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Best Choices for Electric Food Smoker in 2022

Best electric food smoker

The famous smoked meat has been everyone’s favorite since the primitive ages still up to these days. We always love that aroma and appetizing taste. But smoked meat is not always available and definitely not easy to do. It is sold at a higher price than fresh meat and if you make it yourself, it will take a lot of time and you have to know the proper techniques to get it right.

As the world evolves, technologies are here to make things easier. You can now make your own smoked meat conveniently at home. So, here are this year’s top 5 best electric food smokers available in the market today.

The Top 5 Electric Food Smokers in 2022

Electric SmokerKey FeaturesProduct DimensionsItem WeightPrice
Masterbuilt Bluetooth Digital Electric SmokerBluetooth smart
Grill + finish element
Four chrome racks
19.9x20.7x33.5 inches61.8 lbs. Check Price
Landmann Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker3-in-1 combination tray
Non-insulated cooking chamber
26.7x16.6x13.2 inches33 lbs. Check Price
Oster Smoker Roaster Oven120 volts AC, 1450 watts17.7x24x9.8 in16.3 lbs. Check Price
Masterbuilt MES 35B Electric SmokerThree chrome-coated racks
Built-in temperature gauge
Removable water bowl
Adjustable air damper
20 x 21.7 x 40.1 inches57.1 lbs. Check Price
Bradley Smoker BS611 Original Smoker4 Removable Racks
Simple Temperature Controls
Stainless Steel Interior
Automatic Smoke Generator
34 x 20 x 18 inches55.1 lbs Check Price
  • The new innovation of electric food smoker is designed for novices and masters’ cooking. The Masterbuild 130P is made to help you achieve a traditional taste of smoked food and help you perfect the art of smoking in the easiest way that possible. This technology is constructed for that purpose.
  • Key Features:
      1. Built-in meat probe thermometer, designed to assure accurate grilling
      2. A Bluetooth Smart that controls temperature and time. Power on/off that enables you to monitor temperature from a smart device.
      3. Patent-pending top element
      4. Side wood chip loading system
  • What made this product as one of the best choices for electric food smoker is that it is multi-functional. The patent-pending top element is made for grilling and broiling. Aside from that, it has a side wood chip loading system so you can add wood chips during the cooking process without opening the smoker’s door. It also comes with four chrome-coated smoking racks. Three standard racks and one custom rack that allows sufficient space to grill varieties of food.
  • This is truly designed and perfected for your preference. With this smoker, you can create your own signature dish that you can pass to the next generation. The Masterbuilt 130P Electric food smoker will be your perfect partner in becoming a master. This is truly designed and perfected for your preference.

Electric Food Smoker #2:

  • If a small kitchen area is your problem, this 26-inches high unit can be ideal for indoor grilling too. The Landmann MCO is one of the smallest and most portable electric smokers available in the market. The only minor setback is it does not perform well during cold weather because of its non-insulated cooking chamber. But what made it be considered as one of the best electric food smokers is its precision in design and the convenience it offers.
  • This smoker comes with three chrome-plated steel cooking racks, wrought iron side handles for easier transport, 3-in-1 combination tray for wood chip box, water pan and grease pan. It is also equipped with a temperature gauge for reaching the optimum control.
  • You might be worried about its quality compared to others on this list but rest assured that LANDMANN’s manufacturer has been known for producing innovative and high-quality products. If you are starting a family, or moving to a smaller house, and the passion to cook, smoke or grill is in your blood, then this product is the most ideal for you.
  • If you love smoked foods and really love to cook – but you have a small kitchen and live in a small apartment in the city, do not worry because the Oster electric smoker and slow cooker is perfect for you. With this small, portable smoker, you can easily smoke food on your kitchen counter. This gadget not only works as a smoker, but it doubles as a slow cooker too, to prepare various dishes.
  • This portable smoker has a black stainless exterior which is a plus because the stainless material prevents rust from building up easily. It also comes with a removable non-stick pot that is dishwasher safe, so cleaning won’t be a hassle. We are used to the odor of the food we are cooking to spread in the kitchen and even in the whole house, but with this smoker, the tempered glass cover with gasket seals the odor will be kept in the smoker. This is one reason why it is one of the best choices for indoor electric smokers. The other feature that I like about this smoker is that it uses readily available wood chips.
  • The design of this kitchen appliance is out to meet the needs of people who can’t buy larger smoker. It is small but very convenient and it is a reliable partner in your small kitchen.
  • For creating perfectly made dishes, like meat or vegetables, the product comes with an instruction book that will help you out, how to use the particular options, the smoker provides.
  • The Masterbuilt MES 35B electric smoker considered to be one of the perfect choices of electric smokers this year because it is reliable to use indoor or even outdoor. Wherever you choose to smoke food, this smoker will help you achieve that competition-ready result that you desire. You don’t need charcoal or propane to start cooking. Just simply plug it in and set the controls to start the smoking process.
  • This high-quality smoker is equipped with three chrome-coated racks that are spacious enough to accommodate up to 2 turkeys, 3 chickens, 3 large pork butts or 3 racks of ribs. If you are new to smoking but love to eat smoked foods, then learn to prepare it yourself and master the art of smoking. You can not only smoke, but fry, broil or steam with the appliance. The 1500-watt heating element will help you reach the desired outcomes. With Masterbuilt you will be guided on your way to perfection and with the variety of accessories you can customize your products.

Electric Food Smoker #5:

  • What’s exceptional about Bradley Smoker Original is that it gives the user many cooking options. It has one burner that you can use for smoking or heating only or smoking and heating at the same time. It gives you control on how you want your meat to be cooked and how long. It gives you the freedom to experiment and because it is made of stainless-steel, it is easy to clean as it will not accumulate rust easily. Therefore, you can use it longer with ease.
  • Other exceptional feature that Bradley smoker includes is the automatic smoke generator that allows the cook to freely leave it and deal with other chores after putting the bisquettes in place because it will work by itself. You can guarantee that it will still give the perfect smoked flavor without your supervision during the smoking process.


If you are still wondering which smoker should you choose, let me help you by stating my personal favorite from above. The Bradley Smoker BS611 Original definitely deserves to be called the best electric smoker this year. You can prepare various dishes even at the same time, as it offers four smoking racks that can hold lots of food. You can impress your friends and family members with the mouth-watering results and you can be the real master chef at home.

And what will be the best electric food smoker in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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