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Best Stainless Steel Electric Griddles in 2022

Best stainless steel electric griddle

In this modern world of convenience why settle for less when you can get the best? For years people have struggled to cook on difficult appliances. You can’t help but wonder what went wrong when you end up staring at a plate of burnt eggs. Even when you were as careful as possible your vegetables still have a charred taste that is neither appetizing nor intentional.

Cooking should not be such a painful ordeal! Luckily with the right equipment, it no longer is. If you’re looking for a cooking surface that will deliver a quick and perfect cook time then stick around! Hopefully, you will find something you like on our list of the best stainless steel electric griddles.

But first!

Why should I get a stainless steel griddle?

You might have noticed a lot of products nowadays are made from stainless steel. One big reason is that stainless steel is very strong and durable. Products made from stainless steel will last you a long time in excellent condition.

Another reason why it is so popular is that stainless steel in any room provides an elegant appeal. With stainless steel counters or paneling, you always get a clean and fresh look.

But one of the biggest reasons you should get a stainless steel griddle is the cleanliness value. Stainless steel could be splattered in used oil or drowned in the sauce: it will survive.

Professional kitchens use stainless steel for their cooking utensils because they are so easy to maintain. With a good wiping, you can get stainless looking good as new.

The Top 5 Stainless Steel Electric Griddle in 2022

Griddle NameWeightTemp ControlDimensionsPowerPrice
Koval Inc. 15" Electric Griddle Countertop Grill36 lbsYes20.5x16.8x11.4 in1500 W Check Price
Broil King PCG-10 Professional Portable Griddle8.15 lbsYes13x29x6 inN/A Check Price
Belovedkai Electric Countertop Griddle Grill33.1 lbsYes21.65x9.06x16.93 in1500 W Check Price
Cuisinart GR-4NAMZ Electric Griddler10 lbsYes16x9x13.9 in1500 W Check Price
UniWorld 20" Stainless Steel Electric Griddle57 lbsYes20x18.5x8.5 in1600 W Check Price

Stainless Steel Electric Griddle #1:

  • If you’re looking for a good stainless steel griddle then you need to check out this product from Koval Inc. It is undoubtedly one of the best stainless steel electric griddles on the market and here are the reasons why.
  • This electric griddle is made from premium grade stainless steel. You can depend on this quality to give you a lasting endurance. The stainless steel on this electric griddle has been crafted into solid construction.
  • The construction on this product is durable and reliable balancing the weight on four, sturdy legs. These legs will give your electric griddle the perfect support and elevation.
  • Just think of all the different foods you will be able to cook! You could fry up eggs, toast bread for sandwiches or cook steaks. You can even use this electric griddle to quickly toss up some vegetables on the side.
  • On top of all that the stainless steel makes cleanup a breeze. With this electric griddle, a thorough wipe down will allow you to get it prepped for the next cooking shift. This stainless steel electric griddle also comes with a removable grease tray.
  • This grease tray collects the extra oil left over from cooking and minimizes grease spills on counters. You can remove this tray for quick and convenient cleaning.

Stainless Steel Electric Griddle #2:

  • This product by Broil King is one of the best stainless steel electric griddles thanks to the innovative non-stick material. The non-stick coating on this electric griddle is durable and environmentally friendly. You don’t have to worry about using this electric griddle thinking about the strong chemicals used to make the old non-stick materials. This non-stick coating is perfectly safe to cook on.
  • One of the best features on this electric griddle is the removable parts. This electric griddle comes with a convenient stainless steel backsplash. While you’re in business this backsplash will protect your walls from oil splatters!
  • When talking about perfect construction we need to mention the sturdy legs on this stainless steel electric griddle. These legs support the griddle fully while also facilitating grease run-off.
  • The excess grease is collected in the handy removable grease tray. This is another part that is easy to remove when it is cleanup time.
  • The cooking area on this product is wide. You can fry up a large amount of food on this 21”x12” electric griddle. And the best part is that you can remove the temperature probe and completely immerse the cooking plate in the sink for soaking.
  • The temperature control delivers adjustable heat up to 400 degrees. This electric griddle delivers the perfect cooking temperature that you can adjust according to your preference.
  • Surely all of these great features ensure that this is one of the best stainless electric griddles out there? If you’re still not convinced then you should know that this electric griddle comes with cool-touch stainless steel handles.

Stainless Steel Electric Griddle #3:

  • The construction of this electric griddle makes it one of the best stainless steel electric griddles hands down! This electric griddle from Belovedkai is made from state of the art, high-end stainless steel.
  • The stainless steel construction on this electric griddle makes it appealing to look at and easy to use. Not only has that but the compact shape of this griddle made it convenient to place on your counter.
  • This electric griddle is equipped with the best when it comes to temperature control. The thermostat can be adjusted according to your preference. You can expect an evenly heated cooking surface to help prepare the perfect meal. These controls utilize the latest technology to take up the least amount of energy while cooking.
  • With this electric griddle, you can expect the best oil draining system. A removable oil tray collects excess oil that drips down from a convenient drip hole. The removable drip tray makes cleanup effortless.
  • This electric griddle can be used to cook a wide range of foods. With the commercial design, you can get it for your restaurant or catering business without hesitation.
  • You can use the wide cooking surface to get out a large amount of well-cooked food in very little time.

Stainless Steel Electric Griddle #4:

  • If you’re looking for a product that will be worth your money then you need to look no further. This electric griddle from Cuisinart is an incredible 5-in-1 product. It can be used as a full grill, full griddle, half grill/griddle, contact grill and a Panini press!
  • Each and every single piece on this electric griddle has been formed from flawless stainless steel. The body and Panini handle are durable and easy to clean. You can also adjust the floating cover to fit the thickness of your food. Needless to say that this is undoubtedly one of the best stainless steel electric griddles.
  • This electric griddle comes with reversible cooking plates designed to help drain excess grease. The channels along these cooking plates lead the excess oil into the integrated drip tray. You can expect your food to come out perfectly cooked without dripping with oil.
  • You might think that operating such a powerful machine might be hard. But that is not true because this electric griddle comes with adjustable heat controls that are easy to master!
  • It even has indicator lights that tell you if the required temperature is reached or the machine is switched on. The complete set includes gourmet recipes and a scraping tool.
  • And if you think that’s impressive then you should know that all removable parts are dishwasher friendly. Thus, it ensures a spot on the list of the best stainless steel electric griddles for the Cuisinart 5-in-1.

Stainless Steel Electric Griddle #5:

  • This electric countertop griddle from UniWorld is a strong contender for the best stainless steel electric griddle.
  • It is strong and durable made from premium stainless steel. This electric griddle has an open design that makes cleaning it faster and quicker.
  • The same wide cooking surface can come very useful in commercial kitchens. You can utilize this space to cook a large amount of food without worrying about the quality.
  • The surface of this electric griddle heats evenly to produce the perfect cooking. Each piece of food will be well-done and delicious to eat. The controls on this electric griddle are easy to learn and master.
  • With this electric griddle, you get a wide and tall splash guard that protects your walls against oil spills. While the tapering design makes it easier for the excess grease to pool into the drip tray. The drip tray on this electric griddle is removable and easy to clean.
  • This electric griddle is balanced on a set of sturdy legs that provide the perfect elevation. Not only that but the stainless steel build make cleanup a matter of minutes.


Some people find cooking to be a very personal activity. It is a time for you to get your creative juices flowing and let loose. At the same time having equipment that doesn’t perform quite at your level can be frustrating.

If you want to make the most of your time and get food out of the bargain then you should get one of these electric griddles. These are some of the best stainless electric griddles and they will serve you well.

And what will be the best stainless steel electric griddle in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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