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Best Aaron Franklin BBQ Books in 2022

Best Aaron Franklin bbq book

Aaron Franklin is the owner of Franklin BBQ, a restaurant in Texas. It all started in a trailer back in 2009 and after that, in 2011 he moved to brick and mortar location. Aaron Franklin has turned into a local legend in Austin and he is sharing some of his BBQ secrets with outdoor cooks and tailgaters.

But of course, doing BBQ is no child’s play! You have to be absolutely certain about each and everything or you will end up preparing something your taste buds won’t agree with. It would be a huge bummer! But with the books from Aaron Franklin on how to smoke your meat, each time you prepare your recipes, they will end up in some satisfied tummies.

In this post, we will talk about the best Aaron Franklin BBQ books and share three of his best books on how to BBQ meat and stakes. Read on to find everything that you want to know about these top-class recipe books!

Why is it beneficial?

BBQ is an art and you can’t master it unless you spend months and months of cooking on the fire. These are essentially a pitmaster’s secrets and Franklin is sharing them with everyone through his books. You won’t have to deal with undercooked or overcooked meat on your smoker because Franklin has shared all those tiny tips and tricks that will enable you to cook your meat to perfection.

The best Aaron Franklin BBQ book is going to be very useful for you because we love to get tired of repeating the same old BBQ recipes year after year. With such a good quality recipe book you will be able to have access to hundreds of tried and tested recipes from the expert who has done it all.

He has been featured in a number of television shows and even Barack Obama has visited his restaurant during his second tenure. Franklin BBQ’s brisket sells out daily and it has been happening since the time when the restaurant was established.

One of the best features of these books from Aaron Franklin is that you will learn about different types of methods of BBQ. In his books, he not only shares the recipes but also explains which types of wood and smoke will be suitable for different recipes. You can really grow as a pitmaster after going through all the recipes.

The Top 3 Best Aaron Franklin BBQ Books in 2022

BBQ BookAwardsFeaturesNo. of pagesPrice
A Meat-Smoking Manifesto [A Cookbook]New York Times bestsellerComplete brisket and meat cooking education224 pages Check Price
Franklin Steak: Dry-Aged. Live-Fired. Pure Beef.-End-all guide to cooking steak 224 pages Check Price
The Franklin Barbecue Collection [Special Edition]One book in the collection is a New York Times bestsellerHelps in cooking meat to perfection448 pages Check Price

Aaron Franklin BBQ Book #1:

  • Franklin is the winner of all major BBQ awards out there. Co-author Jordan Mackay and Franklin unlock the barbecue secrets and share their hard-won experiences and knowledge. Franklin Barbecue is an ultimate resource for the backyard pitmaster. This book has multiple chapters that not just tell about building your own smoker but you can also customize.
  • This cookbook also guides you in the details about curing and finding the right wood for BBQ. Furthermore, it contains mind-blowing recipes of extremely delicious BBQ better than your imagination. A Meat-Smoking Manifesto cookbook is the best Aaron Franklin BBQ book because it is a complete meat and brisket cooking education book for you.
  • This book also contains multiple ways on how to cook delicious smoked meat. You will also get plenty of knowledge related to meat smoking and brisket-cooking. He owns the most popular Austin restaurant that has plenty of delicious BBQ dishes.
  • This cookbook was published on April 7, 2015, through Ten Speed Press in English language. It comes with 224 pages that contain some of the most delicious BBQ recipes and other guidelines too. Therefore, it is the best Aaron Franklin BBQ book that is highly recommended.
  • The best part of this book is that the authors share all about BBQ in this book so there is no need to wait for other assistance. Thus, you can BBQ in your backyard with your own style.
  • Another great thing is that it is the best cookbook for the beginners who love BBQ but doesn’t have expertise in it. They can easily grill a chicken breast with different styles by following the listed ingredients and cooking directions.
  • If you want a perfect steak with a ridiculously delicious taste then you should purchase this one of the best Aaron Franklin BBQ books named Franklin Steak. The authors introduce plenty of ways to prepare a perfect steak. Another best thing is that it also introduces multiple seasoning for delicious taste. It will also provide the information on building and finding the best cooking vessel to a BBQ chicken breast.
  • This is one of the award-winning cookbooks that contain a complete guideline to grill pure beef. This cookbook contains 224 pages, published on April 9, 2019, through Ten Speed Press in English language. The author, Aaron Franklin, uses very communicative words to guide you to do BBQ. So this book should be a part of your kitchen shelf.
  • On the other hand, Franklin Steak is a great cookbook on the market to guide you how to cook the perfect steak. This cookbook has a wide range of recipes with tempting seasoning. So you can try different recipes and enjoy a unique taste of steak.
  • The most appreciated feature of the Franklin Steak cookbook is that it has step by step instructions. Therefore, it is ideal for both beginners and experts. The beginners can follow each instruction to taste a unique seasoning as well as experts can try additional ways to prepare a steak.
  • Another good point is that it guides you about smoke styles and woods. So you can choose your preferred way to cook the food. Each and every ingredient of the recipes gives a unique taste as compared to traditional BBQ.
  • Whether you want to grill a chicken or a beef steak, Franklin Steak cookbook jumps deep into the science and art of cooking steaks. Hence, we can say that this cookbook is one of the best Aaron Franklin BBQ books, especially for meat lovers.

Aaron Franklin BBQ Book #3:

  • Do you want to cook a perfect steak and barbecue with a unique seasoning? Well, we suggest you pick the Franklin collection that will come in a box of two books. The box includes Franklin Steak and Franklin Barbecue cookbooks. Aaron Franklin and Jordan Mackay are the authors of these two essential books.
  • Consequently, it is the best cookbook collection for cooking meat with perfection. These cookbooks will unlock the top-secret behind a great steak and mind-blowing barbecue. Additionally, if you are a pitmaster then this deluxe box of two books could be your perfect choice.
  • Of course, these two iconic books will guide you to cook the BBQ and steaks with different styles. The authors introduce new styles of cooking so you will be customizing your own smoker to prepare smoky meat. Furthermore, the collection also provides you different ways to choose the right wood and cooking vessels for BBQ.
  • This cookbook set is published on April 28, 2020 by Ten Speed Press in English language. It has 448 pages total. We hope this set of books will be a part of your kitchen shelf.
  • Apart from that, this is the special edition of Franklin cookbooks so you can follow step-by-step instructions to enjoy the delicious taste of a great barbecue. Furthermore, this book collection comes with additional seasoning that will enhance the flavor of your meat steaks.
  • It has plenty of mouthwatering recipes that save your time as well to cook smoky meat. The given instruction is easy to read as the authors always use more impressive and communicative words in their previous books.


In our opinion, the Meat-Smoking Manifesto is the best Aaron Franklin BBQ book available on the market. This New York Times bestseller is a complete guide on brisket and meat cooking. The book has a number of positive reviews from some of the top foodies and food critics in the country.

This masterpiece has some great recipes from Aaron Franklin. It tells you various details on how to prepare steaks and meat for BBQ and how to cook them perfectly. Some of the recipes are also directly from the menu of his restaurant in Austin, Texas.

This book also tells you about how to cook different pieces of meat and what should be their ideal cooking time. If you are tired of eating the same old BBQ recipes again and again every season then you need to bring this BBQ book home for sure.

One of the best things about this book is that it doesn’t tell you about the best way of doing BBQ. It will teach you about different types of wood and smoke that you can use for various BBQ techniques. Most of the books only tell you about the recipes and one way of doing BBQ, but not this one from Aaron Franklin.

If you haven’t used this book yet, then we highly recommend it as well as the other book above from Aaron Franklin. Of course, more is better, so if you choose to buy the two-in-one collection, we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed!

And what will be the best Aaron Franklin BBQ book in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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