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Charbroiler vs. Griddle: A Difference

Charbroiler vs griddle

One of the hidden truths of good cooking is having the right equipment. If you like to party now and then with your family and friends, you would know what the importance of a good equipment is. Both charbroiler and griddle have a specific design intended to cook particular items and a chef must be aware of that.

We are going to discuss the differences between charbroiler vs. griddle in order to find the best out of the two. So let’s take a dive in.

What is a charbroiler?

A charbroiler consists of the steel grates upon which you cook your food. It is a cooking device you can heat up in a variety of ways. The grates or ribs over the large combustion chamber are heated up. There are burners beneath to cook. Charbroiler can use natural gas, propane, electricity, and wood or charcoal as a source of fuel. It depends upon the model of the charbroiler. Also, the capacity size can vary greatly. You can use it residentially and commercially. There is a range of BTUs for heat you can select to cook a particular item.

What is a griddle?

A griddle, on the other hand, varies from a charbroiler. It usually has a flat top surface like a pan. But, its capacity is more significant than an ordinary pot. Like charbroiler, it can use gas, propane, electricity, charcoal, and wood as a fuel. You can also use it residentially and commercially. The material type can vary, but the majority of them use stainless steel. They also offer a range of heat temperatures.

Charbroiler vs griddle

Charbroiler vs. griddle:

Now that you are familiar with the two, we will make a comparison of charbroiler vs. griddle.

1. The design:

Spotting the difference between the two is easy. There is a difference in the design and overall structure of this duo. The top surface of them tells it all. The griddle has a smooth pan like a top while charbroiler has ridges. These distinctive ridges make the perfect marks of the grill. If we consider more, there are burners on the both. But, sometimes, a griddle has only one burner with varying temperature settings. A charbroiler has 3 – 4 burners.

2. What can you cook on them? What are they used for?

Charbroiler is excellent for cooking grilled type items. Because it has distinctive ridges that makes grill patterns. It looks cool on steaks, hamburgers, chops, sandwiches, panini, and vegetables. They will not be a good idea for making omelet and pancakes. For that, you can always put a flat top or pan over it. So, this makes them a versatile choice. They are suitable for searing over high heats.

A griddle, on the other hand, has a flat surface. So, it is great to make breakfast on it. It can cook pancakes, bacon, sausages, toasts, and eggs. You won’t be able to prepare such items on a grill type structure. Also, you can cook sandwiches and quesadillas on it. They have a great cooking area to accommodate a variety of food items for cooking.

3. The fuel source:

The fuel source in both the charbroiler and the griddle is a little different. Charbroilers can use natural gas or electricity as a source of operation. Most of the times, they use natural gas as a fuel in them. Charbroilers have gas flames which create heat for food cooking. Similarly, in griddles, direct gas flames or electrical elements heat up the plates. The fuels sources can be natural gas, propane, wood, electricity or charcoal in the case of griddles.

Charbroiler vs griddle

4. Temperature settings:

Charbroilers are responsive to the temperature adjustments settings. They allow heat adjustment settings for you. So, you can select an ideal level of temperature as you want. This setting is available in all burners of the charbroiler.

Same is the case with the griddles. There are static as well as thermostatic griddles. Static griddles work on a constant level of temperature. Thermostatic griddles regulate the temperature according to the need of the operator.

The advantages and disadvantages of the two:

Now, that we have discussed the differences, let’s talk about their pros and cons.

Benefits of a charbroiler:

The most significant advantage of having a charbroiler is that it is easy to use. It is because they are portable. The quality of the charbroiler is excellent and durable made from the stainless steel structure. The temperature settings allow you to cook any dish precisely. They don’t use harmful fuel as a source of heat. You can use electricity to operate them. They will make the same delicious foods. For your health, there is no grease or fat sticking to your meal. They may be expensive depending upon the model. But, you can always opt for the one which is the most suitable for you at an affordable price.

Benefits of a griddle:

It is an ideal choice to make your everyday breakfast. The tray captures any grease from the food items. These are very easy to clean and don’t take much of the space. It also offers heat adjustment settings. A griddle is an excellent choice when it comes to cooking bacon, eggs, potatoes and other vegetables. So, this makes the comparison of charbroiler vs. griddles a bit tough.

Charbroiler vs. griddle, which is better?

The charbroiler vs. griddle is significant competition. Each offers its particular cooking options when it comes to cooking. So, there is no particular statement as which is better than the other. If you are more of a grill lover, then charbroiler is a better option for you. It also serves you well if you want to cut that extra fat.

Charbroiler vs griddle

Griddle, on the other hand, is a good option for breakfast lovers. It allows you to flip things. The fat becomes part of your food and does not cook off. Instead, it adds flavor to your meal.


The charbroiler vs. griddle comparison makes you clear about your choice. Above all, the flavor of your food depends on your cooking style and flavoring. But, having the right kind of cooking tool add to its appearance and taste as well. That goes well with both the charbroiler and griddle.

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