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Best High-End Electric Griddle in 2022

Best high end electric griddle

You must have heard about griddles but what are they actually? An electric griddle is not only used for pancakes but many delicious burgers and sandwiches can be cooked. Perfectly made pancakes can be made over this griddle on a smooth surface and in multiple quantities at a time. Moreover, it can also be used as a food warmer when all the other stoves are full.

Let’s know what features make the best high-end electric griddle and what the top choices are available.

What Makes One Electric Griddle High-End?

The best high-end electric griddle must be constructed with a good quality material such as stainless steel or non-stick coating. The stove top is the basic necessity that must be low on maintenance. The best high-end electric griddle should have the high power that can reach maximum 600°F of temperature.

Best high-end electric griddle in 2022

Griddle NameWeightTemp ControlDimensionsPowerPrice
Koval Inc. 15" Electric Griddle45 lbsYes17.7x14.2x9.8 in1500 W Check Price
Waring Commercial Electric Griddle41.2 lbsYes22.2x17x9.8 in1800 W Check Price
Vollrath 36" Electric Griddle110 lbsYes20x36x11 in8400 W Check Price
Broil King Professional Griddle8.15 lbsYes13x29x6 inN/A Check Price
Grindmaster-Cecilware Electric Griddle117 lbsYes12.1x21.5x17.5 in3600 W Check Price

High-End Electric Griddle #1:

  • Koval Inc. has been providing great materials ever since their inception. They have upgraded their products and leveled up a high-quality electric griddle. It is constructed with stainless steel with cast iron cooking area. Perfect cooking area of 15 inches lets you cook multiple items at a time. The results being divine and similar but excellent finish as of a simple stove. The best part is its low maintenance where it does not require a lot of hard work. The removable grease tray allows easy cleaning which may work as the best high-end electric griddle of all time.
  • The material used in the construction is heavy duty and rust protected. It is made sturdy and durable for commercial use. It can be used to cook any kind of food item that you like. Moreover, its design is very well thought. The sides are assisted by splash guards to protect the person cooking and the cooking area from hot oil. Whereas, its temperature range is from 122°F-572°F. It can be moved easily as it weighs quite less than other griddles.

High-End Electric Griddle #2:

  • Waring has a well-designed commercial electric griddle and a perfect countertop addition. It does not take larger space and does not occupy much of the countertop. This countertop griddle is available in stainless steel for high-quality. Its stove top is also made of steel. The best of it is the removable grease tray of 14 inches. The griddle is perfect for cooking multiple items at a time and give the result of perfection. No more worries regarding maintenance. Moreover, there are three tall splash guards on the sides of the stove top for protection from hot oil spills. All made of stainless steel protected from rust.
  • This countertop high-end electric griddle is made to last long due to its high quality. Its knob can turn the heat up to 570°F. With this amount of limit, you may feel relaxed as you can cook anything at any time. This can prove it is being one of the best high-end electric griddles you look forward to. This whole item is very easy to setup and use.

High-End Electric Griddle #3:

  • Vollrath has always been unique and this time they have come up with the Cayenne Series. It is designed for professional use but you can also use it at homes. This Vollrath equipment is made wholly from stainless steel and the stove top warms up evenly. Its 36 inches heavy duty stove top is protected from rust and corrosion. Also, its weight is similar to that of a professional griddle used in the restaurants.
  • The best part is the independent manual controls that let you control each part with different temperatures. You can make different types of food at one time with different heating levels. This heavy-duty stainless steel griddle possesses four stainless steel legs. Its design is made to go with any kitchen style, it will just fit in perfectly with the kitchen design.

High-End Electric Griddle #4:

  • Broil King Portable Non-Stick Griddle is very convenient for use in a kitchen. The brand has tried forming a simple but very useful griddle that can almost make any food you crave. It has quite a large space to cook multiple food items. Its stove top is flat and coated with non-stick material. It easily gets warm and starts cooking in no time.
  • The structure is supported by rear legs that stabilizes the griddle and also facilitates grease run-off. Stainless steel handles support to hold the griddle and move it easily. These handles do not get hot with the stove top.
  • This whole griddle requires low maintenance as its grease tray can be removed with the knob. You can carry it around easily due to its very lightweight. It can reach the temperature of 425°F. As protection comes first, it has splash guards saving from spilling hot oil. This griddle is designed for the best quality high-end electric griddle. You sure love to cook when you use this portable griddle.

High-End Electric Griddle #5:

  • Grindmaster electric griddle has great design and structure that helps in cooking food and warming it. This is specially designed for making perfect pancakes, sandwiches, and burgers. You can also make a lot of different items at a time. It is constructed of stainless steel with the stove top being of steel. It is made rust and corrosion resistant for its long lasting life.
  • In addition, this griddle has secure on and off button. Its temperature can reach up to 570°F being used to cook a lot of items. Its grease tray is removable and can be washed without causing stains on the tray. The tray has 34 inches in length. For easy use, it contains two knobs and on/off buttons that enable you to use them according to your need.


Who does not love a well-designed and full of features griddle in their kitchen? Most of the people have in mind that griddles are only used for making scrumptious breakfast but a best high-end electric griddle can astonish you in different ways.

And what will be the best high-end electric griddle in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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