #3:

  • This portable electric grill/griddle from Gotham Steel pulls apart for easy storage and cleaning. You can be satisfied with a clean and sanitary cooking surface for each cook! This and other features make this product one of the best countertop electric griddles.
  • Another great feature on this electric grill/griddle is that it can prepare your barbeque completely smoke-free! You don’t have to stand around coughing up the smoke while you wait for the perfect cook.
  • When speaking of the perfect cook we can’t forget that this electric grill delivers an evenly heated cooking surface. The non-stick ceramic surface on this electric grill gives you the perfect cook without too much effort.
  • And just how many times have you ended up burning your fingers trying to get dinner on the table? Burnt fingers are a thought of the past with the cool touch handles on this electric griddle. This electric griddle also includes a heat-proof frame with a griddle insert.
  • Not only does this electric griddle come with a solid aluminum construction but it is also PTFE, PFOA, and PFOS-free. With this electric grill/griddle, you get a nice, clean and stable cooking surface. The base of this electric grill can be wiped clean and the removable parts are dishwasher friendly.

Countertop Electric Griddle #4:

  • This countertop griddle from Waring is made from dependable stainless steel. And the cooking surface on this countertop griddle is perfect for frying eggs, chicken, vegetables and more. Because with the evenly heated cooking surface on this griddle you can manage all of them with a perfect cook.
  • One of the main reasons this griddle is on our best countertop electric griddles list is its design. This electric griddle comes with extra tall splash guards to catch oil spills on three sides. And it also features an 11-inch, fully removable grease tray. This electric griddle is an important investment for anyone with a catering or cooking venture.
  • You can cook up platters of food on this commercial electric griddle while avoiding messy spills. And the stainless steel can be cleaned quickly and efficiently.

Countertop Electric Griddle #5:

  • The best feature on this electric griddle from Oster is the titanium-infused DuraCeramic coating. This non-stick coating lasts eight times as long as any other protective non-stick surface. This durable non-stick surface is completely safe to cook on and meets all safety standards. It is natural and PTFE and PTFOA-free. This coating will not flake or peel under your cooking utensils.
  • You are assured a cook time that is 30% faster than the average non-stick electric griddle. For that reason, if nothing else this is undoubtedly one of the best countertop electric griddles. This griddle also has a removable, adjustable temperature control that you can use to set the right temperature. And that’s not even the best part!
  • This electric griddle comes with a warming tray that keeps your food warm while you’re waiting for the guests to arrive. This electric griddle has earned its place on the list of the best countertop electric griddles!


Food isn’t something to be taken lightly. If prepared right your breakfast can carry you through an entire day on a burst of energy. But for the right kind of breakfast you need the best equipment. We have given you a list of the best countertop electric griddles. These griddles will save you space, time and deliver a smokeless cook. You can’t go wrong with any one of them!

And what will be the best countertop electric griddle in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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