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Best BBQ Smoker Cookbooks for Your Outdoor Party in 2022

Best bbq smoker cookbook

Grilling has been so popular lately that people who are already fed up and stressed out at work resort to engaging in this activity. Engaging in such an outdoor activity requires the knowledge of making each dish healthy for your family and friends. It is important to provide that food that your family has been expecting to be served, so that your BBQ party will be more memorable and exciting.

To make all these things possible, this article provides you the list of the best BBQ smoker cookbooks that will surely help you prepare a perfect and unforgettable smoking dish for your loved ones. Each cookbook comes with hundreds of delicious smoking grill recipes together with guidelines. They help you to be knowledgeable enough with the dishes’ procedure and the needed ingredients.

The Top 5 Best BBQ Smoker Cookbooks in 2022

Smoker CookbookDimensionsWeightNo. of pagesPrice
Project Smoke7 x 1 x 9 inches2 lbs.336 pages Check Price
A Meat-Smoking Manifesto Cookbook8.3 x 1 x 10.2 inches2.4 lbs.224 pages Check Price
Masterbuilt Smoker Cookbook8.5 x 0.2 x 11 inches8.6 ounces72 pages Check Price
Ultimate Smoker Cookbook6 x 0.9 x 5 inches5.11 ounces127 pages Check Price
Electric Smoker Cookbook7.5 x 0.3 x 9.2 inches13.6 ounces100 pages Check Price

BBQ Smoker Cookbook #1:

  • Getting the most reliable cookbook in the market is quite risky. Some of them only provide a list of recipes without proper guidelines. Good thing that the Project Smoke cookbook from Workman Publishing comes in a perfect manner and it contains hundreds of recipes and proper guidelines as well. With this cookbook, you will be capable of mastering the art and craft of smoked grilling that you and your family will surely enjoy.
  • Each dish in this cookbook enumerates the ingredients and a step-by-step guide that will surely help you achieve your desired outcomes. Aside from that, it helps you understand the purpose of each tool, what is the best energy source to be used and to know the types of smoking woods. With the help of the Project Smoke cookbook, you are now capable of mastering all the essential techniques on a smoking grill. You will surely enjoy the different dishes in this cookbook that you can prepare to give your loved ones a happy tummy every day.
  • Known as a New York Times Bestseller cookbook, Franklin Barbecue brings the cooking education at home to the next level. A lot of people wanted to explore smoked grill recipes to prepare a satisfying meal for their families. This grilling cookbook does not only focus on the recipes but also on the different variables of barbecuing. It gives knowledge about the types of wood, quality of fire, the meat selection process, the type of cooker and even the weather which plays a vital role in outdoor grilling.
  • Grilling is not just about placing the meat on the grill and expecting an outstanding taste. This grilling cookbook provides complete guidelines with regards to the temperature, time and measurement of each ingredient. The author and his wife started with a small barbecue trailer on the side of Austin, Texas in 2009. As years passed by, they come up with complete meat and brisket-cooking book with their original recipes. Your family and friends will surely enjoy any dish from the book if you try one recipe from it.

BBQ Smoker Cookbook #3:

  • Just like other types of grills, an electric smoker is one of the best ways to make impressive and flavorful meals for your family. With an electric smoker, you don’t have to check the food now and then which helps you to save time and energy. To add more satisfaction when using an electric smoker, the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Cookbook offers the best recipes that will surely make your family’s stomach alive and happy.
  • The recipes indicated in the cookbook aims to provide dishes with good flavor. The authors of this book assured that the readers can easily understand the instructions and also included natural ingredients to promote healthier meals. The book was also divided into different chapters based on the food specification. There is a chapter for seafood lovers, vegetarians, or paleo-friendly recipes, etc. Cooking tips for an electric smoker is also provided for you to make the dishes perfectly.

BBQ Smoker Cookbook #4:

  • To all meat lovers out there, this cookbook is filled with hundreds of recipes for meat grilling, being one of the best ways to get rid of stress. Griller masters already proved that whenever there is a cloud of smoke, the dish will become more flavorful. Aside from good taste, the smoke also helps preserve the nutrition in the food making it healthier for your families.
  • Today, smoking meat is another way to express art. For meat lovers, a cookbook with hundreds of recipes for smoking meat is here for you. It comes with recipes in different varieties of meat namely beef, pork, rabbit, turkey, chicken, lamb and many more. Each recipe promotes the use of natural and healthier ingredients so it is safer to consume.

BBQ Smoker Cookbook #5:

  • Are you new at electric smoking? If yes, then you don’t have to worry because the perfect guide for beginners in smoke grilling is here for you. This cookbook aims to provide a step-by-step procedure for each recipe so that it is convenient for the users. Aside from that, it empowers you to prepare a one-of-a-kind barbecue dish that will surely impress your friends and loved ones. This comprehensive book ensures that you will be properly guided in taking any smoke challenge.
  • Each recipe was written in a way that you can understand and follow the instructions easily. The ingredients listed in the books can be easily found in any local grocery store. Important information about each dish was properly provided for you to make a perfect meal. It will surely make your smoke grilling activity funnier and enjoyable.

Smoke Grill Mastery

Being into such an outdoor activity is not magic where you can learn everything in just a snap of a finger. Good thing that the best BBQ smoker cookbook exists to address such problems. As you prepare a meal for your family, it is important to be filled with proper knowledge and you should follow the instruction so that the food won’t be gone to waste.

And what will be the best BBQ smoker cookbook in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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