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Best Electric Frying Griddle in 2022

Best electric frying griddle

For people who are interested in easy cooking and healthy eating, griddles are a great option. Frying pans were the old thing and they seemed highly inconvenient. Now, the electric frying griddles are a better option to fry almost anything. These griddles are most of the time nonstick and are easier to maintain than frying pans.

Find out which is the best electric frying griddle that will make it easier to prepare your favorite fried food. The best of them will have features that stand out to make it easier to prepare food.

Why is the frying griddle a good choice?

Frying griddles are usually made of ceramic or other nonchemical materials that make it a safe option to cook. The best electric frying griddles hold features to allow the food to keep its flavor and maintain health benefits.

Best electric frying griddle in 2022

Griddle NameWeightTemp ControlDimensionsPowerPrice
Hamilton Beach Ceramic Skillet7.6 lbsYes12x8x21 inN/A Check Price
Elite Cuisine EFS-400 Electric Skillet1 lbsYes7.5x6.25x9 in600 W Check Price
Presto 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet20 lbsYes23x13x9 inN/A Check Price
BELLA Electric Skillet 4.74 lbsYes16.73x12.2x7.87 in1200 W Check Price
Elite Gourmet Electric Skillet with Glass Lid9.38 lbsYes18x14x8 in1200 W Check Price

Electric Frying Griddle #1:

  • The Hamilton Beach Skillet is one of the best electric frying griddles that you will find in the market. It has a surface of ceramic which is safe and nonstick for all kinds of healthy foods. The ceramic makes the griddle longer lasting than regular griddles. It also reduces the chances of peeling and cracking of the nonstick layer.
  • The pan is about 3 inches deep that allows you to make a number of different recipes like lasagna. The cooking space is about 12 x 15 inches. You have plenty of room but the skillet does not become very hefty. You will love the settings for the temperature of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, you can use this griddle to keep food warm until it is time to serve it. The skillet is made safe from harmful chemicals and components that are very common in nonstick pans.

Electric Frying Griddle #2:

  • The Elite Cuisine Electric Skillet is a compact size design, perfect for any kitchen space which makes it one of the best electric frying griddles. It has the space to fit about 32 oz. of food in one go. The griddle is made nonstick so that health-conscious people can enjoy food without grease and the food does not stick to the pan and lose its flavor. Moreover, the glass lid that comes with this skillet is tempered glass which stays heatproof and allows users to see what stage their food is at. The knob tends to stay cool so that you do not burn your hand while uncovering the skillet. The locking handle of the skillet is also made removable. It makes cleaning and storage easy.
  • In addition, you will find it convenient to adjust the temperature of the pan without any problems. It can surely cook any kind of breakfast item and almost anything that needs deep or shallow frying. These features make it one of the best electric frying griddles.

Electric Frying Griddle #3:

  • One of the most unique and fine features is that it saves a lot more energy than gas griddles and regular electric griddles. It is easy on maintenance by being safe for dishwashers and by the easy removal of the heat controlling system. The skillet comes with a glass cover which helps in checking on the food.
  • Unlike many other skillets, this griddle is nonstick in and out. You can enjoy healthy food by cooking inside and make sure that there is no stain tough enough to stick on the outside. The stylish design allows you to serve directly on the table without shifting dishes. The cooking surface is about 16 inches and it allows you to cook almost anything that you prefer.

Electric Frying Griddle #4:

  • Unlike for regular skillets, the coating is not only ceramic but it is ceramic copper titanium coating. This feature allows the food to be cooked much faster as the heat is retained well in the skillet. The durability also increases by about 8 times as it can withhold temperatures up to 850 degrees. The coating is deemed highly safe to the users and to the environment as it contains no harmful layers.
  • Furthermore, the skillet can easily be washed without worrying about the coating or ruining it. There is a tempered glass cover that is also dishwasher safe. It helps you check up on your food without having to open the lid over and over again. The cooking surface is 12 by 12 inches which are plenty of room for a family in the house. This skillet can cook almost anything and also be served on the dining table with its style.

Electric Frying Griddle #5:

  • The Maximatic Elite Platinum Electric Skillet has a depth and cooking surface of about 8 quarts. The thermostat on this griddle allows you to set any temperature that you prefer. The M shaped heating element allows the heat to be distributed evenly to the whole skillet and cook food faster without losing the flavors. The skillet can easily be separated from the heating section to be in the water for easy cleaning and storage.
  • Nonetheless, there is an easy pour spout that allows easy drainage of oil and grease used. The skillet is made with a thick cast aluminum body that prevents rusting. The knobs and handles on this griddle are made to stay cool no matter what the temperature is. These great features in the comfort of your home make it one of the best electric frying griddles.


There are many different frying griddles available in the market. However, we have handpicked the ones that we have added to our list of the best electric frying griddle. Moreover, you can test them and find out how they make a huge difference in cooking as well as the flavors of the food. Our top pick is Hamilton Beach because the versatility of this skillet makes it highly commendable.

And what will be the best electric frying griddle in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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