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Flat Top Grill vs. Regular Grill 1

Flat top grill vs regular grill

Burgers have always been a major part of the food. But burgers prepared on grills do have a juicy splash. I have always been a fan of juicy burgers. They are juicy and well cooked with a great aroma of the meat. This juiciness actually depends on the grill it is been cooked on. The right temperature, the right amount of time to get it cooked all these factors come down to choosing the grill fulfilling your liking.

With different grills in the market, the top competitors are flat top grill vs. regular grill. Both have some advantages against the other.

Flat top grill vs regular grill

Benefits of Flat Top Grill:

A flat top grill is flat is similar to a griddle which helps to burn out the fats and excess oil. It is designed in a way which heats up the grill quick and gets it hot and ready to cook eggs, pancakes, burgers etc. It has quite a good room for cooking a variety of food at once. The result is a well-cooked lunch or dinner with the real taste of goodness.

It cooks the food evenly, does not allow it to break and gives the original taste.

Cooking Techniques:

The flat top grill has its own unique design that does not suffocate you while cooking. It is indoor friendly. It has a tray that collects the extra oil and does not allow it to spill on the ground.

The type of cooking a flat top grill can give you mainly depends on the recipes you follow. To get the best results follow the recipes that will work with the grill you like to use and does not dry off. Grills are known well for burgers, steaks and even pancakes.

Preferred Oil:

The amount of oil that is preferred to be used on the flat top grill is suggested to be in small quantity. However, it may vary with the item that you will cook. Meat, for example, may need more oil in comparison to the cooking an egg.

Before cooking on a flat top grill make it prior to spreading the oil evenly so that nothing goes uncooked.

Temperature Control:

The grill is circular shaped which heats the grill rapidly up to your desired requirement and cooks almost everything as light as an egg, proving its temperature control and your control over the grill.

This grill basically is the reason for success for all the burgers and sandwiches that you have tried and loved. It cooks every item without burning it, from eggs to steaks. It does not dry the meat and maintains the juiciness.

Hygiene and Maintenance:

No food tastes great until it is cooked on a clean and hygienic grill. This clean job can only be done by the person who owns a grill. But the matter of fact it is very important for the grill to be durable and of a good quality to get cleaned.

It should be a habit to clean the grill after every cooking session and cover it to keep the insects away. I have seen many grills that are well designed and result in desired cooking but it falls down when it is not cleaned daily. The market has a lot of good cleaning products which can be used on the grills to keep its shine.

Flat top grill vs regular grill

The Cons of Flat Top Grill:

The flat top grill consists of great advantages that result in divine taste of food. Similarly, it has drawbacks too which does not mean that it is a bad decision to buy one.

The biggest drawback it follows is the lack aroma of the smoke of the coal which gives a great taste to the food. It also lacks the ability to cook the meat deep down which might disappoint you with an undercooked result.

Benefits of Regular Grill:

Regular grills are used for BBQ. If you have friends coming over or its family time all you need to do is burn the coals and start grilling. Grills are the most popular way of cooking meat with flavor and smoky aroma. It cooks the meat wholly and results in a soft and juicy piece of meat.

Burgers, sandwiches, and potatoes taste delicious after being cooked on a grill. You can even give the same aroma to the seasoning and enjoy your snack.

In a regular grill, you cannot control the temperature but it is assured to provide you a meal in short time period.


Hygiene is an essential part of cooking and the most important when cooking on a grill outdoors. Grills get a lot of charcoal stuck which seems impossible to remove but believe me it is better to clean your grill than to regret the greasiness and dirt after a while.

There are several products that can be used to clean the grill and make it new within minutes and you can then enjoy your meal and time outdoors with happiness.

Cooking Techniques:

Cooking on a grill might seem messy but believe me the results are worth it. The best burgers can be cooked on a grill with the right tenderness and accurate taste. Similarly, you can go with sandwiches with the same technique in no time. It will cook perfectly.

The Cons of Regular Grill:

The biggest con of cooking on a grill is that it is rough. One cannot cook evenly and can get a rough meal with a not perfect finish. It takes a good skill to maintain the meant on the grill and refrain it from overcooking.

The grills are directly open to burning coals that results in a crispy crust on a meat which some do not like. Secondly, it results a meat that is not juicy.

Flat top grill vs regular grill

Wrap Up:

It is quite a tough choice to make between a flat top grill and a regular grill. Both have great qualities that result in amazing meals. Both have amazing factors that may attract you.

The flat top grill enables you to cook a variety of items in one go. Whereas, the regular grill can only be used for BBQ.

The flat top grill allows you to set different temperatures for different items. However, the regular grill has no specific temperature. The regular grill cooks the meat all from the inside earlier than the flat top grill which takes time to cook the meat completely.

For people who will spend some time outdoors with family and friends and want to interact with the weather may go with regular grills while people who just want their every day to be easy might see flat top grills as a good grill.

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One thought on “Flat Top Grill vs. Regular Grill

  • Michael Giometti

    The flat top cooking surface takes a lot more time and effort to clean. It is therefore inconvenient. I have a Blackstone Tail Gater and find the excessive maintenance to be objectionable. The problem can be reduced be removing the flat top and using a 12′ Lodge pan instead. Grease disposal becomes much easier this way and cleanup is greatly simplified. The Blackstone Tailgater which has a grille and a flat top. I simply discard the flat top and use a 12′ Lodge pan instead. Much easier. This flat top fad will soon pass.