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Best Weber Grill Carts in 2022

Best Weber grill cart

Weber grills are one of the best when it comes to performance and durability. The best part about Weber is that they not only provide high-quality grills but also have a long list of accessories to provide more convenience. Among those accessories are their grill carts. These grills carts enable you to transport your grill from one place to another when you deem it necessary.

In addition to maneuverability, these grill stands also offer you portability because you can park and rack your grill whenever you need. For this reason, in this post, we will provide you with the three best Weber grill carts that you can use for your home or traveling. We even have a bonus option for you to consider as well.

So let’s begin!

Why Weber is so good?

Weber is one of the top notch brands when it comes to grilling or smoking. We are truly talking about the BBQ kings here. The company has a long and rich past to back their products and services and they proudly do so being the first few entities in this industry. Weber came into being in 1952 when the founder George Stephen was working on a buoy.

Since that time the company has not looked back. They have introduced excellent quality products one after the other. To help the users in barbequing, they also arranged a long list of accessories. You can find anything from a fork to briquettes to even grill stands from Weber.

Their entire focus is on selling high-quality grills and their associated products. Keeping their focus on bringing good quality products and not expanding their products categories is one the primary reason why Weber is so successful. They have specialized in the field of grilling and the quality of their products and services are second to none. Weber is a household name and the company has maintained its brand image very well all these years.

The Top 4 Weber Grill Cart in 2022

Grill Cart NameDimensionsWeightPrice
Weber 6557 Q Portable Grill Cart30.5x24.5x19.5 inches30.5 pounds Check Price
Weber 6525 Q Cart for Grilling35.5x21.5x29.7 inches22.4 pounds Check Price
Weber Stationary Cart for Weber Q Grills33x18.5x8.5 inches11.02 pounds Check Price
Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill30x48x43.5 inches91 pounds Check Price

Weber Grill Cart #1:

  • The Weber 6557 Q cart is highly durable and has a front-loading construction that enables you to slide the grill back and then lock it when you are done. The storage capacity of this grill is 25 cubic feet and there is an inbuilt handle for wire transport too.
  • With the loop and hook design, your cart is always ready to stay in place or move as per your requirement. There are a couple of all-weather wheels along with a couple of tool hooks for easy storage. This grill cart can only work with 2014 Q 1000 and Q 2000 series from Weber.
  • Now you can grill beyond your patio with ease. You just need to place your Weber Q grill on it and maneuver it around wherever you want to. The height of the stand is the ideal grilling height too. You can also fold the cart down and place it in your car for the purpose of grilling on the go.
  • The locking and loading of the grills onto the stand are very convenient due to the spring locking mechanism. The construction of the cart involves high-quality materials. It means that this cart is going to stay with you for a long time to come.

Notable features:

  • Due to the front rolling construction, you can lock it in and then roll the cart when you want to move.
  • It is very easy to fold and you can place it in your vehicle as well.
  • The spring loading mechanism keeps the grill intact when you place it on the cart and move the cart around.

Works with:

  • It is only useful for the 2014 Q1000 and Q2000 series.

Weber Grill Cart #2:

  • The construction of 6525 Q involves metal and high-quality plastic. Weber has constructed this cart in a manner that you can easily lock your grill in and release whenever you need it.
  • There is a wire rack also present that can hold the propane tank as well as the grates. This grill cart also comes with all-weather wheels that stay safe from all external elements. Furthermore, the 3 convenient hooks are very useful for tools and storage. This grill cart is ideal for the 2014 and the new models of Q 2000 series.
  • Now you don’t have to stick with your patio when it comes to grilling, you can easily take your grill place it on the cart and lock it in place wherever your heart desires. It has the best grilling height as well. The cart also features a side handle that makes grabbing and maneuvering it very easy.
  • Moreover, there is an adapter hose as well for a 20 lbs liquid propane tank.

Notable features:

  • There are three convenient hooks for tools as well as storage.
  • The side handle of this cart makes it very convenient for you to move it around with the grill.
  • The all-weather wheels withstand all external elements.
  • Its screen can discreetly tank the LP tank out of sight.
  • A good amount of storage area also available for you to place your accessories and tools.

Works with:

  • This cart is only useful to work with 2014 Q 2000 series grills or their new models.
  • This high-quality grill cart from Weber is from heavy duty plastic and metal materials. The cart is only for the Q, Q 200, Q 220 and Char Q series grills from Weber. It has a wired shelf at the bottom which is a good place to store your cooking tools or other equipment.
  • The back panel is there to keep the LP tank away from sight. There is an adaptable hose also there to connect the tank with ease. Another extra benefit of this grill cart is that there are two different side shelves for holding condiments, sauces or tools.
  • The high-quality construction of this grill cart makes sure that it stays with you for many years to come. If you take care of it and properly maintain it you will notice that this cart will even outlast the grill itself. This is one of the best features of Weber products that they offer a good bit of longevity so that you can extract the maximum benefit out of your investment.

Notable features:

  • Weber has used high-quality metal and plastic to make this grill and it can definitely stand the test of time.
  • The wired rack at the bottom is an excellent option for you to place all your cooking equipment and tools.
  • The weatherproof wheels stay intact against all external elements.
  • There is a rear panel that can hide the LP tank effectively.
  • On the sides, there are shelves which allow you to place sauces and condiments with ease.

Works with:

  • This grill cart only works with Q, Q 200, Q 220 and Char Q grills from Weber.

Weber Grill Cart #+1 Bonus:

  • We have included this grill cart from Weber as a bonus product. The 15401001 grill from Weber can easily hold about 13 hamburgers that you have made using your Weber burger press. It features a single touch cleaning mechanism with an ash catcher with high-capacity. This ash catcher enables you to clean it up afterward without any hassle.
  • Weber has enameled the bowl and the lid with porcelain. It allows them both to retain heat and maintain the appropriate temperature for cooking. The cooking grate of this grill stand is compatible with the GBS inserts. It is also hinged for you to conveniently add coal during the grilling process. Its CharBin storage container has weatherproof protection and you can safely store coal inside it without any issue.

Notable features:

  • The cooking grate of this grill stand can easily house up to 13 hamburgers.
  • It is equipped with a single touch cleaning mechanism.
  • The ash-catcher makes the ash cleaning process very easy.
  • Weber has enameled the bowl as well as the lid of this grill with porcelain. For this reason, it can retain and maintain heat at ideal temperatures.
  • The CharBin of this grill cart is weatherproof and it can withstand various external elements with ease.


We’ll have to say that the best Weber grill cart for you is the 6557Q. With its design, you can easily maneuver it and lock it in place. The wheels of this cart are weatherproof and the hook-loop locking mechanism will keep your grill in place when you are moving it. There is nothing more you can wish for in a good quality grill cart.

Time to roll the grill!

And what will be the best Weber grill cart in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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