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Best Good Electric Griddle in 2022

Best good electric griddle

The summer is here, who doesn’t want to crack open a cold beverage and stand under the sun to cook a meal? With all the days that we’ve spent inside in the cold weather, it’s nice to take advantage of the warm weather. It’s always nice to call over a few friends and start grilling.

We have assembled for you a list of our best picks for the best good electric griddles. All of them have varying features that set them apart from one another, it is best to see which one our picks is best suited for you.

What makes a good electric griddle?

What actually makes a good electric griddle? We have been asked this question multiple times. We think that there are some features that an electric griddle must possess for it to be considered one of the best. First and foremost I’d say that it needs to have a non-stick cooking surface. The nonstick coating must be highly durable and not be susceptible to easy cracking. It should also have a large surface area that can easily cook for a large number of people. We also believe that a great electric griddle should also have accessories that are dishwasher safe. This makes it easy to clean. It should also have a drip tray that is removable and dishwasher safe.

Best good electric griddle in 2022

Griddle NameWeightTemp ControlDimensionsPowerPrice
Presto 07072 Slimline Griddle9.1 lbsYes14.43x25.31x1.75 in 1500 W Check Price
Tilt 'n' Drain Big Griddle8 lbsYes23x17.5x3.5 inN/A Check Price
Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler13.3 lbsYes14.6x15.7x7.6 in1800 W Check Price
Oster Titanium Electric Griddle5.8 lbsYes4x24x13.4 in1450 W Check Price
Hamilton Beach 38519 Beach Griddle5.7 lbsYes10.7x3.5x26.5 in1200 W Check Price

Good Electric Griddle #1:

  • The Presto 07072 Griddle features a large cooking area that makes it convenient for cooking for the entire family. It has a nonstick surface of the highest quality that ensures that the food you cook is healthy. It is perfect for cooking any and all meals of the day. This griddle is suited for gatherings like setting up buffet services. It has a cooking surface of 13×22 inches. The cooking tray of the griddle is made of heavy cast aluminum that is essentially warp-proof.
  • It has a very slim design that makes it very easy to store. It even has a master heat control that helps to maintain the temperature of the cooking surface according to what was set on the master control. This temperature is maintained automatically. The griddle also has a slide out drip tray that can be removed and stores all the excess grease from the food that you’re cooking.

Good Electric Griddle #2:

  • This is a big electric griddle with a large cooking surface. Its large surface area makes it very well suited for large gatherings. It even has a square shape that makes it very efficient and makes heat distribution very effective. The square shape means that you can place more items onto the grill with convenience. It also provides up to 50% more cooking space than the traditional rectangular griddles.
  • The grill features a Cool-Touch Base. This makes it very safe to use. It also has handles on both sides that remain cool no matter how long the griddle is heated for. You can easily adjust the grill without having to worry about burning yourself.
  • The griddle also features a slide-out drip tray that catches all of the runs off excess grease from the food you cook. This means that the food you cook isn’t excessively oily and is perfectly healthy. Its non-stick surface means that it is very easy to clean and convenient to handle. It even has a master temperature control that automatically maintains the set temperature. The grill also features a built-in backstop ledge for convenient food handling.

Good Electric Griddle #3:

  • The Cuisinart GR-150 takes the definition of the word ‘Deluxe’ to a whole other level. It features six enticing cooking options that can be shifted into and out of at a moment’s notice. This gives the chef complete and absolute control over the meal. The grill can be used to make anything and everything from breakfast sausages and eggs to lunch meats and sandwiches to dinner.
  • The griddle also allows the chef the ability to use the grill just as they seem fit. This is allowed by the fact that the grill has double temperature control for 2 separate zones on the grill. It has an extra-large cooking surface that makes it well suited for feeding a large number of people including those at a casual gathering of friends or family.
  • The grill is especially presentable and makes it great for use with the company. It adds a little something extra to your get-togethers. It is also very entertainment-friendly. Its accessories are all dishwasher safe. This reduces your cleanup time significantly. It easily has enough power to sear your steaks to that absolute perfection that you crave.

Good Electric Griddle #4:

  • The Oster Griddle features a non-stick surface that is said to be four times as durable as that on any other griddle, this means that it won’t peel or flake off. The grill is known for its large cooking surface of 10×18 inches. This means that you can easily cook a meal for your entire family in one go. It is very safe and is PFOA and PTFE free, this allows you to be able to make pancakes, eggs or just about anything on this griddle.
  • The grill also claims to cook food 20% faster than other regular griddles, all while preserving the great flavor of your food. The grill also features a removable temperature control that can be used to set the temperature of the grill to however high you want it. This is because different meats cook better at different temperatures. This allows you to cook your every meal to perfection.
  • One of its most convenient features, however, is that it comes with a warming tray that helps to keep your cooked food warm before and during serving.

Good Electric Griddle #5:

  • The Hamilton features a non-stick coating that is four times more durable than that found on other griddles. Hamilton Beach is known for their durable products that are suited for all occasions. This grill is incredibly strong and durable, it is PTFE and PFOA free, it also won’t crack and peel.
  • What makes this griddle stand out above the rest in our list is that it can be plugged in from either side, this means that you can set it up any way you want without having to use an extension cord. You can easily attach the power supply from any side of the grill.
  • It also has a large cooking surface of about 200 square inches, this means that you can cook a large amount of food at a time very conveniently. The adjustable temperature control allows for temperature adjustment anywhere from 200-400 degrees.
  • The grill also has a drip tray that catches all the grease and is removable and dishwasher safe. It is also very easy to clean and store.


There are no absolutes comparison with our top pick with Oster Griddle when it comes to picking out the best griddle. It is perfectly suited for many of us. What griddle suites your needs best is something that only you know. We have reviewed all our picks for the best good griddles. It is now up to you to decide which one of these suits you best.

And what will be the best good electric griddle in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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