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Weber Spirit II vs. Genesis II – Comparison Roundup

Weber Spirit ii vs Genesis ii

Several years ago, Weber began focusing on grilling accessories. Today, they are one of the best companies that provide everything you need for grilling. They have a wide variety of grills. All of them seem to top the others. Perhaps this is the reason why the Weber Spirit ll vs. Genesis II has a long going debate within them.

Both are from the same company, but they have several similar and different features to make them stand out. Here we will look deep into all the details that will help us decipher who wins the Weber Spirit ll vs. Genesis II comparison.

Comparison: Weber Spirit II vs. Genesis II

ModelWeber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Natural Gas GrillWeber Genesis II E-310 Natural Gas Grill
No. of Burners33
Total cooking area529 sq. inch669 sq. inch
Serving size5-6 adults7-8 adults
Power SourceNatural GasNatural Gas
Product Dimensions44.5 x 52 x 27 inches47 x 59 x 29 inches
Weight110 Pounds150 Pounds
Price Check Price Check Price

Weber Industry History

It was many decades ago when George Stephen made a kettle grill for his convenience. Not long after that, everybody in the neighborhood wanted one. It is how the idea spread.

Not long after that, he bought a considerable section of this company. Today, the name Weber associates itself to grilling like no other. Several different kinds of accessories and units work to help you through grilling. They keep innovating with time and being the best piece after piece.

There are also several different recipe books and a restaurant by Weber where grilling comes to life. Their production of amazing grills is why there is a Weber Spirit II vs. Genesis II debate in the first place.

What is the specialty of each?

Of course, if we want to look deep into the Weber Spirit ll vs. Genesis II debate, we need to take a look at the different features that it brings too. At first glance, both of them look the same. But some specialties help them stand out.

The Weber Spirit ll grill is an amazing one for homes. There are plenty of different color options with it to match your ambiance and give you a sense of style. It is easy to move around, but at the same time, it is easy to keep it still with its two wheels.

Whereas, Genesis II is perfect for a lower professional business. It has several grand features. The iGrill3 digital thermometer help get the food exceptionally on point. This feature allows you to check the temperature of your food on your mobile device. Moreover, this grill accommodates many people at once because of the size. It is hard to ignore these features.

Weber 49010001 Spirit II E-310 Natural Gas Grill

The Weber Spirit ll E-310 Grill is a full-size grill and a perfect partner for your patio or your backyard. It comes in four different lid colors to match your style. The cooking surface is about 529 square inches big. The surface is of cast iron grates.

Moreover, the porcelain coating is a cherry on top. This surface is durable and long-lasting. Because of the porcelain, food does not stick on the surface. The grates are reversible. One side has narrower grates. It helps in accommodating all kinds of foods effortlessly.

There is an option between natural gas and liquid propane as fuel options. You may choose either one. There are three burner tubes in this grill. All three burners have different controllers. The variable temperature allows different foods to cook at once at their respective heat. The pure electric ignition helps in ensuring that there is no hassle in running the grill.

The cart style of this gas grill makes it stylish and comfortable. It comes with a lid to ensure proper cooking. Two side tables help in keeping all the ingredients handy. These tables are easy to fold down when you do not need them.

There is also a warming tray for buns and other items. Apart from them, there is a storage table below as well. You may hand your utensils here or even a dishtowel.

The cart has a stand, of course. Two of the wheels are in the back. They help with easy moving around without a hassle. There is a grease management system in this grill as well. This system helps in collecting additional grease.

Perhaps the best feature is the flavored bars. These bars catch suitable grease and give a swift of smoke to give to your food.

Notable features:

  • It comes with three burners and their controllers.
  • It comes with two side tables.
  • Two fuel options.
  • Different lid color options.
  • Flavoring bars for an added smoky flavor.
  • Cast iron porcelain-coated grates.

The Most Important Weber Grill Accessories

Weber 66010001 Genesis II E-310 Natural Gas Grill

You will easily find the Weber Genesis ll fitting in your backyard and even your patio without any problems. The fuel source for this one is liquid propane or natural gas. It is not two in one, you must choose before buying either type of Genesis II.

It comes with three different burners and their controllers. You may select different temperatures for each of them. This feature will allow you to make it easier for you to cook different foods without worrying about the temperature problem.

The cooking surface is 669 square inches. Cast iron grates make a durable surface for cooking. The porcelain enamel coating allows the surface to have a nonstick feature. The surface is reversible into thin and thick grates for different foods. There is a warming rack as well for buns and pieces of bread and other items. The best thing is that when you do not use it, you can put it away by folding it.

There are Flavorizer bars on this grill as well. They help to make a smoky effect. The grease management system reduces the risk of flare-ups and also helps in easy grease removal. The excess grease just drains into the grease tray so that you can dispose of it safely.

The style of this grill is an open cart design. It comes with a side table on the left which is easy to fold. You will also find a bottom table for more things to find a place near to the cooking spot.

There is an iGrill option as well. This option allows you to connect the unit to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. You will see the different temperatures, fuel capacity, and much more information of the grill.

Notable features:

  • Comes with a smart option to manage the grilling.
  • Porcelain-coated grates are reversible and nonstick.
  • Large cooking surface.
  • Different fuel options.
  • Flavorizer bars for a smoky effect.

Which product is suitable for whom?

The Weber Spirit ll vs. Genesis II is an ongoing debate in the market. They seem more or less the same at first glance. But there are plenty of differences. The small gaps and attention to details make the Weber Spirit ll vs. Genesis II debate more credible.

The Weber Spirit ll is a cart like grill. It has many exceptional features, including lid color options. These features make it suitable for people who have grilling guests over all the time. You can use it in your patio, backyard, or any place you like.

It is also easy to store when you are not grilling. The storage features make it suitable for it to sit in one place, and you can enjoy cooking without the need for an extra table. The features are pretty simple, so it’s easier to use for beginners and people that just enjoy barbecuing.

The Weber Genesis II is also a similar structure but with slight differences. Perhaps the most significant differences are the smart options and the cooking surface sizes. The Genesis grill is grander in many ways. One of the best uses of this is small businesses.

There is plenty of space to cook and grill all the time. There is also plenty of convenience features. It is also great for people who like to tailgate and make a lot of friends together. The wheels help to move it around.


Choosing the right grill is crucial. There are millions of people around the globe that trust Weber. However, since the variety in Weber Grills is so huge, it is almost impossible to select the best one. We came here to decipher the Weber Spirit II vs. Genesis II debate. However, we concluded that both supersede each other.

Both of these grills have some great qualities to make it suitable for different uses. The bottom line is that they are by Weber, and it’s something worth relying upon. Which one do you think would be the best for you?

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