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Weber Genesis vs. Summit

Weber genesis vs summit

Weber is a big name in the world of grilling. They have launched a wide range of barbecue products that are not only durable but also give a powerful performance. You’ll also see innovation in terms of technology and features in their BBQ products.

Weber has also brought their two product lines in the market with the name of, “Genesis II” and “Summit series”. Being a BBQ lover, you must have heard their names, right?

The grill ranges in both series have their precise specialties. We cannot doubt their performance, but do they suit the requirements of every user out there? It is something on which we must contemplate.

So, here in the Weber Genesis vs. Summit post, we are going to compare products from these two series. Read on to know which one should adorn your next BBQ party?

Comparison: Weber Genesis vs. Summit

ModelWeber Genesis II E-435 Natural Gas GrillWeber Summit E-470 Natural Gas Grill
No. of Burners44
Total cooking area844 sq. inch580 sq. inch
Serving size7-8 adults5-6 adults
Power SourceNatural GasNatural Gas
Product Dimensions47 x 65 x 29 inches50.5 x 66 x 26.5 inches
Weight176 Pounds245 Pounds
Price Check Price Check Price

Weber Industry History

Before we go in-depth of Weber Genesis vs. Summit, let’s first have a brief look at Weber Grills’ history.

The foundation of this company was laid when a boy, “George Stephen” obsessively wanted to make the best steaks. In this effort of serving friends and family with a perfect BBQ, he invented the ground-breaking Kettle Grill in 1952.

That’s how the leading grill industry started most simply.

George kept struggling to bring some products that would help in making the flawless steaks. All his grills were created with immense passion and impeccable love for bringing something highly productive yet easy to use.

His efforts bore fruit, and soon people realized how this simple invention has revolutionized the way of outdoor cooking. George Stephen deceased in 1993, but his passion stayed alive. It kept serving people with remarkable grills and other BBQ accessories with the name of Weber products.

The specialty of Weber grills

We have already discussed how an innovative spaceship-looking grill laid the foundation of the Weber company. So, this company has its specialty in all categories of grills. It includes gas, charcoal, electric, portable, and wood pellet grills.

The thing that makes its grills special is their durability. Once you purchase Weber’s grills, you can trust its services for years. Besides, its grills are also eminent for providing even heating experience.

Moreover, Weber has always brought grills that are not only stylish looking but contain versatility as well. This is the reason; Weber has made outdoor cooking a great fun activity and easy for its customers.

Weber 67016001 Genesis II E-435 Natural Gas Grill

The E-435 grill is from Weber’s Genesis II series. It is mainly famous for its powerful engine that makes amazing food while ensuring durability. This grill is a natural gas unit. So, you’ll need to have a Natural Gas connection to use it. In case you don’t have it, a Liquid Propane model can be helpful for you.

This unit comes equipped with the GS4 grilling system. It not only makes this product technically advanced but offers countless benefits as well. GS4 includes Infinity ignition, High-performance burners, Grease Management System, and Flavorizer bars (stainless steel).

E-435 is a big unit, and it offers plenty of space to prepare a meal in a large quantity. Unlike many other grills, it offers 4 burners. These are stainless steel burners and give the output of 48,000 BTU.

To meet your exceeding cooking requirements, it also comes with a side burner and a sear station. The side burner comes handy to deal with your sauces while the main burners are busy preparing the main course with an output of 12,000 BTU.

The sear station is amazing. It can deliver intense heat to quickly give adorable sear marks on your food. Its output is 9,000 BTU. So, if we combine the power output of this Genesis II grill, it becomes 69,000 BTU. This grill also gives enough cooking space. It gives you the 646 square inches of cooking area combining main and side burners.

This grill also helps in keeping your food warm in an efficient way. It contains a tuck-away warming rack. You can use it to keep the food warm. However, the good thing is that it is foldable and you can save ample space. It provides a warming area of 198 square inches. So when you add all heating regions, it becomes up to 844 square inches. Thus, this grill is going to be a great and a must-have to your outdoor party.

This unit also helps in preparing a perfect grilled food. How? It is compatible with advanced technology of the iGrill 3 app-connected thermometer (sold separately). The grill keeps monitoring the real-time temperature of your meal. You can track it by using your mobile phone. Isn’t it amazing to make flawless grilled meat? Besides, to ensure grilling quality, it not only has a Porcelain-enameled lid but also cast-iron cooking grates. They distribute heat evenly and retain it to great extent.

This unit also contains a cabinet that gives you enclosed storage to keep your tools and accessories safe. In case of using LP, you can monitor it conveniently using a fuel gauge.

Notable features:

  • Spacious cooking area
  • Infinity ignition
  • Flavorizer bars add smoky aroma
  • The high-quality material ensures durability
  • Backed with Weber’s 10 years warranty
  • The wheels make it easy to take it anywhere
  • Side table’s hooks

The Most Important Weber Grill Accessories

Weber 7271001 Summit E-470 Natural Gas Grill

The Weber Summit series is famous for providing grillers with the ability to cook a variety of food. It offers versatile features to its customers.

This grill is a natural gas unit. You’d need to find a gas connection to make it run. However, if you don’t have, there is a liquid propane model available as well. The most distinguishing trait of this grill is its versatile food preparation options. It allows you to cook a meal in 5 different ways.

So, it has four main stainless steel burners along with one side burner. Its main burners give an output of 48,800 BTU, and the side burner gives 12,000 BTU.

All these burners work independently. They light up using Snap-Jet electronic ignition. It means burning up your grill isn’t a difficult task anymore. These main burners also contain Flavorizer bars. It disperses flames evenly and gives a smoky aroma and adds flavor to your meal.

To bring diversity in your food, this grill also contains a sear station. It delivers an output of 10,600 BTU. This region gives out intense heat to put sear marks on your meal. This grill also has a credit for having a separate low-heat smoking station with a smoker box.

Well, it comes with a dedicated rotisserie along with a hide-away motor. It also contains a back-mounted infrared bar for heating purposes. This burner delivers the power of 10,600 BTU. Besides, this unit also offers control-knob and cook-top illumination. It can be helpful while you cook in the dark. Moreover, this grill contains 9-millimeter-diameter stainless steel cooking grates.

Its shroud is porcelain-enameled and contains a built-in thermometer. It also contains a slide-out unit to collect grease. This unit is accessible from the front door.

This grill also allows you to store your accessories using a two-door storage area. It also contains 6 exterior hooks to hang tools.

Notable features:

  • Weber’s 10 years warranty
  • The storage area keeps all accessories safe
  • Front and back casters make it mobile
  • Versatile ways of cooking meals
  • Provides an adequate cooking area
  • Illumination makes grilling in the dark easier

Comparison - Weber Genesis vs. Summit

We have discussed the details of both products and their industry background. Now, let’s come to our Weber Genesis vs. Summit comparison. We hope you already have gotten an idea about differences and similarities.

But, here are some more details:

Weber introduced its Genesis II series to provide units for preparing a flawless grilled meal. They have added a powerful grilling system along with upgraded features and good quality materials. And not to mention, these grills look good too.

On the other hand, Weber wanted its Summit series to be precisely functional for Grilling Kings. They aimed to add numerous versatile features to make it suitable for grill masters and food lovers.

So, our Genesis II E-435 is technically a better option. It is a great grill with remarkable BTU output and four great burners. It provides a large cooking space with reliable features. You can also trust it for its consistent heat and outstanding performance (Thanks to the GS4 grilling system).

Its iGrill-3 app-connected thermometer takes things to perfection. Its heat retention and high-quality built can take your grilling experience to the next level.

As far as Summit E-470 is concerned, it is a great versatile grill. Though its cooking area is smaller as compared to Genesis II E-435, it delivers more output.

Its various cooking sections along with dedicated rotisserie are what make people feel tempted for it. It also adds easiness factor with its illuminated control knobs, a storage section, and hooks for hanging tools.

Which product for whom do we recommend?

Both Genesis II E-435 and Summit E-470 are great Weber products. Being the product of a single leading brand, we can trust both for their high functioning and durable construction.

However, which one should you select depends entirely upon your choice. As we have mentioned, the Genesis model is good for parties where you want to prepare a flawless meal with accurate monitoring.

Contrarily, if you want to prepare versatile meals, then the Summit model can be good to fulfill all your requirements. Its cooking area is slightly smaller, yet the output is great. Moreover, other features add more to its ease-of-use.


In our Weber Genesis vs. Summit comparison, we declare both products as winners. Summit has a slight edge because of its versatile cooking sections. Yet, the powerful GS4 system and iGrill3 monitoring of Genesis stopped us from declaring the other as a clear winner.

Basically, the selection of any of these two models depends entirely upon your use and requirements. Indubitably, they both are fully capable of delivering what they are actually meant for.

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