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What’s Better: Gas Smoker vs. Pellet Smoker?

Gas smoker vs pellet smoker

Gas and pellet smokers have always been in the market. However, recently we thought to make an actual comparison. Gas smokers may seem like the low-end “traditional” type. But trust us; both smokers have their own uses.

So if you need something to get by, then consider reading on. We have made a full comparison of gas smoker vs. pellet smoker. This comparison will let you see the difference and make the right choice. Let’s begin!

What are gas smokers?

Gas smokers use natural gas like butane and propane as fuel. These smokers are powered by gas tanks which are available in the market. But before that, let’s talk about smokers in general. Smokers are specialized grills which are used for smoking. These are able to accomplish astronomical temperatures. As a result, the food cooks faster and the smoke is doubled. Because of this, the equipment is able to smoke the food beyond your expectations.

As stated, gas smokers use either butane or propane in most cases. Of the two, propane is definitely a lot cheaper but less efficient. But even a propane tank can be heavy on your wallet. This is because you’ll constantly have to replenish your tank and keep replacing it. But every cloud has a silver lining. With gas smokers, you will reach higher temperatures than any regular grill. These smokers are best for rapidly cooking food.

But if you’re the type who likes a steady roast, we suggest buying a customizable smoker. This will let you change the temperature and moderate the energy output. In fact, even if you want a high temperature, a customizable gas smoker is recommended. When it comes to gas smoker vs. pellet smoker, gas smokers certainly take the lead.

What are pellet smokers?

A pellet smoker is a special type of smoker that uses pellets of wood as fuel. Other than the fuel source, it’s like every other wood smoker. It can cook the food at high temperatures. It’s best for smoking food and keeping the food dry and smoky. The best part about using a pellet smoker is that it is easier to customize and control. The temperature isn’t as high as in gas smokers. And there is no guarantee with these cheap gas tanks. A pellet smoker will be a better choice.

Gas smoker vs pellet smoker

Pellet smokers make use of wooden pellets. Pellets are tiny cork-shaped wooden pieces that are normally manufactured from hardened sawdust. Flavor and texture of the smoke depend on the nature and parent source of the pellet. To get a better perspective, take apple or maple pellets for example. These give very light and gentle smoke and don’t overdo the roasting. However, some pellets, including those from the Douglas fir, can leave carcinogenic products on the smoker.

The benefit of pellet smokers is that they are a lot cheaper. Even the fuel won’t cost you much. Even regular pieces of wood can be used as fuel. However, we would personally recommend buying wooden pellets if affordable.

Health benefits: gas smoker vs. pellet smoker

If you want to roast meat, you might get concerned about the health aspects. Some grilling equipment may retain too much fat. Another may leave harmful substances. Because of these, it becomes increasingly necessary to learn about the possible side effects of smokers.

Gas smoker:

Gas smokers may seem like the best option since they are better at cooking food. However, as we said, you might want to get a customizable smoker. The reason is that they cook food at relatively higher temperatures. This means that the inside can remain very raw and undercooked. This is great if you want a rarer steak.

Gas smoker vs pellet smoker

But just remember that undercooking the food can lead to diseases and infections. So only opt for higher temperatures if you’re used to cooking like this. Otherwise, stick to medium steak.

Apart from that, gas smokers are generally pretty healthy. They are able to burn off more fat than pellet smokers. They reduce levels of carcinogens and cholesterol in the meat. This is most important when dealing with pork.

Pellet smoker:

Pellet smokers may or not risk your health, depending on which type of wooden pellet you prefer to use. To put things into perspective, a study found that most pellets obtained from the Douglas fir are carcinogenic. They deposit creosote on the sides of the smoker. Creosote is a harmful waste product that can cause cancer. Even the IARC agrees. So be sure to stay away from these deposits.

Other than that, pellet smokers can be pretty useful. For example, they evenly cook the food throughout. They do not leave a lot of fat and aren’t harmful to the environment.

Benefits: gas smoker vs. pellet smoker

Health benefits aren’t the only merits when it comes to gas smoker vs. pellet smoker. There are other benefits, such as price, durability, efficiency, and the like.

Gas smoker vs pellet smoker

Gas smoker:

  • They are better for the environment. Lesser toxic emissions and corrosive substance deposits.
  • Best for medium rare and rare steaks. Help leave the inside raw and cold to make for a delicious raw steak.
  • Extremely fast and efficient. They cook the food rapidly in a lesser amount of time. Best for quick roasts.
  • Melts fat and cholesterol, resulting in lesser fatty food.

Pellet smoker:

  • Cheaper and easier to buy. Initial price and fuel expenses hit an all-time low. Wooden pellets cost nothing more than what you’re comfortable with.
  • Energy can be recycled and reused. You won’t need to purchase a gas tank every time you need a refill.
  • Does not undercook food. Makes it less ideal for rare and medium rare steaks. But that’s nothing that a thermostat can’t solve.
  • The thermostat can easily control and moderate the temperature. You can even do so by reducing the number of pellets added.

Our recommendation: gas smoker vs. pellet smoker

Both the gas smoker and the pellet smoker are great candidates for a nice warm tailgate. However, we would recommend both for certain types of users.

A gas smoker will be best suited for anyone who can afford a high budget. This will also give you more professional cooking, especially for steaks. The pellet smoker is best for anyone who likes variety and doesn’t want to pay much.

We would recommend you go over the pros and cons again and decide for yourself which one is best.


To conclude, gas smokers and pellet smokers are both very efficient and ideal. When it comes to gas smoker vs. pellet smoker, both are great. But there’s always one which will be better than the other. This depends on your cooking style and comfort.

So don’t forget to go over the pros and cons of both smokers once more and decide yourself. Remember to always look for quality and assurance.

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